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These are the "Days" of my week for March 2-6:

Is this the little train who couldn’t or am I being too harsh a critic? They’ve had months to redeem themselves and there are still issues with the character development, continuity and storyline development that leave us wanting.

I hate to even say this, because it’s been the only humour on the show since Nicole first came to town, but I’ve been completely over Victor’s nasty streak. The dialogue, while perhaps amusing for a younger person, is starting to squick me out. We get that Victor is a cranky bastard, but can we dispense with the 70 year old man discussing inflatable sex dolls? His humour doesn’t fit his age and the consistent crustiness leaves a nasty taste in my mouth. I loved the Victor of old. Who is this guy? Monday, Kate wanted to find Lucas a more suitable mate. Victor suggested that an inflatable sex doll should fit the bill, and all Kate (the big protector of her kids) says is, "You’re bad." Wouldn’t she feel this disrespect was a reflection on her mothering? Her reaction to the comment would have been more believable if she rolled her eyes or told him off. Victor commented she’s back to her old self with this new –dare I say the word- vendetta, for Chloe, the woman who saved her life.

Stefano asked her out Monday and he reappeared Friday, making the continuity a lot better than it has been!

Will returned and this young actor seems to fit the role very well, so far. I was happy the writers made a point to let us know Will did not shoot EJ. Bringing up Lucas shooting EJ in the back was a good idea, considering that’s when Will left. It made me feel as though they were picking off where they left off and allowed viewers to open up to the idea of a new Will. In fact, 41% of you are happy with him already! I have always wondered if in the past, the old writers were going in the direction of having Will be the shooter. With all the changes since, that’s not going to happen and I’m glad to close the book on that mystery in my head.

I have mixed feelings about EJ and Sami’s scenes. He’s fine. It’s her that I can’t stand. I can handle the pathetic nagging of Nicole, more than I can stomach Sami’s daily whiny rants. The woman overreacts about everything. Take A Valium. The ranting causes me to stop listening and then I miss nuances with them. Is there a way perhaps for Sami to get her point across without screaming? I liked them when they first met, when Sami was a softer person and we were just finding out about EJ’s dastardly deeds. Sure, she’s always had this whiny, jump before listening attitude, but this is just over the top. I grow tired of the overreacting, yelling, complaining, arguing and found myself wanting to knock their heads together. If she were a kid, her report card would have a note attached to it. "Sami needs to learn to listen to others. She will be liked more if she tries harder to play nicely with the other children."

The townhouse scenes: I realize they’ve major budget cuts but holy smokes. Marlena’s beautiful townhouse is now low rent! I tried to look beyond Sami’s bull poop and the fugly set and here’s what I saw: Ego maniacal EJ became jealous of Rafe and his connection to Sami, after hearing the story about the Laughing Penguin and again after seeing the kiss. I was happy Rafe held his own with the Golden Child and scored one for Rafe and another for Safe. Their easy banter was quite nice to watch. Sami noted that EJ has changed. I’ll buy that, but not in every way. Sami admitted part of her would always love him, which threw me. For somebody who never admitted to loving him in the past, why would she say this now? Possibly just to reconnect these two. I’m not sure. I thought it absurd that Sami, who is trying to hide Grace from EJ, would let her guard down in front of him and show how emotional she was feeling. Then, she pulled a Nicole and called the convent while EJ was a room away. She did this earlier in the week when Nicole overheard. She must be rusty with scheming.

Should EJ have told Nicole he was headed to Sami’s place? He left word with Mary, which should have been good enough but the nag blew a gasket when she found out, causing Stefano to almost overhear her saying that Sydney was Sami’s daughter! I suppose Nicole was never that confident. These insecurities don’t just crop up. She’s had them all along, but I enjoyed her when she first returned. Why do we have to suffer through every scene with her being this needy mess? She’s ruining every relationship she has, but it seems even though she dumped Brady’s friendship because her husband told her to, our first thoughts of him being in love with her are correct.

Chloe and Lucas got back together, which is lame, lame. Will somebody make Chloe understand that she can’t use God as a scapegoat?

Daniel’s boozefest at Cheatin’ Heart did nothing for me to redeem this character. I warmed to him when he first came to town, but that soon dwindled when he had no history, no mystery, no depth and no real connection to Salem, for us to get invested in. Perhaps they can redeem him. I did enjoy the scenes of him and Brady. His scene with Hope was … odd. Look for some interesting things to happen with these two.

Chelsea and Max were really cute on Wednesday’s show, and they had sex Thursday, bumping this doomed relationship up a notch. Why waste time on these two when Chelsea’s leaving anyway, one wonders? Bo went a little nutty for about two seconds when he found Max was with his baby girl, but it was Hope to the rescue when she comforted Bo. “At least he wasn’t a long haired biker,” she says. Like there’s something wrong with long haired bikers? Parents! So because of that one line, bearded Bo was suddenly happy chappy again and apologized to Chelsea for going off the deep end. Then. Then, Chelsea decided on the spur of the moment that she was moving out. Now. My head spun as she packed her pink My Little Pony bag and headed to Stephanie’s tiny apartment to live with Steph, Steve, Kayla and Joe, and Bo didn’t put up a fight… Yet we believe.

When did intelligent Hope turn dense or is she just hiding something? She saw Bo’s visions come to fruition in the past but suddenly, when she hears of the new one, she tells him it has “no basis in reality." Interesting. Let’s go backwards. She left Bo because she believed in his visions and he kept them from her. She blamed him for Kayla’s shooting, because he kept the vision from her, yet this time suddenly his visions are the result of an overactive imagination? Yeah Hope’s no dummy. What’s she hiding? Better yet, who is she hiding?

Philip/Steph and Mel: I still lump these three into their own threesome, because I know Melanie's not giving up on Philip and oddly, this week, I enjoyed all of their scenes together. Stephanie has this conviction that I respect, and Melanie just kicks arse wherever she goes, making for amused scenes.

Coiffure talk with Christine:

Bo’s facial hair made its reappearance. I like it! He should keep it. I’ve rarely ever thought somebody looked more handsome with facial hair than without.

Chloe’s beautiful locks on Thursday’s episode had a new sheen to it, it had these gorgeous highlights that I’ve never seen before. You really see those extensions. I mean I assume they are, with the way they look. It looked fantastic and healthy. I’d love to see this more often.

Nicole! I was about to rant about her 1970’s do, when suddenly, Thursday had her wearing these adorable bangs with straight tresses. Beautiful. She has never looked better. I thank the hair Gods for whatever they did. Now do me!! Do my hair!

I wanted to touch base a little on the pre-noms. I already dished on this right here, in the news room, and truthfully, I don’t have a lot to say about pre-noms, only because as we know, the actors are just putting themselves out there. Once it’s decided internally, who is going to be chosen for a nomination, we’ll dish more. Feel free to discuss those or let me know what your own thoughts were for this week.

Last thought – I’m waiting on pins and needles for Rafe to meet up with Nicole!

Have a fantastic weekend. “Steal a baby,” as my friend Shaun would say! I’ll see you back here next Friday, and until then, I’ll see you all on Facebook!

- Christine Fix