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These are the "DAYS" of my week for March 9 - 13:

Set watch:

I’ve been paying close attention to the sets and where scenes take place. It’s interesting. The show has been utilizing the Cheatin’ Heart quite a bit this past few weeks as well as the pier. Characters wander in and out of bars in the middle of the day, too. Instead of working or in the case of Melanie, instead of looking for a job!

Curious minds want to know!

Kate found Daniel at Cheatin’ Heart on Thursday, but how did she know he’d be there?
How about that pre-nup conversation Stefano and EJ had at the manse that moments later continued at the pub? Why did they go there? Change of scenery? (I’d rather have seen them at Chez Rouge.)

Though the pier is at the water, everyone walks through here at least three times a day. I’d like to know what the layout of Salem is! Have you ever thought of where Titan is and why it takes the characters 10 seconds to get from there to the pub? (Soap world is funny!)

How does Sami live in that townhouse with no job?

Is Chloe living off her dividends from the last opera gig or is she living off Lucas?

Do you have to be Roman Catholic to live in Salem? They all appear to be!

Will we ever see Uncle Mickey and Caroline again or were they pink slipped as well?

Do you have any other curiosities to add to the list?


Safe fans must have been happy this week, watching Sami and Rafe grow closer. Rafe will be staying in Salem, so does that mean they’ll start dating? Will EJ fight this more? I like Rafe, but hope the writers develop his character more than what they’ve done to poor Daniel. This week Sami’s potty mouth came to life more than once at the convent, and Sister Theresa had to tell her off. Jeeps, can’t she can it for five minutes! I’d like the writers to give her back her softer side for a few episodes. The constant drama is k il l i n g me. At the pier, Will complained to Sami that she’s never there for him. He’s had a difficult childhood and deserves better from his parents. I wonder what scrapes he’ll get himself into now, as a teen!

These are the Kids of Sami Brady:

There has been some talk about the paternity of all of Sami's many kids recently, so I thought I’d clear things up. Will is Lucas' son. No question. Sydney is Sami and EJ's daughter. No question. There will always be some wonder about whether or not Allie is Lucas’ or EJ’s girl, because of Stefano being EJ’s father. I have to wonder if they’ll revisit this in a few years, but for now, Allie’s Lucas’ kid. Speaking of Steffie: We now know he had something to do with the mayor's murder and that there is somebody else involved. I thought it could be Tony, but I’m not so certain, now. I think perhaps it’s one of his new goons. Er...‘Whatshismuscle’. With Stefano having Nicole followed as of late, it seems to me as though he will be the one to find out about her lies. I’m sure he’ll use them to his advantage.


He finally had sex with Nicole, and didn’t notice that she never had a baby. I suppose I can buy that, considering many of my friends look tinier after their kid is born. He does love Nicole. That’s obvious, but we see subtleties that lead us to believe he’s still got it bad for Sami. When (cause we know it's coming) EJ kicks Nicole's arse to the curb, will he turn to Sami or somebody else? Will Sami already be ensconced in a relationship with Rafe? My only beef with this scene was that it was lukewarm compared to the heated Chloe and Daniel sex romp. Why can't a married couple with a kid have the same torrid sex? I'm just saying...

Bo and Hope:

They have a different feel to them, don’t they? At this point, I don’t really care what the show does to them, because they aren’t the same to me. That could change. We’ll revisit them in a few weeks and find out how we see these two. In case anyone wants to know who the man is in Bo’s vision, just think closer to home. Much, much closer. Inexplicably closer. Family closer.

Max and Chelsea:

Chelsea broke up with Max. He didn’t know why until he confronted her. She told him it was because she overheard him tell Will he couldn’t wait to be a father someday. He didn’t even say with her! Max thought she should have given him the opportunity to tell her what he wanted regarding kids and said he had no problem adopting. For a woman who was adopted, I was surprised this didn’t cross her daft mind that he’d be open to it! Max reminded Chels they’ve only just started dating and don’t even know where they’re going from here. Good point, but instead of waiting until you’ve fallen in love, why not get these major decisions out there? The kids or no kids debate is one that makes or breaks a relationship. Being proactive by talking these things out is a good idea, but the drama could have been spared if Chelsea had simply confronted him and asked his thoughts on kids after she saw Will and Max discussing fatherhood. (course then that’d be boring for soaps, right?) Speaking of Will… I realize there’s a family connection with Will and Max, but have they ever had scenes together in the past? I seriously don’t recall.

