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A not so surprising New Years kiss. (NBC)

Kristen acts surprised. (NBC)

Deconstructing "DOOL" from December 3 - January 4:

Dustin here once again filling in for Christine, who will be back from vacation next week. Until then, these are my thoughts on New Year's week. There was a lot of kissing, a lot of punching, and a few people who need to learn how to party.

Swapping spit in Salem.
New Years in Salem ran the gamut from hilarious to down right dull, with some kisses squeezed in. Nicole distracted E.J. so that Rafe could get a moment with Sami at midnight. I loved Nicole jumping on E.J. in the middle of the coffee house and planting a kiss on him. Meanwhile Rafe and Sami shared a kiss at midnight under the fireworks. They say whoever your kissing at midnight is who you spend the year with . . . is "DOOL" trying to give us a hint? Or are they once again just toying with us the viewers and have no intention of making a decision regarding these four.

E.J. later untangled himself from Nicole long enough to share a post-midnight kiss with Sami. However by then there were clearly no more fireworks, in the sky nor on the screen. Frankly that was the most boring kiss in Ejami history. Rafe was fairly smug seeing their kiss too. He claimed it was because E.J. kissed her, not the other way around. I think he’s feeling pretty confident that Sami is going to choose him. I tended to think part of what was tickling Rafe so much was the fact that E.J. was inhaling his germs from Sami’s mouth. If Sami can’t seem to choose which man she wants, she should at least carry around a bottle if binanca. I feel like this entire scene was really just the show's way of playing it safe and trying to please both fanbases by giving them both a kiss.

Elsewhere in Salem, Chad and Abby won the award for the most boring New Year's date in the history of the show. The two spent the night so wrapped up in a thrilling game of Monopoly that they didn’t realize it was midnight until they heard the fireworks going off. Now I remember why they fizzled out as a couple the first time around. Meanwhile Abby must have learned to party from her mom, as Jen and Daniel spent and equally boring date working at the hospital. At this point I’m looking forward to the trouble Chloe is about to bring the two of them because watching them is dullsville. What do you want to see the writers do with Chloe this time? Vote in our Days Poll: Chloe's Return.

I know what’s going on!
As Nick and Gabi's clearly doomed marriage approaches, everyone in Salem thinks they know what is going on with the trio. Every time I hear those words I roll my eyes. The only time someone really knows what is going on is when they are the one person who we don't want to know the truth. Eric gave the couple the joyous news that the Bishop had personally okay'd him to marry them in the church. Frankly I don't even understand why Nick and Gabi are so set on getting married at Saint Luke's because the church is cursed. Nothing good ever happens there. It's a sure fire way to make sure their wedding is ruined and their big secret is exposed in front of all of Salem.

Will keeps getting more and more confident in himself and has been standing up to Nick a lot. However I don't think Will is going to get the courage to put an end to this lie. Nick doesn't seem too impressed by Will's attempts to stand up to him, and he probably thinks he has nothing to fear from "the gay boy." If it comes down to a fistfight, frankly my money is on Will.

Will may not have the balls to stand up to Nick, but Grandma Kate sure does. I just hope that Nick signs some ironclad contract with Kate before everything hits the fan. I am looking forward to Nick getting treated the way he’s treated everyone else the last few weeks. Nick might think it can’t get worse than being someone's bitch in prison, but it can! Welcome to life working for Kate.

She’s changed Dad, look how well she dances!
John walking in on Brady and Kristen, and then asking what was going on, was in fact the "duh" moment of the week, if not the entire month. Has it been that long for you John? John tried to reason with Brady and make him see that this was a sick game of Kristen’s, but Brady is too blinded by love to see that. I’d really like to feel sorry for Brady, but this has become such a pattern with him that he needs to save himself from these women who lie and use him. My guess is when the truth comes out, he'll be back on the booze and pills.

As John and Brady fought with words, and later with fists, I could hardly count the number of victory dances Kristen did. Unfortunately she’s the only one celebrating, everyone else is livid. When the news spread to Sami and Eric about Kristen and Brady’s tryst, Sami exploded and Eric tried to keep her from taking the entire hospital out as she went off. Sami rightly re-iterated John’s disgust at Brady getting biblical with the woman who not only tried to destroy their family, but was almost his step-mother.

I did really enjoy how the twins both played off one another, not only during the big hospital showdown, but through the entire week. Eric is great as the calm and rational one even while Sami is acting like a woman possessed. However as calm as Eric was, even he couldn’t hide his anger over the situation. Not being able to use the colorful language Sami did, Father Eric had the best line of the week when he told Brady off for doing "Whatever with his father’s ex-whatever!" Whatever Brady was doing, it definitely triggered something in Eric who later seemed to breakdown at the church. Wouldn’t you know it, Nicole just happened to be there for him in the hour of his need.

Even E.J. was angry with his dear sister because it has put a strain on his already complicated relationship with Samantha. Kristen does seem to feel bad about that, but I think the joy of ruining John’s life outweighs it. John feels betrayed not only by Brady, but also by Marlena who knew what was going on and didn’t tell him. Kristen has definitely won this round, but she’s not won the war. Unfortunately it’s when Kristen loses that she’s at her most dangerous. Watch out Salem, something tells me you haven't seen anything yet.

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- Dustin Cushman