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These are the "Days" of my week from November 10-14:

First of all, if you're not already aware, you should know that the show has signed on for 18 more months! Read the story here.

I noticed a transformation in the show Wednesday that left me wondering if there will be some good changes in the coming weeks. It's odd… Kind of a mood change or a pace change. Here's a nice summary of that show that differed from the past weeks.

Stephanie told Philip that Kayla told her about Kate's cancer. She offered to lend an ear, he offered a job and she accepted, but before this, she told Max that she wasn't his little puppy dog, and would never follow any man around the world ever again. She's focusing on HER! YES!!! (I still don't recall how Philly and Steph know each other. If you know, would you be a lovey and leave a comment!?) So she mentioned Kayla, which meant that we'd see Kayla. Nice touch. Then, Chelsea and Max reminisced about old times when they dated and they renewed their friendship. Loving seeing these friendships develop and I am hoping this means the storylines will benefit from this in the months to come. Nicole and EJ spent time together not griping at each other, and EJ seemed contented with his lot, and meanwhile, Sami told Rafe all about Stefano's misdeeds, making Rafe actually curious about the family, which in turn makes him more pivotal to the storyline and finally, Marlena and John have forged a friendship beyond their broken marriage, which could lead to good storyline possibilities.

"Agent broken record"

I still like Rafe but Tuesday's show had my brain hurting until Sami came clean about being pregnant after Rafe noticed her budding belly. He's as sick of her lies as I am. Sick of her attitude, too, and Friday he called her a maniac. The shoe fit perfectly. Friday's dialogue took the cake. Princess didn't get her own way so she says, "Why don't you go back to your dumb earphones, stick them in your dumb ears…." I tuned out after that and when I opened my eyes she was actually pouting with her arms crossed over her chest like a five year old. Not entertaining. Was that adlibbing? What's going on with this show? The funniest line Tuesday was supposed to be where Sami called Rafe "Agent Broken Record", but it came out sounding very awkward and this time, like a twelve year old. I'm plain confused as to where this is going. Sami just whined and blubbered about her life all week and I really get that things are rough but this was her choice and once a choice is made, as an adult, we all know that we have to learn to live with it. Rafe's got the patience of a saint, I swear. Maybe she ought to count her blessings. The only good part of this week was Wednesday's show when Sami felt her baby kick for the first time and Rafe threatened to call his superior to explain about her pregnancy! Call, Rafe. End this farce of a storyline! Send her home and let's let the shooter take another shot…I tripled dog dare ya! I'd prefer to see them pass their time sans bickering. Perhaps a little creativity and they could pass the time playing games or watching movies, or even - this is a stretch, but having sex, instead of arguing. It's not sexy. It doesn't make me want to see them together.


Not much to say on these two. They did pull in Ray Jackson, the guy Nicole likely saw at the cemetery the night of Trent's murder. Hope's sources came through for her and Ray admitted to seeing Nick at the cemetery on the night in question. Then, they went home and snuggled on their sofa and then went upstairs to bed, where Hope put on perfume while Bo discussed their day. Then they got into bed and grinned a knowing grin at each other before the credits flew across the screen. Okay, I liked about that last part. A gal can wish, can't she? They're on to Nick and it won't be long before they catch him.

Nicole and EJ:

Some won't agree with me and that's cool but these two truly are a boring, old couple. They went from hot and heavy, (I've said this before, haven't I?!) to luke-warm with no chemistry. Dare I say the chemistry has "Left the building"? It's almost as if the actors themselves are uncomfortable with this pairing and are going through the motions. I'm just not happy with much of anything on the show right now because none of it makes sense. They had what was supposed to be a romantic night Wednesday, but all those interruptions during their luke-warm kissing made for a dull night. I get what the writers are trying to do, with all the interruptions… it's just not entertaining as it was the first time around. This last interruption had EJ lying in bed half naked while Nicole answered the damned door to Brady. Ah... note to Nicole, next time your man is half nude lying in bed, waiting to make love to you, get a clue and run up there, ripping off your clothes as you go. Nevermind what you're going to wear (birthday suit is a favourite) or who's at the door (ex-lover). Just go get some lovin', fool!

Nicole used to be more like Chloe from Y&R, tough and determined. She doesn't let anyone stand in her way. That used to be our Nicole. Is Brady's return supposed to throw a monkey wrench in between things with these two, or is he going to be a friend to Nicole when she needs a friend…er… most. No spoiling anything!

Philly and Steph:

I barely recall what happened with them this week but they're getting friendly, as are Max and Chelsea. What does this mean? Oh right, Philip told Chelsea to be strong about Kate. *shrug* Give us more, please.

Melanie and Nick:

He's creepy. He's fantastically creepy! He's the killer and he's on drugs, to boot! He's my new favourite! Forget Trent, there's a new bad boy in town. Nick gave Melanie a ring and placed it on her ring finger as though they were getting married. Run! Run Melanie! Melanie doesn't do a whole lot for me. I liked her in the very beginning, but she hasn't been written with any humanity, much like how Willow was written. Everyone keeps wondering who Melanie's mother is but I don't care at this point. She should be Nicole's daughter. If she's sticking around, that would make for interesting storylines, since they're both …a challenge! Maggie's mention of Willow made the colour drain from my face and had me wondering if Nick killed Willow on purpose. Just a coincidence or no? Seems to me as though he wasn't as innocent as we once thought. What a twist! I'm shivering thinking about how spooky he is, especially since he lied about killing Trent to Melanie, just to get her to go away with him. Psycho! He's going to get found out and then I wonder where Melanie's place will be. Hmm, I feel a little bad for her after watching Friday's show. That's a good thing! I felt something for her when she said she'd go straight to Bo and Hope with the news that she was Trent's killer. Her crying got to me and I now feel bad for her. If the show is going to kill her, they're going to have to write the humanity. Make viewers care about her, Dena!


