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Coitus interruptus. (NBC)

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Deconstructing "Days" from October 29 – November 2:

Not a whole hell of a lot happened this week in Salem even though the pace is still fast. As usual, it’s difficult to figure out who feels what for whom, there is too much filler, too many ridiculous plot points and convoluted stories, and characters are walking into scenes for no apparent reason which boggles the mind. We watched Bo leave, poor little Ciara and Theo didn't get a trick or a treat this Halloween, and we learned Cameron (Schuyler Yancey) was recast.

Bo’s last scenes.
Bo and Hope’s last scene would have been much more satisfying if they had spent one more night in bed instead of hanging around the pub. There was also a lack of emotion from Bo during their goodbyes and as one of my writers, Verachan, says, it was as though Bo was "going out for milk" not leaving Salem for an extended time. What a letdown especially since the rest of the departure went so well.

I was disgusted by Lucas’ behaviour at Sonny’s apartment and with the superintendent for giving Lucas entry without Sonny’s approval. Sonny needs to go to the rental tribune and complain. I believe Lucas knew Will was getting intimate with Sonny and that's why he was so persistent at the door.

Sonny said, "You’re okay with Will being gay as long as he doesn’t do anything about it." The only way to get accustomed to something is to see it.

I miss Will and EJ working together. Since William liked the power of working with EJ, it's arguable that it would be almost impossible for him to quit for good and yet these two haven’t even shared a scene in months.

Rafe "almost" called Sami on how many times she has lied to him and then stopped because she can dish it out but she can’t take it? I can’t wait until she either forgives him or he moves on without her. Either way, I’m tired of Sami’s issues with her men.

"Doesn’t your church say the same thing?"
Nick alluded to Gabi that while in prison he got into spirituality and religion and he believes people choose to be gay. I am having a hard time buying this since he's so scientific. (Scientific people more often than not are not spiritual or religious.) Gabi got over their massive differing beliefs on homosexuality with lightening speed but something this big should have had them at odds for weeks and in fact; this could have been the end of their relationship. I don’t even know what to think about this, nor do I understand Gabi’s thoughts. Maybe she’s just horny.

Kristen versus Brady, John and Marlena.
In a week Marlena went from the epitome of confidence to a raving lunatic. She’s losing it way too fast. It’s as though Kristen’s been "tormenting" her for three months instead of three days. I agree with Marlena though. I’m sure Kristen set up the kid’s fall and the cell phone "left" at John’s office in order to get to John.

Brady threatened Kristen twice this week. What a fool. He may as well tell her that she’s already coming in between Marlena and John. These people have been dealing with the DiMera’s for their entire lives and never learn.

Do you think Brady will fall for Kristen? Will they become involved? Vote in our poll - Will Kristen and Brady be paired up?

Sisterly love?
Kristen said she "didn’t really care about ‘Brad’ and the other one," and we know she’s supposed to be helping Stefano get back into EJ’s good graces but is there another reason why Kristen keeps pushing to help her brother? And would your brother put up with you if you got into his love life that way?

Kristen told EJ she knew Sami is in his "blood" even though she put a bullet in his head. He told her that was "speculation," but he knows very well it’s a fact. Everyone knows that so why would he say that? To hide his embarrassment that he's in love with someone who tried to murder him or is this another set up to change history?

In closing...
It’s painfully obvious that the new writers don't know the characters, which means they’re now unrecognizable to the audience. For the first time, I no longer care about any characters. I feel as though I'm in mourning for "Days of our Lives" though the show is still on. I'm petitioning fans to contact the show if they are feeling disappointed and let them know what you would prefer to see. Their contact information is in the FAQ.

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- Christine Fix