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"She is just one of those people who doesn’t seem to learn from her lessons."

If you ask Arianne Zucker, no one gets in her character Nicole's way any more than Nicole does herself. "She just sabotages everything she does," Arianne says. Being pregnant with EJ's (James Scott) baby has not deterred men from gathering around in Nicole's atmosphere, and while she is happy with Daniel (Shawn Christian) right now, there is no telling what will come in the future. Arianne talks with about Nicole's past hurt, her current plot and her possible future with Daniel ... or Rafe (Galen Gering) or Brady (Eric Martsolf) or EJ. Why is Nicole hiding this pregnancy from EJ?

Arianne: Because he is a jerk! You know, there is a lot of pain there, and these two have never really been honest with each other, sadly, and I think that one, she is taking a page out of Sami’s book and thinks she has something right going on there. And two, he has hurt her so badly that she doesn’t want him to have anything to do with her or her child’s life. And I think she has made this decision out of pain and not coping. We know how it turned out when Sami hid her pregnancy with Grace from EJ. What will happen if EJ gets a DNA sample after this baby is born?

Arianne: I’m screwed and he is going to take the kid. I am in a lot of trouble and for some reason I feel it is worth the risk. Sadly. You guys seemed to be doing good until he cheated this last time. Do you think Nicole could ever get past this?

Arianne: That is always a yes, of course! You never know, you can never say no to that, it’s a soap. I was thinking about it last night actually. I was trying to catch up on the show and I am watching people go back and forth with each other, Sami goes back to Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) and then Rafe and then EJ and I laugh to myself. That is what is so great about the show or "B&B" watching Katherine Kelly Lang’s character Brooke always going back and forth, it is so true to soap life. I thought, ‘God, if I had a boyfriend or a couple of boyfriends that I was doing that to, I would smack them all and be like 'Are you crazy'? Right now Nicole seems really into Daniel. How would you characterize that relationship?

Arianne: You know, I say that Brady was a very truthful character to her, for her. She was pretty truthful to him because he stood by her through so many things, and so I think Daniel is sort of the fresh start of that where she is pregnant with this kid, she has changed the DNA, he knows it, he is still there with her. He’s there and for her, he believes in me and I am pregnant. That is insane. That is an insane thought for any woman who in real life is single and pregnant to have to go through a situation like this where a guy really likes me for me. So I think for her it is a wonderful, wonderful thing. What about Rafe? How does she feel about him, and does she think he might be a better fit than Daniel?

Arianne: I think that for Nicole, Rafe is wonderful. I think though, his mind is elsewhere and I think he is doing the far more noble thing. But I think she kind of gets that, ‘Hmm, that is probably not going to happen'. He is gone, already, beyond anything she ever thought he would do in just becoming her friend, let alone these illusions of maybe he would. I think he keeps the door open just enough for Nicole to go, 'maybe'. Interestingly enough for some reason, with his character, Nicole is very careful. She is very careful because if that were a possibility it could possibly be a really good thing. A lot of people think Brady is another possibility for Nicole again now that Madison is leaving.

Arianne: I will say that never say never with Brady. Once you go Brady you never go back, I tell you. He’s great. And I think that Brady is always going to be there for her no matter what. And I think if she was in any kind of trouble, she wants to respect the fact that they did make this agreement. They are good for each other, they are so good for each other, but right now it just clearly isn’t the time. They encourage each other to drink and get to places - at one time they weren’t like that and then they were. At this point I would say never say never with those two because he could be a really good fit for her at some point in her life, but we don’t know. I think they made a mistake by not trying further, by letting the alcohol get in the way. So there are all these what-ifs. How often do we do that in our lives? What if I did this? Did I try everything I possibly could have to be with this guy? Probably not. So that is kind of Nicole and Brady. They didn’t try everything they could to be with each other. Is Nic still fearful of losing this baby like the last time?

Arianne: Uh huh. And I think in real life, any mother who has had a miscarriage or had to go through a DNC will ever wonder if the baby is going to go to term You don’t want to think that, to think that anything is going to happen to your child, but no matter what, it still sits in the back of your head. Do you ever wonder if Dr. Baker (John Callahan) took Nicole’s baby and told her it was stillborn?

Arianne: The baby was only five months along, so I don’t wonder. But in soap world anything is possible. Everyone wants to know if Nicole will find happiness. How do you see that panning out for the rest of her pregnancy?

Arianne: The only time Nicole is going to find happiness, and it is so cliché, but if she is happy with herself. And I am not sure this character has found that yet. And the one thing I love about her, she is just so dysfunctional to herself and just sabotages everything she does. And what I love and hate about this character all at the same time is, she always screws it up. And you can always count on the fact that even though something is going good, she is going to screw it up. You don’t know how, you don’t know why. She is just one of those people who doesn’t seem to learn from her lessons. Where would you like to see Nicole go? What do you think would make her happy?

Arianne: Oh gosh, in a work sense I do love that this character does self-sabotage. I really do, because it keeps me in a light, it keeps the character running. And if there was a happy ending, I would love to see her grow and learn from her lessons and maybe actually have a child. That I would love to see. I would love to see, even if it was somebody she never spoke about in her past, if she really did have a kid and just blocked it out or something and have that relationship. Or, I would really love to see the relationship grow between – I know her father is dead – but a fatherly relationship with her. Or she has some kind of closure with her past. That would be really interesting to me, regardless who it is with. Whether it be with Abe (James Reynolds) maybe or with her brother. Something that helps her close a chapter in her life that would give her a small amount of growth. That would be really kind of cool, or just to dive into that emotional part.

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- Hollie Deese