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These are the DAYS of my week for November 3-7:

I am ranter, hear me roar. That's my warning. Welcome back…it's Friday again and that means more thoughts from the peanut gallery. I'd like to say congratulations goes out to DAYS for 43 years of being on the air but part of me worries how much longer they'll be on the air if they don't start getting their act together writing-wise. Nothing makes sense anymore, the show has gone too preachy for my taste and they aren't using their best actors or most loved characters on the show anymore. There's no humour, no drama, no reason to watch! It's truly not exciting at all. We're seeing one bad storyline after another, storylines dropped and the writers are messing around with character motivation, which confuses us. I don't dig how they're ignoring what really happens in young people's lives. Nobody who is over 30 right now seems to care about the younger crew and that's a shame, because they're supposed to be the future of the show. The storylines are not true to what an 18 year old or what a 20 something do in their daily lives. People mostly are not enjoying the show. I know this because I run two online magazines and read all of the comments from the viewers!

I have a beef with whoever is styling hair for Philly and EJ. Droopy hair and Marilyn Monroe swoop…..not good. The rest of the Salem clan looks great. I'm always loving Sami, Hope, Chelsea, and Bo's hair. Stephanie's is so much cuter curled.

Sami and Rafe sitting in a tree:

And I could care less. Where the heck is John, Marlena, Steve and Kayla and the characters we actually care about? I used to care about Sami, but she's too childish for me to stand watching, lately. I realize shes' in this stupid so called safe house until the duration of her pregnancy, and it's supposed to add a comedic edge to the storyline, but it's not. It's a bore. I'd rather see her off canvas until she's ready to return, and then let's have her written as she was when she was with Lucas - trying to grow up! Sami and Rafe are a bad cliché. Bad girl meets cop and eventually romance occurs. Not an original concept and it's not interesting to watch. Sounds like an idea straight from a sappy Harlequin Romance novel, and is recycled directly from Marlena and Roman's first meeting. Let's summarize. Sami went into witness protection of her own accord in order to protect her unborn child and I suppose her other two or is it three kids (they ignore Will) from this shooter who is after her and who killed Marino. She went into protective custody. She knows the rules, yet she's trying to do all that she can to escape. It doesn't ring true. Does she want to get shot or killed? No pregnant woman would do this. It's not believable. This a stupid storyline, the stupidest way to make a grown woman look like a complete moron and I'm utterly sick of it all. I like Rafe a lot, and it's nice that he sees through her crap, but other than that, this story has no merit. They had a staring contest Friday. How utterly boring was that? And remember, this coming from a Sami fan since 1994 -even at her worst, I still liked her. I don't like the sniveling side. PS A whopping 43% of you think they should progress to a romantic relationship. I'm surprised! You've only seen them together for two shows!!

Best two lines of the entire week go to Sami. "Sorry, I've been ungrateful. Probably a little selfish, too. I apologize." Too bad she was lying and tried to burn the safe apartment down in order to leave. No pregnant woman would risk her child's life like that. Come on.

Nick Fallon: Good guy turned bad?

It doesn't make sense to me, because the writers jumped right into the middle of the storyline, forgetting of course to have a beginning. They took my sweet Nick and made him into a stalker. I can accept that, though it doesn't really fit with him. I feel as though I've missed part of the story that has lead up to him being a stalker, you know? Of course you know. You watch DOOL, too. He not in love with Melanie, he's obsessed with her - I suppose, though they really don't dedicate the correct amount of time to make it a real story. I suppose the writers alluded to this behaviour a few months back but it was hard to recall this or stick with momentum during the Sami show. Honestly, the idea of Nick being a stalker makes me want to roll on the floor laughing my arse off, but he's playing it really well, because he's a good actor. This sullies the Horton name, though and will upset many vet viewers. I guess these were our warning signs??? Remember Nick found Melanie's online blog and read it constantly? That was supposed to be a sign, but is something any hot blooded man or woman does when their eye is caught by a gorgeous male or female. The only thing that irked me at the time was when he took off for Paris, intent on meeting her and helping Max. At the time, I was excited for Nick to have another girlfriend and thought he's pretty desperate, but forgot about it. So are they planning on sending him to jail and getting rid of Nick for good? I'm not going to ask, because it's storyline related, but we'll find out soon. What's odd is that I can't understand why he wrote the anonymous letter or gave the anonymous call. Is that to make himself look good pretending to protect and support her? Coming up, he'll ask her to leave town with him.

