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Steve and Kayla (NBC)

John and Marlena (Jeff Katz)

November 8 will mark 43 years to the day that Days of Our Lives first aired on NBC. Throughout the past four decades we have followed the lives of the Horton, Brady, Kiriakis, Carver, Johnson, DiMera and Devereaux clans, just to name a few. While we may not always agree with where the writers take the storylines, Days of our Lives has become part of our daily routine and the characters part of our families.

Perhaps best known for their supercouples in the 80’s, Days of Our Lives has produced some of the most memorable romantic pairings in Daytime. As was common practice back then, our supercouples often met and fell in love during an exciting, life threatening adventure that would bond them forever. Some of the most memorable couples included, Bo & Hope, Steve (Patch) & Kayla, Shane & Kimberly, Roman & Marlena and John & Marlena.

Of course it’s not all about the decade of big hair and shoulder pads, as other significant couples that have spanned the course of the show include Doug & Julie, Shawn & Caroline, Jack & Jennifer, Austin & Carrie and Shawn & Belle.

But with love comes problems to overcome, so these couples inevitably have had their fair share of hurdles to climb, such as demonic possession, mind control, baby switching, rape, memory loss and sordid pasts. Days of Our Lives often finds a crazy way to break their couples up, but that’s why we stay glued to our screens, to watch them find their back to their true love, even if it means getting side tracked by a temporary love in the process.

While there are fewer adventures and the days of the supercouple have faded, viewers still remain loyal to Days of Our Lives. However, it’s not without it’s problems, as the show seems to drop storylines, create convoluted ones, force lukewarm couples on us and most egregiously of all, throw our beloved veterans to the back burner or even off the stove in order to make room for newbies we don’t care about.

It would be wonderful if we could go back to the grand adventures and love stories that made Days great, but short of that all we really want is for the show to focus on our core families and characters that we care about, see some love between the couples we root for and keep the characters consistent with who they are. Soap fans really just want some good old-fashioned story telling, which means watching a relationship begin, grow and continue.

As we are often reminded, the soap genre is in constant danger of becoming extinct. certainly hopes that doesn’t happen and wants Days to keep thriving and return to the powerhouse it once was.

Forty-three years is a long time to keep audiences interested and to tell entertaining and compelling stories. We congratulate Days of Our Lives for enduring this long and hope to find out what’s in store for the Bradys, Hortons, DiMeras, Carvers and Blacks for many decades to come.

What’s your favorite moment of the last 43 years? Favorite couple? Share your thoughts on Days' past below.