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Marlena's shock. (NBC Universal Inc.)

Blackmail gets Sami hot. (NBC Universal Inc.)

Deconstructing "DOOL" from October 28 – November 1:

A few Salemites said goodbye this week, we learned blackmail turns Sami's crank, Marlena started watching her priest son being defiled by her nemesis, and Hallowe'en sort of came to Salem. It was a week of tied up loose ends to prepare for November Sweeps.

Saying goodbye.
Obviously Chad doesn’t deserve Abigail after lying about having a brain tumor to get Cameron to back off from ‘his woman’. People make mistakes and that was as big as they get but he didn’t learn from it. He almost died and it didn’t seem to register. Moments later he asked Cameron not to go after Abigail while he’s in Boston. Oy. Not a fan of how they sent Chad off though he and EJ shared a touching moment.

Poor Cameron. Salem treated him like dirt, spit him out, and this last straw with Chad sent him packing. What a shame. He and Gabi had potential.

Finally, we learned from Jordan that Rafe has nerve damage and this is why it’s taking so long for him to recover. Smells like a rewrite done to throw Jordan into Rafe’s life easily. It’s not working for me. It’s also annoying to see Kate thrown back into that same storyline where she’s jealous and goes after the ‘other woman’. Can’t they give her something better than that? Jordan still has no friends or prospects of one. She’s private, keeps to herself and is a bit on edge. Maybe she’s in witness protection.

What to say?
Nick’s getting weirder. He’s given the same dialogue weekly and biding his time obviously until November sweeps whatever it is he’s going to do. It’s gone on for such a long time that it’s almost painful to watch his scenes. That's not the actor’s fault. He's great. We just need to see this plot hurried along.

What the heck?
Brady and Kristen really dump Daniel and Jennifer as best man and maid of honour? When did this happen? It makes no bloody sense especially when Daniel’s been such a good friend to Brady and Jennifer’s Kristen’s only friend. And how pathetic was it of Jennifer to tell Brady she wasn’t going to the wedding because Daniel has moved on with Theresa? Some friend. It's none of Jenny’s business who Daniel’s dating. She dumped him. She's lucky the guy is so stuck on her that he hasn't yet jumped into bed with half the staff at University Hospital after the games she’s been playing.

JJ’s changed.
Bam. Just like that. We’ll see...

Father Eric boils over.
Father Eric’s really got a mouth on him. His proof Nicole raped him is sketchy but he’s too emotional right now to see that and consider anything else. Nicole and Daniel have their work cut out for them in clearing her name. It’s easy to feel for both of them and good to see Nicole turning to Daniel for help.

Sami’s number one turn on...
It was good to see Allie in a speaking role. The timing for custody issues is perfect because at her age, she’ll have her own ideas of where she should live. Makes for good drama. I wasn’t a fan of the blackmail or EJ telling Lucas right afterward that he’s not the bad guy! If he really didn’t think a judge would allow Lucas custody why not go through the proper channels? And Sami’s reaction was surprising and a huge letdown. Instead of getting horny over the blackmail, it’d have worked better if she was torn between wanting EJ to blackmail Lucas and remaining loyal to her old friend. Her only friend.

Sami was pretty funny to feign indignance about the blackmail only to have EJ realize she was playing him. Great scene but she may as well have spit in Lucas' face. Poor Lucas.

Maggie doesn’t want Victor doing anything underhanded that could hurt someone she loves but if she knew he was trying to protect his grandson/step-son, being as meddlesome as she is, wouldn’t she approve? Isn’t it better if Brady finds out the truth about Kristen now? I'm with Victor.

"This can't be!"
Marlena finally began watching the flash drive with Kristen raping her son the priest. Yep. She'll never get those images out of her head. It looks as though we've another week until it all comes to a head.

The children’s Hallowe’en party at the hospital was a nice touch but it was disappointing not to see Theo, Johnny, Allie, and Sydney. Ciara’s getting quite the little personality with that snarkiness and refusal to wear a costume. Poor thing misses her daddy.

Sonny and Gabi’s lengthy discussion about whether or not they should have forgone the pumpkin costume for a Margaret Thatcher costume for Arianna was bizarre – in a good way!

Best Lines:

Victor yelled at Marlena for not receiving a text from Brady that reads, "Wedding is off. Discovered bride to be is soul-sucking bitch. Lol."

Father Eric, "You’re the evil whore who drugged and raped me. You’ll spend eternity burning in hell."

Marlena to Kristen, "We're not talking about the man that's in your... heart."

Victor, "I'll be at your wedding tomorrow to watch you honor and love the psychopath of your dreams."

Maggie to Victor, "I'll shove these where the sun don't shine. Thorns and all."

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