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These are the "Days" of my week, for January 5-9:

I'd like to call this week "Something has to give." More and more, the show is losing viewers. True, the show finished with pretty good ratings in 2008, but is it only because we're soon to see the last of Jarlena, and fans are all scrambling to watch their last shows? Who knows.

This week, Philip and Stephanie had one date and they almost had sex. I did a poll on this and a whopping 57% of you said that you didn't want them to have sex so soon! Philip backed off and I was glad for it. Both of them need to cool down before jumping into sex, if they're going to get to know each other and find out if they're a match. If it was just to be a sexual relationship, I'd have no problem with it but these days, we're seeing way too many mishaps in the couples department on this show. Chemistry's there one day and fizzling the next. Before we become attached to how cute they look together, let's see if they can stand being around each other for more than just a few weeks.

We’re seeing more of Bo’s visions, courtesy of a bump on the head during Christmas. In a recent poll, I asked you all what you thought of his visions and most of you said you loved it. 51%, in fact and I include myself in this. Those who appreciated JER’s creativity will enjoy this. Bo’s vision of Theo was well done. Lexi blamed herself for Theo, but it could have happened to any mother. I don't think I can take all of the crying, though. So what's to come out of this surgery? Some are speculating that Theo will no longer have Autism. If they don't start telling the story with more interest, they may as well kill it. Many noticed that Theo went in for surgery but didn’t get shaved. Oh well. Kate went through cancer looking like a supermodel, so we may as well lower expectations. That's possibly where I am, at this point. Today, anyway!

Speaking of the lovely Kate. She dumped Dr. Jonas this week, in what was a pretty decent scene! Their goodbye was well done and her reasoning was quite understanding, yet they really were never in any 'relationship' other than sexual, to begin with, were they, so why the big goodbye? Oh, right, so that Doctor Love could have a dalliance with Chloe. What to say about that? Chloe caved. Daniel's a sexy man, so if she's more into him than she is Lucas, she should end things with Lucas now, before the party. To tell you the truth, I don't think I care who she goes with. This storyline doesn't really interest me. Two of the least popular characters shouldn't be together. Not just that, but we have no bloody idea who Daniel is, so why do we care what he does? Fix the characters and they'll attract more interest.

Nicole's dialogue this week with Dr. Baker and Brady has driven fans around the bend. There is an end in sight coming on January 27, when Nicole's baby is born to Mia. Check out the comings and goings for more. More lies, you see, which makes a different type of dialogue! Two days later, Sami's baby is born, so just think, we'll have a new set of dialogue to complain about! Or not.

Nicole went to see Mia without her pregnancy padding this week. That's going to bite her in the arse, isn't it? She's going to show Mia the DiMera mansion, but will she be wearing the pad? I’m confused. And the thing is, I keep remembering that Stefano and John both have the house wired with security cams. How come Stefano doesn't know about all of this yet? I have a feeling he will, soon. Monday's show gives us a little foreshadowing. To himself, Stefano says he finds EJ's devotion to Nicole admirable, but a liability! Uh oh…

Speaking of EJ, Sami and Rafe weren't annoying this week. It's obvious that they're getting closer, but is this romantic or friendly? You be the judge. I don't have much to say about these two, though I'd like to give a shout out to Hilda for Monday's show. "Watch out, Hilda!"

Touching on EJ a little… not that way! *wink* Did you see how he flirted with Chloe? He has always liked her and seems to like Lucas left-overs! Poor unlucky in love, Lucas. Maybe Will needs to be brought home to give Lucas something to do? They could age him. Your thoughts?

It was good to see Marlena chatting with and getting advice from Maggie. I can't recall how well they know each other, but whatever. Marlena never did have a good feeling about Charlotte, and she'll do some digging that may or may not turn up anything crazy.

I didn't care for how predictable things are or how easy things seem to happen. Kate breaks up with Daniel and the next day, he's practically (excuse my French) boffing Chloe, and earlier in the week, John walks in to the pub, tells Charlotte that he’s ok with being hypnotized and of course, Marlena overhears. Too easy. Too obvious. Try harder.

I just asked you for your thoughts on Charlotte - today - and already, 58 % of you told me that you think she's hiding something and don't like it! For those who said she's lovely and a good doctor, you'll be surprised by what's in store. I knew I didn't like her from day one. But I did like that she got John to recall seeing Marlena that time on the pier. That scene always makes me teary. I know what’s going to happen and why these two are going to leave Salem and I wish it was different. Bad enough they're leaving…. More about that next time.

Abe and Lexi: More crying for Lexi, who feels tremendous guilt about not looking after Theo, when in fact she was doing what any normal parent would do. Abe was there to console her, but I don't want to talk about them. Let's discuss Steffie! Stefano showed just how much he loved Theo this week. He even called EJ to get him to come to the hospital to be with family while they waited for Theo to get out of surgery. We found out a little more about why Stefano does what he does, when he called the doctor from overseas to show up. He told Lexi that this was his way and he needed to do something to help. I thought it was really sweet, though Lexi didn’t, for obvious reasons. (He's controlling and nuts.)

Part of me wonders why the writers decided on this type of storyline. They’re not having a load of luck telling this story the way that many feel it should be told… I'll leave you with that. I don't want to get started!

Instead, I'm off to have a fantastic weekend and hope you are, too.

Until next Friday, Christine Fix.