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Salem Shenanigans from March 3 - 7:

A few good reasons to be hiding behind the shrubbery stalking Salemites this week. Sonny's protective attitude, Aiden and Hope, John's back, and Liam's a creeper. Let's take a deeper look.

Take charge Sonny.
Sonny’s never been as virile and demanding of respect as he was in Monday’s episode with Nick when he threw around the Kiriakis name and told Nick he’ll get what he wants no matter what. It was glorious. Usually he’s so mild mannered, taking the streetcar to dullsville. Show us more of the new no-holds-barred attitude for Sonny and more romance between him and William.

That scene where a SORASd Arianna told her mother Will and Sonny were more fun than Gabi was pretty funny. Not for Gabi but they really should SORAS the kid and keep that actress in the role. She was adorable.

Nick’s scarier than ever?
Nick's such a creeper. He's really power-tripping which has added to his character even more. It’s hilarious that he’s comparing himself to EJ DiMera. He has guts! Sure, there are some similarities but EJ's out of Nick's league. The run-ins with Sonny, EJ, Sami makes one wonder if his talk of ‘bullets’ is foreshadowing an upcoming event with one of those three or maybe even Gabi, since she’s leaving soon. With the rumours that someone else on contract is leaving in June, we wonder if we should give credit to the old "Sonny gets shot at the wedding" rumour we heard several months ago.

Theresa and Brady have been providing some comedic element and chemistry that I’ve really been enjoying if I try to forget that she’s not much better for him than Kristen. At least Kristen liked Brady for himself. Theresa’s after him for his money. I’d like to feel sorry for him but he did seem to see right through her. At least until she talked about his rockin’ body. Then his eyes glazed over and all he saw was her, in his bed.

I actually think Brady may have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from what Kristen did to him. He can't even hear her name. It's that bad.

"And that’s a fact."
I’m not fond of the show bringing back past characters just for the ratings. Sure, I miss past characters but letting go is healthy! John Black’s return was well timed. His return was bittersweet for poor Hope and things didn't go well with Brady. He probably shouldn't have stalked him to Theresa's place. There’s still one big reason for his return which involves his heritage and I wonder if he'll work at trying to get Marlena back, even though his homecoming didn't go over well with her.

Big spender.
I have to side with Hope on this one. Sami is the adult. She knows better and should never spend four grand on someone else’s kid without their say. What she does with her own is her business but it’d have been better if she would have texted Hope to tell her what a greedy little dreamer Miss Ciara was being when she insisted Sami take her to the most expensive jeweller in town. Or just say "No. We’re going somewhere else." Seems easy enough. Still, we have yet to see Hope really put her foot down with her daughter over a few of her issues so it stands to reason that she may be part of the problem. Bo’s gone so she could be overcompensating by allowing Ciara to get away with more than usual. After bullying Chase, I don’t recall her extending any consequences to her daughter. Sami 2 is going to be a handful. It's likely if Bo was around this whole time she wouldn't adopt this attitude. And really? He needs to be away for yet another year? That's pretty selfish. I’d rather see a recast or maybe she should just divorce him so we can all move on with her new life. That'd save room for a recast in the future or for Peter Reckell to return if he had the inkling.

Sami questioning Abigail.
Sure Sami has feelings for Rafe still and likely always will but questioning Abigail about her "feelings for Rafe?" was off the wall. It's none of her business, and shouldn't make a difference either way. Sami has enough on her plate without getting into Abigail’s love life. If she fishes too far she’s not going to like what she finds. Now that she has gone there she knows Abby and EJ have things in common that she doesn't with her fiancé. The writers are really going to make Sami hurt over this one. Gah. I don’t relish when she learns the truth. Ever see "Exorcist?" That'll be Sami, spinning her head around.

Abby has 'the flu'. How many think the flu will go away well before nine months is up?! Vote! Days poll: Is Abby pregnant?

His reaction to EJ telling him he and his mother were marrying was really unexpected. EJ gave him some good advice - people really do not always know what goes on behind closed doors.

Bye Jordan.
It’s a shame this is only a tease. This character is so bloody boring that I’m rooting for her to leave town more than Kate is. We have a Dannifer. We don’t need two. And now that Jafe has "broken up" we’re in for some pimping. It'd be preferable to make Jordan less boring before the pimping begins.

Maxine's fun but boy she needs to stop matchmaking...

It’s official. Jenn and Dan are telling friends they’re back together. I have to hand it to Daniel, he’s a good father who actually has concerns about how Parker will take it if they break up one more time. Jenn could have maybe dumped Liam before she jumped back into bed with Daniel. Liam’s reaction to Jennifer kicking him to the curb was stunning. Honestly she could have been a little more sensitive to the psycho. Not that it would matter. Him calling her names then taking it back was hysterical. Run Jenny. Run! It’s actually pretty exciting where the show is going with this...

Nicole and Eric.
Eric has really been taking his time with Nicole. They've only shared two kisses so far yet she's still thinking of another man, telling herself to let 'it go'. "You are with Eric now and that's the way it's supposed to be." Interesting.

Why does Nicole always have to live in a hotel room? They've been careful never go give her any stability which keeps the character true to herself but I can't help but want to see her have a real home.

Best lines of the week:

Sonny: "I’m a Kiriakis. I get what I want no matter what it takes."

Nick, "You're shooting blanks Sonny and all I've got is bullets. One for Kate, one for Sami and two more for the happy couple if I need them."

Nicole, "Theresa is like the Lindsay Lohan of Salem."

Sami, "Someone who isn't a total lowbrow like me."

Sami, "You’re going to let that witch who lied to you ten ways from Sunday come between you and your brother?"

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- Christine Fix