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Last week, polled you to find out which couple you were rooting for on DOOL. The highest votes have gone to Sami and Rafe. Second best comes EJ and Sami, and then Bo and Hope. The results were from only 2077 readers. This means several thousand other readers didn't vote! What a shame! We really do want to hear your opinion, and you can still vote!

This time, we're polling for your wish list storylines. In the past, we’ve seen all the family storylines, stories that were fun, romantic, boring and adventurous. We also saw zany storylines such as Marlena possession, we’ve met the Gemini Twins, and we went along with Sami while she was on death row. Somewhere in between, we were locked in the secret room and stuck on Melaswen for a spell. We've been taken on a ride! Soap writers have a difficult job and we wonder what more they could possibly write for us? You be the judge.

Other than our ideas that we put together with this poll, such as they are, we’d also love to hear your carefully thought up storylines. Where should the writers take us next?