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As fans of "DOOL" are no doubt aware, Eileen Davidson is returning to Salem this October. She will be reprising the role of Kristen Blake. Kristen has one of the most convoluted and checkered histories of any character ever to enter Salem. While "Days" is on hiatus, it seemed like a good time to take a very quick look back at her ludicrously complicated past for a bit of a refresher.

Kristen Blake came to town way back in 1993. Almost immediately, crime plagued her life but John Black kept swanning in to save her. Not content with that, he started digging into her murky past.

She was in cahoots with Stefano, who was dying of a brain tumor. She was pulled between Tony and John, who she helped rescue Belle after Sami abducted her. While she hooked up with Tony at Stefano's behest, her romance with John came to a halt when Stefano and John wound up dead.

A few months later, she coincidentally ran into them very much alive. Tony (Andre in disguise as his doppelganger) went blind and she began bedding John again, who she ran away with after her blind husband attempted to trap her into an unplanned pregnancy.

Her relationship to John fell apart again because it turned out that he was a priest. They kept in touch anyway, helping Marlena deal with being possessed by Satan and attending some uncomfortable weddings. John was still smitten with Marlena, which made things particularly awkward.

With Satan and the priesthood behind him, John knocked Kristen up. Marlena decided to keep her distance and John decided it was time to marry Kristen. He couldn't shake his feelings for Marlena though so Kristen got Stefano to abduct her rival. After she lost the baby in an explosion, which supposedly killed Stefano again, she lied to John about it and attempted to keep him out of the loop using mind control. Her fake pregnancy got a boost when Stefano came back from the dead and hired her doppelganger, Susan Banks, to have a baby.

After Susan had the baby, she handed it over to Kristen but soon returned and demanded it back after learning the child had a heart problem. Susan went crazy so Kristen locked her in the infamous DiMera secret cellar. Eventually, Susan flipped the situation around and began impersonating her. After fighting with both Kristen and Marlena, Susan took off with baby EJ.

Kristen and John finally moved toward marriage. Coincidentally, this made her suicidal. Their plans hit a snag when they had to run off to find a miracle cure for a severely ill Roman. Although they managed that, she also managed to infect Celeste with the mystery disease. Stefano had a fit and then sent her off to find EJ. She stole the baby back. John and Marlena helped Susan steal him back from her. Their feud continued as Kristen began drugging her doppelganger before selling her to a harem. The doppelganger's three identical sisters all showed up to try and rescue her.

This led to a confusing corpse (Penelope, one of the Banks quadruplets) who Kristen used to fake her own death.

Her fake death gave Stefano another heart attack. She soon returned. John couldn't tell the difference between her and doppelganger so he married her, thinking she was Susan.

Kristen attempted to murder meddling Marlena and then took off only to finally be trapped into service at the harem where she'd once sold Susan.

For a more detailed run-down of her life, read Soaps.com's Kristen Blake Profile.

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- Matt Purvis