DOOL Poll: Brady Black VS Wolverine image

Who is sexier?

Brady Black hasn’t been getting a lot of love from fans lately. In the past we’ve compared him to the superhero Wolverine but lately the comparisons are more slated toward the local rummy.

Wolverine, much like Brady Black, is a fictional character. Wolverine’s a superhero while some could argue that Brady’s a superhero of sorts. Dude can slam back the drinks like a boss and drink anybody under the table except perhaps his new friend Theresa Donovan.

Wolverine, played by Hugh Jackman, is a mutant who possesses crazy enhanced physical capabilities and can recover quite quickly from any wound. This slows down the aging process which enables him to live far beyond a regular human lifespan. Brady Black on the other hand works out to stay fit and uses alcohol as a pickling process in order to live longer…We never said he was the sharpest. He hasn’t yet figured out what the toxin is doing to his liver.

Wolverine’s about as tough as they get. He’s downright deadly, whereas Brady’s booze breath is just deadly... kidding. Wolverine can kick anyone’s ass without breaking into a sweat and Brady Black’s no slouch either. Without the nose candy, Brady’s a force to be reckoned with in the boardroom, bedroom and he once toddled off to Melaswen to save the survivors of the Salem Stalker. He can hold his own against the fierce ex-drug lord Victor Kiriakis, and once locked Vivian Alamain in a sarcophagus for several days when he learned Vivian was going to do it to his friend and sponsor Maggie Horton Kiriakis. All in all, Brady’s a good man. He’s handsome, has a great body, can get any woman he wants but is stuck in a downward spiral. We assume Brady’s funk won’t last and with all of the information we know about each man which do you prefer?

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- Christine Fix