Days of our Lives Poll: Obsessed image

Muldoon (FayesVision/

Addicted to love.

Passions always run strong in Salem, with each kiss or searing gaze backed by a wealth of emotions. Of course, sometimes those emotions teeter into unhealthy territory every once in a while, with many people falling prey to obsessive love over the years.

EJ should really compare notes with Austin about Abby’s history of latching on to inappropriate emotions and never letting go, while a few not-so-lucky ladies have been on the receiving end of Nick’s affections. In fact, just about everyone in town is guilty of a bit of crazy love at some point in time, making them act totally outrageous because of it.

Vote in's "Days of our Lives" poll about who you think has been the biggest bunny boiler in Salem's history, and let us know in the comments any that we missed.

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- Hollie Deese