Speaking of Mags. Nice to see her in action. I love her red hair and the fiery attitude she has to go with it. She brought up much hated character, Willow, leading many of us to wonder if Willow's accidental death was in fact murder. I have no idea on this, so we'll have to wait it out. I like how she put Melanie on warning. It's good to know now that Nick actually lives in her house. I gather an apartment above the garage? But if so, why was he down at her place? I'm still confused. I'm noticing the show using fewer sets. Is this budget related? I miss Bope's house.

Marlena and John:

I should stop calling these two Jarlena, I know. They're finished, or are they? *grumble* At least they’re still talking, so that's a plus. Their scenes are ten times more interesting than anyone else's at this point and they're doing nothing! They are officially divorced and John needs something to do so he's going to try to find Sami's killer. Good for him! Did he hire Steve? Hope so. His scenes with Brady - he was his usual indifferent self. I think it'll be interesting to watch as he and Brady come together.

Brady's back:

I was curious about how Martsolf's take on Brady would be and how he'd play it off. I was really excited and the first scene of Marlena greeting him was touching, but it went downhill from there. I didn't see any real feeling coming from Brady at all - just saw him going through the motions with John and Marlena. I did enjoy the scene with Chloe and felt really sad when the two forgave each other and hugged. Go Chloe! She usually does nothing for me unless she's with Nicole, but that scene was poignant and reminded me I was once a Broe fan.

Cameo by Kayla alert!

She spoke with Nick, the psycho at the hospital. Even she can see how weird Nick's becoming. She then gave Lexi advice. Uh oh… that's a bad sign for an actor if all they're doing is dishing advice. Cutbacks mean they can't show the vets as often because they cost too much to put on canvas! Heh. What's a show to do? At least we got to see her and her advice to Lexi was on target. Not every parent can always console their kid 100% of the time. That's why we have extended family and friends, to share in the comforting and upbringing, no? Hopefully Lexi will work with Chelsea and become less insecure when with Theo.


Good to see her on the show, talking with characters such as Max and Philly. I found myself wondering if Chelsea and Max would be a good pairing again, only because they reminisced about this Wednesday. I really liked her scene with Lexi and Theo, except her line about how she just found out that children with Autism respond well to music still sounded too preachy. Still, it was an interesting fact.


Kate still has had no screen time to speak of, no friends visiting except for new BFF Chloe. My guess now is that it's budget related, but still. She needs her friends around her right now. And… for heaven's sake, please remove the make-up from Kate's face during hospital scenes! Those who have cancer don't give a rats arse about their make-up. Get out the white make-up and force us to really care that she could be dying. I love Kate, yet I don't feel anything for this storyline. What's up with that?

Vets vs Younger Characters:

Both are equally important to the show and equally important to me. With younger characters, they really need to be from families we adore, such as the Hortons, Bradys, Devereauxs, DiMeras and the Carvers, in order to keep the clans going. You know what would be fabulous is if people who were related to characters we cared about were brought on the show, instead. If they want young characters, pick from those who are related to Jack and Jennifer Devereaux, like their two kids, or Chloe's sister, or …let's see Ciara as a 16 year old. Another good thing would be to send her to a boarding school, so when she returns, she is interesting. The addition of Chelsea to the show was wonderful and I know there are tons of other characters out there from older families who could return. We need a good younger crew so that the show will sustain throughout another 43 years.

Touching, cute or surprising moments:

Chloe going to Kate to urge her to fight. It was nice to see Chloe being useful.
Rafe understanding why Sami feels the need to keep her pregnancy a secret. He was very sweet, bringing her a jar of pickles kind of as a peace offering. Rafe calling Sami a maniac - hey, somebody needed to.
Melanie showing her human side to Philip. It was more of a surprise than touching. Later, Melanie showing Nick she wanted to go to the cops to tell them she killed Trent. That **&$$# Nick!! How could he do this to her? I'm starting to care.
Jarlena and Brady on screen! Touching.
EJ and Nicole both asking Daniel, separately, if they can have sex without hurting the baby! Cute!
Chloe and Brady's meet. (Would you call that a "meet cute"?)

Interesting thread of the week, though there are always plenty to choose from, goes to cmajeres! Which storyline should just be dropped? She wants to know which storyline you'd prefer to see dropped. I think this is something the writers should peek at. It's good food for thought.

Top two seem to be the Autism storyline and Kate's cancer. I read they think the storylines aren't as engaging as they ought to be. My fave? Denisefan, who said, "All the current storylines should be dropped…" *tries not to giggle*

And that's all you get this week! You don't want to hear more of my ranting anyway! Care to chime in? Leave a comment below and have a fantastic weekend!

I had to add two afterthoughts. One, 75% of you said that Nick being a stalker didn't fit in with who he is. I think we're all worried he'll be gone from the show soon. Lastly... Nicole needs to stop talking baby talk. Now. Please. I beg of them....

- Christine Fix