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Deconstructing "DOOL" from February 17 - 21:

Another great week in Salem. Blackmail and sex were on the agenda, three couples had sex in one day which was some record we haven’t seen in a while, and the priest threw away his collar.

Is Gabi a naïve young girl or just plain slow? I’ve not given Gabi a lot of thought lately but she and Nick were good together once. As much as Gabi still has feelings for him, we know he’s manipulating her along with Kate, Sami, and Abigail. No way has he forgiven a murder attempt on his life. But the big question is, will Nick hurt Gabi? Does he really find her innocent in all of this? Gabi compared her and Nick’s relationship to Sami and EJ’s, something that had never occurred to me though it was a good point. Sami and EJ have done a million times worse things to each other and have forgiven each other. It’s a little delicious that Nick still hasn’t done anything about those photos (we assume) he took of EJ and Abigail kissing.

Tossed aside like yesterday’s newspaper.
Abigail raided the attic and donned some of Alice’s clothing and went bar hopping alone. As she stared at the bottom of her chardonnay and thought up ways she could "keep" EJ, he and his Samanther made love. EJ was vulnerable. He was in need and in the moment I don’t think he realized that he essentially took advantage of a 21 year old that isn’t yet worldly enough to know that the affair they had was just physical. More and more I don’t see it going anywhere even though Ali Sweeney’s leaving as Sami by the year’s end. I felt a little sad for Abby because her naivety got her hurt but when she went back and seduced EJ, knowing he was trying really hard to be true to Sami I shook my head. She didn’t learn from what she did to Austin and Carrie. Different situation but she still came between a married couple. This is calculated. The girl is out of control. Not even a few cold showers will help her now. Though their sex scenes are hot, really hot, this is so very wrong. It makes it easier to feel for Sami now that she and EJ are getting back on track and have made love. She told him she knew he wouldn’t hurt her again. Ouch. Bunny boiler saw it all.

Some were asking what the phrase ‘bunny boiler’ means. This comes from the film, "Fatal Attraction." A married man cheats on his wife and the psycho mistress becomes unhinged and boils his child’s pet bunny. It hasn’t come to that point with EJ and Abby but the potential is there.

Question of the week: How did Nick know EJ scoured the woods for evidence? Just who is this Percy guy? ISA?

The ‘B’ in Apartment 23:
Theresa’s getting desperate. Blackmailing Daniel for sex has got to be a new one. She has a funny idea of what constitutes foreplay. Someone needs to plan things a little better. Did she really think Daniel would rise to the occasion by threatening to have his license revoked? She finally came to her senses and accepted cash (for pain and suffering!) but thankfully JJ intercepted that - how he figured out she was there was a little beyond me but it was exciting watching JJ at work. Now that Jennifer knows Daniel didn’t cheat she’ll be back in his arms in "two shakes of a lamb’s tail." (I stole that from "Pulp Fiction’s" Mia.) Back to Theresa. She and Brady’s chemistry is getting even better. They’ve a fun and easy manner about them especially when they get into the sauce.

Will and Sonny are in the midst of telling their families about their plans to wed and so far while Lucas and EJ were thrilled, Sami had some reservations that were too quickly dashed. I'll bet they're still lingering. She and Adrienne just may have something in common when Sonny tells his parents.

Oh Nic Nic.
She went ahead and destroyed the evidence - or at least part of it just like we thought she would. At least she was torn about her decision. I guess. She now has him by default but wouldn't it be sweeter if he left the priesthood for her basing his decision on all of the facts? Nicole will never feel completely at ease with what she has done and once he finds out, and he will - especially with Marlena already digging around - she could lose him altogether. Sigh. Vote in's new DOOL poll: What should Nicole do about the evidence?

Take a gander at our Interview with Guy Wilson. He dishes about making the role of Will his own, the WilSon wedding and more.

Best lines of the week:

"She's going to grab you by that blue streak and yank the hair right out of your head."

Rory, "Here's to the vampire who lost her fangs."

EJ to Nick, "What is that scar there? Have you had a lobotomy?"

"I see through your hippy bull. You're a player," Theresa snipes to Daniel.

Theresa about Maggie, "That woman everywhere. I mean what is she like a vampire or a ship...shape shifter?"

Brady and Theresa, "Good things come to those who drink."

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- Christine Fix