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Deconstructing "DOOL" from August 26 - 30:

Hello "Days of Our Lives" fans, Dustin Cushman filling in for Christine who is on holiday this week. This pre-Labor Day week was mainly filled with Dannifer’s up and downs, as well as Sami behind bars. It wasn’t the most eventful of weeks, but let’s get to dishing!

Dannifer take twenty-one.
The week started off great, with Jennifer finally deciding to stop being the doormat that J.J. wiped his feet on before coming into the house. All it took was for him to call her a slut, go figure? It’s just too bad she stopped Daniel from knocking him out, because that’s what most of us are waiting for. Jenn finally put her foot down and told J.J. that she was going to be with Daniel and he would have to find a way to deal with that. Has a miracle occurred? Of course it was just too good to be true! Just as Jenn finally stood up to her kid, Daniel came to his own revelation that Jenn does need to put her son first, so he dumped her. If Jenn and Dan were going to break up yet again, why couldn’t we have at least gotten to see Daniel clock the brat?

Sami makes and breaks a deal.
While working out in her cell to keep in shape, Sami thought over the deal that Melinda Trask offered her. Was Sami doing push-ups in a wife beater ridiculous or what? Is she keeping in shape to fend off attacks from the cops out to get her? Sami eventually took the deal, which meant turning on E.J. if she can’t find a way to give Trask the goods on Stefano. However she came clean with E.J. about the deal, and he was furious with her. For a brief moment the end of Ejami seemed to flash on screen and before our eyes. Sami ended up turning the deal down to save her relationship with E.J. There are still major hurdles for them to overcome, and "DOOL" will probably tease us with the end of Ejami again and again.

EJ’s brilliant plan.
While Sami is working to keep her "Biggest Loser" body, E.J. is hard at work trying to figure out a way to once again prove Bernardi was a dirty cop. E.J. decided to plant money to be found, this time in Bernardi’s son’s account. What a fantastic plan, because we know a similar plan worked so well the first time! E.J. seemed to scrap the idea, but the deed seems to be done. This will likely bite Sami in the butt. At this point it might just be easier to try and find out whom Stefano paid to get rid of the razor from the room. There were only so many people in that room, it isn’t like there is a hospital full of suspects. Seriously, "DOOL" needs to clue us in on where that razor is before we all lose our minds.

Chad and the tumor.
Chad is clearly using his "tumor" to win Abigail from Cameron, and Cameron is just giving her up. Abigail was furious when she felt Cameron was handing her off to Chad without a fight, and she didn’t understand why. A spying Chad didn't seem to have any issues about what he was doing either. Things that make you go hmmmm? One can only hope that at some point we’ll hear the infamous quote "It’s not a tuuuuumaaaaaah!"

Poor lonely Gabi!
On the other side of Salem, poor Gabi is struggling as a mom, with schoolwork, and is really lonely to boot. Of course Nick the hero was there to save the day. Sonny and Will weren’t very happy with her for bringing Nick back into their lives, and who could blame them? Gabi bit their heads off saying that she is just so very lonely and it’s hard! Being single sucks, but it doesn’t mean you have to go back to your psycho-ex. Gabi’s other excuse was that "Nick said he’s sorry!" Will didn’t like that, and rightly so. Gabi is just a fool if she takes Nick back, and it looks like a fool she is. Nick has lost his marbles not once, but twice. Does Gabi think there won’t be a third time? Her past choices have never been very bright, so it’s really hard to feel sorry for her when she’s walking into a disaster waiting to happen.

Kristen’s schemes are a nightmare away from falling apart.
Speaking of disasters, Kristen continues to scramble to keep her latest failed scheme from falling apart. From negative pregnancy tests, to hiding said pregnancy tests, to Eric having bad dreams of that night, to a recording of the night that’s still on her tablet (we haven’t forgotten about that have we?), this whole story is just a ticking time bomb. Now that Brady’s proposed to her again, the timer is set for it to blow up in her face. Marlena and Victor are also hot on her trail. If they uncover the truth, will Marlena be able to ruin Eric's life to get Kristen out of Brady's? It could be Marlena's very own "Sophie's Choice." As with Gabi, it’s just really hard to feel bad for Brady at this point. Maybe Gabi and Brady should just hook up? Oh wait, there’s too much of that family member sharing going around with Kate and Daniel as it is. It might be time for some new blood in this town, as the characters that are left have all slept with each other and then some.

That's all for this week. Christine will be back next week.

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-Dustin Cushman