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That fine line between hate and love.

What's up EJ's dirty sleeve?

Salem Shenanigans from August 4 - 8:

Salemites have gone to a very dark place lately. There’s a lot of betrayal and unhappiness going around. Viewers are confessing to feeling as though there’s not a lot to tune in for right now, even with Kristen’s return, but they can’t deny that there is still a lot to be intrigued by...

Eric’s name is finally cleared. Yay?
Eric and Nicole’s story is working many viewers’ last nerve. Eric flew all the way to Italy in order to clear his name so he could become a priest again. Nicole, knowing that he can’t stand her, changed seats with another passenger in order to sit next to him. Why does she do this to herself? To him? It’s like she’s begging to be mistreated. And that Eric hates Nic Nic yet being in close proximity to her rockin’ bod makes him horny… Oy. What a mess. And that was just the flight to Rome. The Cardinal offered to make him a priest again but he refused. He refused! After all this time, the moaning and groaning, whining and praying, he decided he’s not good enough because he’s part human. He blamed Nicole – sure it’s partially her fault but he’s so narrow-minded that he couldn’t even think of serving God in another manner! Gah! These two need to retreat to their corners and give each other space for all our sakes! Soon, Eric will probably realize he's still in love with Nicole.

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Crocodile tears.
Jordan got a double whammy this week when Sami gloated about Rafe doing Kate behind her back, but then Kate made things worse by butting in while Jordan was confronting Rafe about it. Still, with all of that I felt nothing for either party or this storyline which is still as lifeless and dull as Jordan’s character. The most exciting part of this story to date was Kate mocking Jordan for being unable to express an emotion, something we were all thinking. And Rafe’s spent the better part of what feels like two weeks trying to explain how he got himself into Kate’s bed when Jordan has stated pretty firmly that she has no interest in hearing the details. As Jordan said, it doesn’t matter how he got there, the result is still the same! The most bizarre part of this story was that Sami actually seemed to think Rafe wanted her back.

How random was it to have a scene with Clyde and Jeremiah on a park bench discussing characters we’ve never heard of and don’t care about? What in tarnation, to use a phrase we’re sure has rolled off Clyde’s tongue a time or two, was the point of that conversation? To show Clyde is kind to other people’s kids? The only thing that could save this story is if Jordan and Ben turned out to be little bastards and Clyde’s the good guy.

Pure and perfect Abigail.
Abigail poops butterflies and rainbows and magically, she can have sex with anyone’s man in Salem and end up on top. Figuratively, mind you. Even her new beau Ben never had much of a reaction to Miss. Perfect banging Samanther’s fiancé. Then again it’s Ben. He’s Jordan’s sister and she doesn’t react to much of anything with passion either. I’d say it was a family trait but then Ben turned into a psycho when he heard Rafe cheated on his sister, and beat on Rafe’s head. And he says he’s nothing like Clyde?

Another one.
JJ went after Sami for hurting his big sister which was understandable but looked lame. It was easy to side with Sami who called Abby and JJ “pampered little brats.” She called him out on getting out of a few jams with the good Horton name and money. Sami made a point but didn’t EJ do the same thing for Sami when she killed Bernardi and again when she threw Nick into the river? She’s as pampered as JJ!

Down and dirty.
Last week's Deconstructing "DOOL," I talked about how revenge was taken to a pretty dark place when Sami blackmailed her own flesh and blood, Aunt “don’t ever call me that again” Kayla. Sami went further than we ever thought she could by allowing Adrienne to think Kayla and Justin got it on when nothing of the sort happened. It really was reprehensible. But...for Sami it was a long shot to get someone – anyone – to side with her and see how empty and wretched she must be feeling. She should talk to Roman. He knows something about that. The bizarre part is that Adrienne called Will of all people to tell him all about the lie and Sami’s blackmail of her Aunt Kayla. It made no sense and felt as if it was thrown in there in order to force Will’s hand.

Slice of life.
It’s been a lot of fun watching Sami and Kate living together, dining together, and working side by side. It’s something I can’t recall any other soap doing, having two powerful women as roomies, especially ones with such a rich history. I’m not sure whether or not Sami should forgive EJ – each gave good arguments for both sides. The most interesting part of this story this week was EJ’s deal with Victor and his return to the drug scene. What’s up EJ’s sleeve?!

Stop treating your husband like a child.
Seriously? Sonny went to Victor behind Will’s back to get him a job and then when it didn’t go the way he wanted, he asked Victor to step in. Not good. Victor said it all when he asked, "Did you marry this man or adopt him?" Best line of the week, hands down. Not that we’re disputing that Sonny’s right. What Will’s doing is deplorable and unforgiveable yet...very intriguing. What does this mean for this character’s future?

Theresa visited Brady at home and flashed back seven hundred and thirteen times to hitting John. The guilt is hitting her almost as hard as Brady used to hit the bottle. Now that Eve knows she can’t get Daniel, she’s scouting out her sister’s husband, hoping she’ll have a crack at his millions once the annulment goes through. Gross, but convenient timing since if done right, this could force viewers to care for Theresa.

That's all I've got for this week. Feel free to leave a comment or two with your own thoughts and have a great weekend.

Check out this week’s interview with Lauren Koslow. A taste: “The times that we really have seen her fall in love, I think we got to see another side of Kate; to see that more vulnerable side and maybe a little bit of the person she was before she discovered the toughness of life. I love being able to do both of them, and as a matter of fact we’re moving into an area where we might be doing that again.”

Best lines of the week:

Kristen, “Daniel I don’t do jail.”

Sami, “No wonder you think that Abby should skate. My God the two of you are just pampered little brats.”

Victor, "Did you marry this man or adopt him?"

Kate to Jordan, “I’m glad you can express an emotion.”

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- Christine Fix