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Salem Shenanigans from March 17 - 21:

Another week of soapy goodness. "Days" has been the one soap that's consistently good for a while. Let's get right to it...

JJ’s woes.
I don’t know what to say about this. I see no chemistry between Paige and JJ and though I enjoy the teen scene, I haven't much of an opinion either way.

At least she knows she’s doing the wrong thing for the wrong reason!
Nicole didn't destroy Chyka's document we suppose because she deep down is a good person with tendencies to do bad things. She does have impulse control issues. That seduction scene was many things: obvious, funny, and irritating. Boy does Eric have willpower. He told her he wanted to wait until marriage for sex and she said she didn't believe him but it looked more as though she saw it as a challenge. Their fight was amazing - like an old married couple only the chemistry was fantastic. If these two wed and fought like this every so often it’d be fine by me though they're so different and she's still lying to him. Even Eric's doubtful they'll get there.

Strange wedding planning.
Again, the wedding preparation for WilSon has been a little off, likely because it’s being used as an instrument to further Abby’s story and shove the fact that neither Sami nor Adrienne knows how to stay out of other people’s business down our throats. Is there no one in Salem who keeps their nose in their own beeswax?

EJ has been very honourable and supportive of Abigail and it made sense that he wouldn’t want her to hightail it to Europe to have the baby and give it up for adoption. Like EJ, I also doubt she’d give the baby up. What a great old school soapy twist having Stefano talk with Dr. Garcia after she told Abby the pregnancy was a false alarm. It's likely Abby really is pregnant which will cause even more of an impact when Sami finds out the truth. Like things are not bad enough.

Drunk ‘n Naughty.
Brady’s starting to attempt to stay strong and fight against his addiction. It’s easy to see Maggie's disapproval has been affecting him but doubtful he’s hit rock bottom just yet. It was no surprise that Hope didn't arrest him for being drunk and disorderly considering the Salem PD looks after their own but it didn't sit well with Aiden. Brady's 'saucy' partner Theresa opened up just a bit, admitting it’s been a long time since she felt appreciated. That's sad, only because she feels appreciated from an overpriced handbag. It's still difficult to see why she's so troubled especially when it should have been obvious to us a long time ago.

Though Theresa and Brady’s scenes have been fun, their romp on the Kiriakis sofa was pretty awkward and sort of icky. Maybe it was supposed to be. All that dry humping of Theresa’s leg and odd hand placement – it’s got to be difficult to do these scenes. Here’s my crap attempt at choreographing: "Throw him down gently, ensuring his knees are left open so your left knee can rest in between." Then for him, "Place your right hand on her waist whilst kissing her neck... she should place her left hand on your arse..." Hehe.

Theresa’s reaction to seeing "Jennifer’s soft core porn debut" was priceless. "I’m not responsible for this masterpiece." Funny. And really weird that she or anyone else thinks that the photo was soft core porn. I wondered, is that all Liam's got? But then he stole some lingerie and sniffed it. Dude's disturbed. He'll probably do something to Jennifer and Theresa will take the blame. Maybe there will be a lesson in there somewhere for Theresa.

The best dinner party... ever!
It certainly wasn't boring! It was really sweet seeing Abe and Maxine go to Daniel and Jenn’s dinner party together. These two make me smile. They’re so shy and cute together and Abe deserves some lovin’. I'd love to hear your thoughts on these two as a couple. Vote! Coupling Abe and Maxine. Moving on... Having not just one couple bickering but a potential couple bickering at the same party was brilliantly awkward and a whole lot of fun. Nicole stole the show with her drinking and snippy remarks about Eric being chaste. I'd forgotten how much fun she is when she's drinking. It was great seeing her try to drag Aiden in to her misery and sucking back the wine like it was her job. Rory showing up as the pizza delivery man with cold pizza sans marijuana was a perfect touch. He’s so clueless and cute. Maxine was great, telling the partygoers that some were acting like spoiled brats and needed to get over themselves. Gotta love a woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind!

Another clueless one.
Are we being set up for an EJabby relationship by making Samanther look even more stupid? Gah. Sami thought EJ was impotent – or as she says, ‘omnipotent’ because she kicked him out of her bed. Mmhmm. So bloody ignorant. Then she assumed that because they had hot sex EJ had some of his father’s Erectile Dysfunction drugs. WTF? EJ said he was getting information for his dad not buying Viagra for him. Those scenes made Sami look pathetic and EJ disgusting. That he’d take Sami to bed directly after learning his lover isn’t pregnant was pretty gross. She’ll remember that day because of Abby's phone call and it’ll make things that much worse when the truth comes out. He’s really digging himself a hole.

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Best lines of the week:

Bev, "Now that you have straight and narrow disease you’re no fun."

EJ, "Let's get you home, trouble."

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- Christine Fix