Observation: Nick's guest room is really nice. It has wallpaper on the walls and matching bedding. Did Maggie have a hand in this?!


I vaguely remember…Didn't they used to be a super couple? I'm dying to say something nice about these two, but I've not seen much good for a while. Remember the days you longed for them to kiss or go upstairs for some nookie? I loved them. All they did was have sex. It was great! This week they made out the one office that all of the detectives and police commissioner share, (I can never figure out whose office it is!) and I didn't care anymore. It was pretty unprofessional to make out at work in the open like that - especially for Hope, considering she's a female cop. Need I say more? I used to love them but now I only long for these two to get off my screen. Where's the motivation for Bope to suddenly act like jerks? Hope gets a new job and she's now a cold fish, yet she's always been far from that. I'm tired of both of their condescending attitudes and hope this is short lived.

Observation: When EJ called Bope to relay that Nicole was ready to talk, Hope says, "I'll get my tape recorder." I hope she meant voice recorder. Who in this age uses a "tape recorder"?!! Eep!

Kate's lung cancer:

This storyline could be powerful, but I find I'm feeling let down by it. She hasn't even been seen on canvas since Monday, so that makes it extra hard for us to get into this storyline. It's missing an emotional element since Kate doesn't have a partner to hold her hand…. Oh. Sorry. She has Daniel, but they do nothing for me, so I like to pretend nothing's going on there! I'd rather see Victor, Stefano and Roman holding her hand. I dislike how the show hasn't made mention of Stefano's marriage proposition to Kate, since it happened. She was really good to him when he was dying, and I like to think he'd return the favour. I'd also like to see Marlena and Anna drop by her room and support her. I need more emotion, more drama. I don't feel worried that she'll die. I love the character of Kate, because she's one of the few women in soaps who is written as a power house. She's an equal among men and that draws me to her, even though she gets into her kids business way too much. She still has makeup on her face, but I'd like to see that come off and really see her in agony so that this can be believable to me. I just want to believe this story and feel… something. Remember all that talk about a vet and two female actresses being let go? We still haven't seen anything about this yet and the only people I can see leaving are Kate and Melanie. Kate, because of the cancer - yet the show told me specifically that she wasn't - and Melanie, because once her storyline is over, there is no reason to keep her… But who else? Stephanie and Chloe? They don't have as many people identifying with these two, according to all the polls I've seen and all the comments I've seen on both sites. We identified with Ghoul Girl days but now, Chloe, put in any situation, just isn't needed. Maybe Brady will change that or a job. I'd love to see her parents, Nancy and Craig show up in Salem, but the cast is too big as it is, I suppose? That or the writing team just hasn't learned how to write them all in together.

EJ and Nicole's ups and downs:

Really not into this couple. I was, back when they were flirting and making out, but the pregnancy ruined it for me, as well as Nicole's weakness and EJ's bullying. EJ treated Nicole like dirt since she was arrested and it left me disgusted with him. I realize he's tired of her insecurity, but a little compassion goes a long way. She's hormonal, so a little lovin' is in order. She's all alone. No calls from Fay or Brandon… couldn't Brandon show up for a visit? That'd be well received! *wink* EJ obviously doesn't trust Nicole, nor she him, so why put them together? I don't understand or like 'love/hate' Harlequin romance stories. I like the real thing, thanks! EJ was forceful, rude, angry and unpleasant in Roman's office… or is that Bo's office? I don't know… but in the spoilers, we see that Nicole and EJ will be having a romantic night together for November sweeps. Let's hope he has a good apology and explanation in store ready for her before this happens. I actually don't even care if they have sex or not. They are missing that romance and the writers fast forwarded their relationship so that it's unrecognizable as two who have just started to date. I feel for James Scott, because his character has been written inconsistently for months.

Philip and Stephanie - BFF?

