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Deconstructing "DOOL" from September 30 – October 4:

The theme this week is arguing. Sonny and Will squabbled, EJ and Rafe had it out, Sami lashed out at Stefano and then EJ, Will confronted Sami, and Marge was out to blame everyone who would listen for her husband’s death. There was a teeny amount of love and romance but people seemed pretty miserable all in all.

Who has the flash drive?
So we were right. The thumb drive isn't Kristen’s, it’s Victor’s spyware, which means Marlena has Kristen’s sex video. Soon she and Victor will see it but would they show it to Brady and Eric? I almost hope the men don’t see it. It’d be so painful for each of them.

Adrienne and Justin finally made amends and though it was a short scene, it was sweet and good to see each of them acknowledging that the other was right. Adrienne should have brought the attack video to Justin’s attention and Justin should have validated her concerns about associating with EJ and Sami. Hopefully this reunion doesn't mean these two are relegated to the back burner once again. This couple, even with their disputes, has been a breath of fresh air after constantly being barraged with Ejami and Dannifer day after day after day after day...

A woman on the edge.
Marge went on a rampage this week, blaming everyone for backstabbing her and trying to besmirch Joe’s ‘good name’. She’s obviously in denial about Joe and it’s understandable why. She thought he was a prince upon men and he turned out to be a crook. Poor Marge. She’s a little scary and I don’t think we've seen the last of her.

The Borgias.
Watching EJ and Sami’s fight gave me a headache of epic proportions. Their passion is amazing and her anger was understandable but her immaturity, inability to communicate, refusal to listen or think before she speaks was grating. Guru Caroline gave her some decent advice about EJ doing what he had to do in order to free her but it’s not going to make it any easier on her to go from one jail to another! Course it’s already fun for us. Even Chad has started to see himself as a DiMera and allowed EJ to falsify his hospital records in order to make it appear as though he does have a brain tumor. This can't be good. Something tells me this is going to come back and bite him in the ass.

Move on already.
Theresa and Anne’s scheming is getting really boring. It might be more interesting if both of them were involved with other characters and if we cared about them. Anne’s hilarious and Theresa’s a great bad girl, but they’re written rather one dimensional. Not only that, I no longer care about Jennifer so this scheme they cooked up feels like just another never-ending pimping of Dannifer. Daniel’s idea to get away for a while is smart and healthy.

Tarnished White Knight.
Sonny and Will had it out after Will found out his boyfriend was keeping Gabi’s secret rendezvous with Nick from him. EJ witnessed part of the argument and called them out for being ‘immature’ but they could have said the same about him if they witnessed his own behaviour toward Rafe moments later. EJ spent time gloating about Sami getting out of jail, no thanks to the "Tarnished White Knight." He expected Rafe to lie on the witness stand but they already had that argument a few weeks ago so I’m not sure why it was revisited. He taunted Rafe about being helpless and said the real reason he was there was to inform Rafe about his impending nuptials. I thought everyone already knew EJ and Sami are engaged? Then, more puzzling, he brought up Rafe lying for Sami about Grace. That’s all water under the bridge and made no sense. EJ came off as an insecure bully when he should have been spending time with his fiancée who just got out of the clink. Rafe said it all. "You're still so threatened by what I had with Samantha, you can't even enjoy spending time with her." It was funny watching EJ snack on grapes from Rafe’s food tray while he taunted his poor helpless nemesis but then Rafe surprised us all by yanking on EJ’s tie, proving he is doing better in therapy than he suspected! Anger can be a good motivator. EJ should attend all of his sessions.

Kate’s starting to see that Rafe’s interest in Jordan even though he may not even see this yet. Jordan appears like a strong woman but she should still be on guard and never accept brownies from Kate. Not that I care either way. Jordan’s still about as uninteresting as Chloe’s return last week.

Recognizable office.
I keep noticing that Hope’s office is Jennifer’s office, Marlena’s office, Kayla’s office… who else shares that set that you have noticed? Great way to save on costs but it’s a little distracting.

Jack’s memory.
Kayla slipped to JJ that his father wasn’t a saint and if anyone should know, it’s her. Ouch. What an incredible bit of drama to bring up especially just as Jack’s memoirs are coming out. This could be the one thing to help JJ get Jack off his pedestal but boy is it going to hurt. Not just for him but for Kayla to relive the rape. Friday's episode had me on the edge of my seat, when JJ tricked Adrienne into thinking Jack wrote about 'that thing with Aunt Kayla' in his memoirs. Very gripping.

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Best Lines:

EJ, "Bernardi came to put your junk in a box."

Chad, "No wonder all the decanters are always half empty."

EJ, "I kissed that guy's ring. For you."

Chad, "Sami storms out of supermarkets."

Abigail, "How is men not a four-letter word?"

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- Christine Fix