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Blake Berris (NBC)

Rachel and Blake (Mitchell Haaseth)

Nick gets sentenced for his crimes this week on Days of Our Lives, which means he and his portrayer, Blake Berris, are leaving the show. While it’s sad news for his fans, Blake was nothing but positive and upbeat when talked with him about his time on Days and his alter ego’s exit.

Since taping his final scenes, which air on January 15, Blake spent some time in Santa Barbara, CA with friends and family and celebrated the New Year in Hawaii. Not a bad way to unwind after wrapping up a two year stint playing the uber-geek turned killer, Nick Fallon.

While some viewers may have disagreed with, or been shocked by the reveal that brainy, mild-mannered Nick turned out to be Trent Robbins’ killer and Melanie’s stalker, Blake took it as a challenge and saw the logic in it.

“As an actor you don’t have the luxury to decide if something that happens should or shouldn’t; you just have to accept that it does and your job is to figure out how to justify it and have it make sense,” he explained. “The way I saw it was there really was this side to Nick throughout his entire time on the show. He was pretty obsessive with Chelsea. He wasn’t doing anything violent or anything along those lines, but there was some pretty obsessive tendencies he kind of displayed throughout. And then there was the episode with Willow where we did kind of see a more violent side of him and I think those two things kind of came to a confluence with Melanie.”

Not only could Blake understand how Nick ended up where he did, but he relished the opportunity to take on such meaty material, as he enthused, “In general, the last few months I have to say were definitely my favorite time I had on the show because they gave me so much to work with. I really had a blast with the way they took my character in the last few months.”

Now that he’s finished taping at Days, Blake is looking forward to his future. He’s already had a recurring role on the second season of the USA series, “The Starter Wife”, starring Debra Messing, and is now setting his sights on independent movies and guest spots on other Primetime shows.

But even though he's understandably looking forward, Blake certainly won’t forget his time on Days of Our Lives, as there are more than a few people he will miss working with on a daily basis, especially the object of much of Nick’s affection, Rachel Melvin (Chelsea).

“Rachel’s and my character went through so much together and we had a really great opportunity to get to know each other as actors and I can’t say enough good things about her work ethic and her ability as an actress. I think she and I got the closest, but you know, I’m going to miss working with Darin (Brooks; Max) and Molly (Burnett; Melanie) and Shelley (Hennig; Stephanie) and Suzanne Rogers (Maggie). It’s kind of basically the people you end up getting close to as characters who are the ones you end up getting close to as a person,” he reflected.

While he will miss working with his frequent co-stars, there is one person he would have liked to have had more screen time with: Lauren Koslow (Kate). “I have always admired her talent and the few scenes we did get a chance to work together I really enjoyed, but there were times I was kind of hoping for a storyline with Nick and Kate. They kind of broached it at certain points, but they never really followed through,” Blake recalled.

He apparently likes to keep it in the family, as not only did he wish for more scenes with Chelsea’s grandmother (Kate), but Blake thoroughly enjoyed his time working with Chelsea’s mother. Recalling Nick and Billie's drunken hook up early on, Blake exclaimed, “Me and Julie Pinson (Billie) had a great time working together when she was on the show and I miss seeing her. I loved that stuff! That was some of the funnest stuff.”

Describing his final scenes as ‘very emotional and intense’, Blake confirmed that he will be watching them with everyone else when they air, which will have given him just enough distance. Explaining that when he first joined the show, he and Rachel Melvin used to watch their scenes immediately after they taped them so they could dissect them and ‘rip ourselves to shreds’ to figure out what they could have changed or done better, Blake now needs about a month before he can watch, as that process became a little too ‘intense’ for him.

Despite finding out that Nick was the killer meant that he would soon be out of a job, Blake couldn’t have been more appreciative for the experience. “I was just excited to have the opportunity to have such a cool storyline and I thought it was a great way to end my time on the show and to kind of go out with a bang like that,” he shared. “Now I’m excited for the next chapter and to do other kinds of stuff.”

As Blake expressed his openness to appear on other soaps, as well as to reprise the role of Nick Fallon some time down the road, you never know where he will turn up next. Wherever that may be, is confident Blake will have no problem finding a great new project soon and wishes him much success in his post-Days career.

- Lori Wilson