I love the character of Philip. He's got a great sex appeal that is being wasted. I don't get why he is interested in Melanie, the 18 year old. Isn't he 30? I have always thought of him, EJ, Nicole, Chloe, Sami and Daniel as 30. I get the attraction to an 18 year old, physically, for our boy Philly, but even Stephanie seem closer to his age. I see no chemistry with Philip and Mel. Stephanie is obviously a little attracted to him, according to how she behaved the evening she was blitzed at Cheatin' Heart, but they're new BFFs, so maybe they don't want to go there. Did I miss something? I don't recall them knowing each other before they met at Java Café, after Steph was dumped by Max. Did you see how fast Stephanie got drunk by drinking one flirtini at Cheatin' Heart? I'd have liked them to written it so Stephanie was drinking for a lot longer, and so it was visible that she was drinking several drinks, before we found out how drunk she was. She was cute drunk though and I found myself remembering how much fun she used to be when she returned from Dayton. I was happy to hear that she's finally going to get her arse in gear in school. Way to go! Things are looking up for Steph.

Chloe and Lucas and… Daniel?

Chloe and Daniel are becoming er…friendly? I can't decide if they're gym exchange was flirtation or friendship. It seemed really flirty to me. He's flirting with another woman while the one he may love is fighting for her life? I'm laughing, because if I don't I'd be crying. And Chloe! Shame on her for flirting with Kate's main squeeze...what about Lucas? A little more focus on your own man is in order, honey. Don't these people get enough lovin' at home? I have a bone to pick with the stylist about her hair at the gym. When you're working out, you do not bouffant your hair. It's hard to use the machines with big hair! Anyway, Chloe and Daniel met during the family dinner at the Kiriakis mansion, months ago, so at least they know each other, and it's nice to make a new friend, but I don't want to see these two on my screen. I want Marlena, John, Anna, Tony, Stefano, and all of the characters that people actually care about on canvas.

Salem's new Mayor, Abe and his sidekick Bo:

Again, I'm being a Debbie downer, but who can blame me with all these storylines? Abe's the new mayor and what a letdown in getting there. Who else would it be, considering the previous mayor was murdered? Snore. Like I've said in the past, I'd have preferred to see Victor or somebody else fight for the position. A fight between two candidates that we enjoyed seeing on screen and that we've something invested in would have been more interesting to me. Focusing on more popular characters seems to be shunned by this new writing team. I like Abe and I'm glad he won. He'll do well as Mayor, though he was a little creepy when he told Lexi on Tuesday that Salem's going to be a new town with him running it. Maybe it was the music, but I felt it was a little foreboding. But it's Abe, so don't get your hopes up. He's… oh, what did Stefano call him? An "Insufferable snore." I had to laugh when Stefano called him that - because it's true, but that's our Abe. Now, because Abe's mayor, Bo's police commissioner and that's a laugh in itself. Anyone who has watched this show for any number of years will agree that Bo isn't exactly the right candidate for commish. Roman would be better, since he doesn't bend rules, but the damage is done, so let's see how he bungles …er, handles this.


We saw a cameo of Tony (Thaao Penghlis) this week during the election. I'd like to know why, since he was nominated for a daytime Emmy this year, he's not shown on canvas for more than 3 minutes in a month? Instead, we get to see Melanie, Stephanie and Max and their boring storylines. Yes, I realize Max (Darin Brooks) was nominated as well, but that was when we liked his character. Now we don't, so I'd like to see a change in that!


He's the vet forgotten by the show, but not by fans. I love Roman and would love to see him have more of a role. It'd be great to give him a hot girlfriend and make him happy. At least then we'd know that when he is not at the station, he's having fun with his lady friend. Even if they don't have room for him, we'd know he'd be with her.


One of the, if not the best actress on the entire show - no offense to any others. Rachel Melvin was nominated for an Emmy, yet the new writers don't feel that's good enough to show her on canvas? I'm confused. She broke up with a man and instead of having us feel bad for her, listening to her woes, and watching her try to get over him, we see her crying, acting out, lashing out, and somehow we don't feel a kinship with her. I'm not enjoying my Chelsea like I once was. With all due respect, Dena and her crew need to watch the old clips of the show for the past few years to learn about these characters in order to write them properly.

If you are disenchanted with the show as I am, you might want to check out this thread, bghwme started on the boards. Post along with everyone about what storylines you'd prefer to see that the show is missing out on! Then go rant here! on Azita's "things that make me mad" thread!
I'm hoping we will see a change in storylines and in our beloved characters soon. Any longer like this and I fear we may not see another few years of this soap.

Have a great weekend, but before you do, what are your own thoughts on this week?

- Christine Fix