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Deconstructing "DOOL" from January 13 - 17:

I’ve had the flu this entire week and though I feverishly scribbled the recaps, I had trouble recalling all of the events that went down in Salem. The big trend: There was a lot of daydreaming going on and way too many flashbacks and newbie Sheryl was in way more scenes than any of our vets were but as it turns out was fine.

This is the second week seeing nu-Will around Salem. He’s doing a good job but of course he doesn't 'feel' like Will. He’s so much younger looking as well which was more noticeable during the marriage proposal. The proposal was bad timing. Mere days from Massey's last scene. We had to see Sonny proposing to a new face. It’s good that Will said no. It wouldn't have worked for me if he had said yes. We need time to get to know his version of Will first. Plus, there’s plenty of time to tie themselves down. I’d rather see them doing something wild, sexy and foolish all summer at least.

Seems okay.
Did you laugh when Maggie looked at the bottle of whiskey at the mansion and say to herself, "Seems okay," meaning Brady must not have touched a drop of alcohol if there’s none missing from that bottle. This is coming from a recovering addict? She needs to take off those rose-coloured glasses because Brady was up in his room with his stash, boozing it up like it was the last and most delicious bottle in all of Salem. It should be interesting to put him in more scenes with Theresa but at the same time I can’t help but remember Brady once telling Nicole they couldn't be together because they’re both addicts. Aren't they trying to show Theresa as one?

He’s pretty creepy. Even creepier than Dr. Rolf was. Rolf was almost comical but Chyka’s all business. We know Eric and Nicole won't die but it was a great pay-off to hear Eric admit to Nicole that he loves her. Will she admit she and Daniel aren't really an item and that she's still in love with him? Wait for the aftermath!

What was that all about?
EJ was not surprisingly rude to Gabriella when she dropped off the treats as a thank-you for having sex with Abig... I mean for helping her get Abigail off her back. Either he was disgusted with himself, annoyed with "useless" Gabi, or just sees her as a speck in the universe. The scene really stood out making a few of us wonder. Could Gabi become some fatal attraction for EJ? EJ's already got his hands full with Sami and now Abigail. We didn't think this was going to be a one-time thing for EJabby but I'm not sure it'll happen again depending on who gets a hold of those "incriminating" photos of them kissing at the cabin.

Whether you love Anne, or love to hate her, she's got your attention.
We realized this week there is nothing this woman won't do in order to take Daniel down. At this point it doesn't even appear she's into him. He's just an extension of her hatred for Her Royal Hortonness, Jennifer. The scene of her falling was a highlight!

Weigh in on's poll: Anne. Love her? Hate her? Love to hate her? Vote!

Speaking of Abigail, why the hell did she call EJ and tell him, "My mother knows about us," when Jennifer knows nothing? Is she trying to give him a heart attack? Is she trying to give us heartburn? Is she looking for another interlude and trying to stay in contact just in case he throws her a bone? He told her it’s a good idea if they don’t talk to each other on the phone anymore but wasn’t he really telling her to stay as far away from him as possible? Maybe not considering he texted her a while later to meet "about Chad."

The Rottweiler.
Speaking of bones... I’ve always saw Julie as more of a pit-bull but whatever. If anyone’s going to get to the bottom of where Nick is, it’d be her. She’s a force to be reckoned with. I’m a little bit frightened of Julie.

Unhappy camper.
Has she always been this way? I don’t know if I was the one with the rose-coloured glasses on in the past but I always saw Marlena as the voice of reason, the sweet and helpful woman who you could look up to. Now she’s just human! She’s never happy. She’s always scowling (metaphorically speaking, of course) about someone or something. It’s depressing.

Best lines of the week:

EJ to Sami, "Compared to you, for the last six months I look like Gandhi."

"I'm sick and tired of saving you from yourself," EJ says to Sami.

"Any connection I had to Nick is dead in the water," Kate says to Julie.

Sami, "I can’t believe Nick has friends." Kate to Sami, "People probably say the same thing about you."

"She’s like a Rottweiler with a bone," Kate says of Julie.

"I had to pull out all the stops but eventually she bought it," EJ tells Sami, flashing to sex with Abigail.

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- Christine Fix