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Introducing The Pawn.

Now that Stefano and John are both back in Salem, tensions are sure to run high for the pair of eternally-battling paternal brothers. Not that they knew how they were related when John first came to town. Heck, John didn’t even who he was.

When John Black arrived in Salem at the beginning of 1986 he had no recollection of his identity other than "The Pawn." He had amnesia and his face was bandage from serious plastic surgery to boot. After unraveling the bandages he came up with the name John Black after a war memorial he spotted.

John took a job in hospital security and became friendly with Dr. Marlena, who tried to help him regain his memory through hypnosis. They felt a strong pull to each other as their feelings strengthened during treatment.

But some people thought the mysterious stranger was Stefano in disguise. And when Marlena got a peek at John's phoenix tattoo, she too was convinced it could be Stefano – the man who killed her husband Roman.

But Marlena was even more blown away after she saw pictures of John from before his surgery. She was convinced he was her presumed-dead husband Roman. All John knew was that he loved Marlena and believed she was his wife. Later that year Marlena and "Roman" renewed their vows before it was revealed John was actually a gun for hire – for Stefano. Of course, it would be years before John and Stefano knew they were related.

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