Days of our Lives Signs New Deal! image

Bo and Hope (Trae Patton)

Amid constant speculation that Days of Our Lives will go the way of Passions and get cancelled, the NBC soap got a reprieve as they signed an 18-month deal with Sony Pictures TV.

Since their current contract will be up in March, 2009, that means Days will stay on the air at least until September, 2010. An additional year could be added if certain elements on the show are met, keeping the good folks of Salem alive until September, 2011.

As the show just celebrated its 43rd anniversary, it’s hard to imagine it going off the air, but with budget restraints it is certainly a possibility. It seems that in an effort to keep economic issues in mind, and as part of the renewal terms, Days of Our Lives will be changing things up a bit onscreen, which will probably lead to some casting changes.

While doesn’t want to see anyone leave the show, we are happy that Days of Our Lives will be around for at least the next two years!