Double bubble, toil and trouble. Cauldron burn, mirror bubble.

Some people are just witches, spelled with a capital B. That’s not a disparaging statement. It’s a fact. These are women who get off on treating others like dirt. Jill on Y&R has been one for the most part. Kate is one of them but recently, Kate’s been kind of scary, even for me. Psycho’s going off the deep end! One minute she’s handing Daniel his manhood for sleeping with Chloe (bet you thought we’d gotten rid of vendetta storylines) and the next she’s slithering up beside him with tales of her fantasies involving Dr. Love.

"I think of you night and day, mostly night, when I’m lying in bed and I can’t fall asleep. I picture you lying next to me and then I’m up for hours, fantasizing. Do you fantasize about me?" Wow.

This isn’t exactly a woman scorned. She did the dumping and he moved on. So what’s Kate’s problem?

She let herself care for Chloe, and feels betrayed.
She feels Chloe betrayed her little baby boy, Lucas.
Her ego is bruised and she can’t stand the competition.

A mere few weeks ago, she decided to take her life in a new direction, but she’s gone right back to her old ways! I have to admit I wasn’t amused with Kate’s sick game playing with Chloe. It might have been amusing if Chloe could fight back, but Chloe’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer.


She's still talking to herself about how Sami's Sydney's mum and so on and nobody has caught her. Yet. There is a baby monitor in Sydney’s room and one in the great room. Wouldn’t Philip and EJ have heard her talking with Sydney while she was upstairs in her room and EJ and Philip were ranting to each other about the worm, in the great room? Just saying… She told EJ how secure she felt in his arms, which made me snigger to myself! She’s living in a world of make-believe.


I can’t help it. I like her. She has a witchy side and an innocent side that's a little endearing to me. Yeah, I know she’s 18 and nobody believes she has a head for business but she’s obviously bright, in some ways. I fear Tony’s about to pull the wool over her eyes, though, and I’m cringing!

Stephanie and Philly:

She took him back. I laughed and laughed. My guess is they’ll get married someday and she’ll be the weak female who keeps wondering why oh why Philly is so mean, mean, mean! What more can I say? I didn’t find their scenes intriguing except to note that they thought EJ planted the worm in their system. I assume EJ did too, because I can’t figure out who else would. That’s some pretty fancy schmancy worm.


I’ve been babbling about the hair on the show for quite some time. Last week I was excited when the stylists changed the hair for Nicole and Chloe. I like to think that in my own little fantasy world, the hairstylists caught some of my blogs and decided to give Chloe, Nicole and EJ a better hairstyle. In reality, who knows why they decided to give the gals a new style! I was glad they did, but then went back to teasing Chloe’s (Nadia) hair mercilessly at the crown. (Or is it a piece? Who can tell?) According to “What Not To Wear’s” very own Nick Arrojo, there is no need to tease at the crown in order to make the hair appear longer. It’s just simply distracting.

What’s to come:

Sami’s head spins in circles and literally explodes when she finds out baby Grace has a diaper rash.

Next week also marks the beginning of a new younger pairing of Will and Mia. Last night I chatted with Taylor Spreitler (Mia) for a bit and she told me we’d see her return Monday March 20. It’ll be interesting having such youthful characters on the scene and I’m curious as to what’s in store for these two. I’m reminiscing about a young Belle and Shawn!

As a whole, it wasn’t the best week ever, but wasn’t horrible. My interest in the storylines and the characters is still lacking, because the history hasn’t been respected. I’m not as easily entertained as I once was. One week at a time. Those are my thoughts – like them or not. I’d like to hear yours. Remember, this is all in fun and everyone has a different perspective!

Cheers and happy Friday!

- Christine Fix