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Deconstructing "DOOL" from January 27 - 31:

"Greetings!" Another solid week of drama in Salem went by which is seamlessly flowing into what looks to be an exciting February sweeps.

Really, what's a neglected yet unavailable man to do with a gorgeous desperate female with eyes only for him hanging on his every word and gesture? Probably stay away from her, yet he can’t because his intended, Kate, and Gabi are all on his case to shut Abigail up, and he’s hot for her. It’s time for Sami and EJ to discuss their relationship and make some decisions. Decisions that obviously should have been made before he turned to another woman.

Some options for EJ:

1. Stop seeing Abigail and tell Sami he’s not going to help shut Abby up any longer.
2. Stop seeing Abigail and start seeing a counselor with Sami.
3. Leave Sami.
4. Keep doing what he’s doing.

Since it’s a soap we’re pretty sure he’ll keep cheating. It may be unpopular to admit that I can see both sides. It’s difficult to be too hard on EJ for stepping out when his needs are being ignored. (Not that I’m suggesting Sami’s to blame or should take care of his needs.) He’s not in his right mind, clearly, but what he’s doing is not only wrong but hurtful. It’s worse because he has children and they should come first. The first time was a mistake, the second time they were alone together was tempting fate, and the supply closet looks as though they’re well on their way to a full-blown affair. Abigail sure doesn’t mind letting EJ know how desperate she is for him. It’s really egging him on and can’t end well. Not for Sami and the kids, anyway, unless they recast Sami.

What’s going on with Abigail’s style? She’s around 22 and her outfits used to reflect that. Lately her clothing is too old for her and only makes her appear as though she’s trying hard to appear older. I wonder if that’s the plan.

Not surprisingly, this Nick story has both been creepy and humorous. That’s "Days." It was hilarious when Gabi fainted after seeing the presumed Nick crash the christening. I doubled over with laughter. It was the most natural thing to happen, to pass out, yet somehow it almost irritated me that she wasn’t as strong as her cohorts. Ludicrous, right? Honestly we’d all likely act just as irritating as Gabi if in her shoes and oddly, to us, she was the irritating one! But it doesn’t really matter anymore how obvious she is because we know Nick must remember everything and is delighting in seeing them all squirm. I think he’ll blackmail Gabi into leaving Salem with him, blackmail EJ and Abigail with photos of them kissing, and as we've already seen, force Kate to let him work for her. What do you think? Leave a comment about this and vote in our Days poll: How does Percy know Nick? It's likely Percy dragged Nick in from the water and is helping him work at taking Sami, Kate, and Gabi down. I suspected momentarily...

Are they going there again?
The scene at Stefano’s with Sami, Gabi and Kate letting their nerves dictate their food intake was fun and also made a good segue for Kate and Stefano to share a scene. That old chemistry was there. Why does Stefano want to see Kate for dinner?

Anne signing Theresa up for the sensitivity seminar because she’s the most sensitive woman Anne knows was hysterical. It’s so good seeing friends, even though they’re not really friends and are nasty as all get out. It sounded almost as if Theresa was a little jealous of JJ when she announced that she could tell Bev was into him. Maybe I’m reaching. Maybe not. It’s not looking as though JJ really did use Bev the way it seemed last week. It appears as though JJ told Bev everything or at least most of what’s going on and she decided on her own to help. That he told Jennifer Rory and Bev were true friends makes me feel easier about them helping him with his scheme to get to Theresa. I like Bev and Rory and it’s good to see a little more of them. Tad too, not that he has anything to do with this story, but it’s been fun having him more involved in storylines as well.

Maggie the nose.
She stuck her nose into Brady’s business again and got hurt when he told her AA was a crock and so was her idea for rehab. On one hand I hurt for Maggie who is only trying to help, but on the other hand, she can’t stop him from being an addict and she’s close to pushing him away which won’t do her any favours. It doesn’t look as though Brady’s anywhere near being ready to get back on the wagon.

Hope and Aiden.
Haiden? Aiden's a widow and Hope's been abandoned. They can identify with how hard it is to be a single parent. Do you smell the bonding coming?

Clearing Eric’s name.
This is one long storyline with loads of twists. I’m at the point where it’ll be nice to see the end of it but between you and I, it’s supposed to get a little dicey soon which will hopefully drag me and anyone else feeling the same back in. Sweeps is coming and luckily, so is Kristen DiMera, though not until summer.

Best lines of the week:

Nicole to Miles, "You could give a seminar in sleaze."

Miles, "Can I have a drink? And a virgin for Zsa Zsa here."

Dan says, "What do they say? When God closes one door, Nicole Walker finds a way to bust it down?"

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- Christine Fix