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Deconstructing "DOOL" for the week of July 23 – 27:

This is week was jam packed full of story leading us into the two week pre-emption due to the Summer Olympics.

Brady and Madison returned to canvas this week after a two-day rehab stint. Must have been a new uh progressive style of rehab where they allow you to bring along your girlfriend. None of us was even aware that Madi finally agreed that Ian was drugging her man. This new progressive and condensed rehab also doesn’t mind addicts rushing into drastic life decisions five minutes after they’re released. Hmm. On the big day, Madison was worried when she couldn't get in touch with Brady, who was down in the tunnels with Chad looking for his old BFF Melanie. Madi told John and Marlena that Brady said something about 'going into town'. The Kiriakis mansion is in the suburbs? Who knew?

Will was never told?
I’m surprised Will hasn’t been told about Melanie’s disappearance. Considering all he knows about Gabi, he’d be the one to clue everyone else in that she might have something to do with Melanie’s kidnapping. Good thing Abigail’s got sense and Hope and Bo are starting to realize something is off. Could Gabi actually get away with her deceit for too much longer?

Reckell leaving "Days."
Since Peter Reckell has decided to leave, fans have been wondering how his storyline will end and what will happen with the storyline involving Gina's marriage to John. Again, since Gina married John, and those two really didn't exist, it shouldn’t be a real marriage anyway, right?

I’m not surprised but disappointed that Lucas keeps ordering Sami around as if she was his child and not his girlfriend. When Sami told him about the proof that EJ was being set up, he still didn't let up. I realize his issues with EJ are extensive and go back quite a few years and I don't want to diminish that but if EJ is innocent, he shouldn't go to jail. And after all of William's help EJ should stop blackmailing him!

I’m surprised EJ doesn’t have a huge stash of money somewhere but lucky for him Sami somehow managed as CEO - not owner - to put up his father's company. I didn't know you could do that!

Still not sold.
Cameron is a nice guy. Abigail is a nice girl. They are a ‘nice’ couple but boy oh boy I feel nothing whatsoever for them. They're even less exciting than Abe and Lexi were. There's still a lack of character development with Cameron and a lack of chemistry with the couple.

"What are you the AA police?"
Everyone gathered at the Autism Foundation Event/Bradison wedding in their glitziest and most glamourous outfits, some likely borrowed from "The Golden Girls" wardrobe sans shoulder pads. Lucas kept score when Ian drink three flutes of champagne, once again Carrie and Austin's song played and Abe stole it, saying it was Lexi's favourite song. Then he danced to it with Kayla! Nobody slugged Ian when he put doubts into Madison's head about Brady but worse, she's so insecure and lacks trust in Brady that she actually believed Ian's ramblings. I think Bradison's jumping way too quickly into this marriage and I also don't think her dress is nearly as wondrous as Marlena, who almost orgasmed after seeing Madi in it.

A bit much.
Nicole begging Daniel not to go searching for Daniel was a little over-the-top. And seriously, if you were having pains in your abdomen with your high-risk pregnancy, wouldn't you be in bed or at the hospital? I'm starting to have my doubts that she'll carry to term.

I loved how Chad removed the beam from Andrew's chest, perhaps saving his life, just so he could shake him. He didn't even throw one punch! Wimpy.

Where's Billie?
For the last few weeks I’ve been wondering where Billie is – not that she seems to be needed from what I see in the current storylines but why bring her back if only for a few episodes? Puzzling.

What are your thoughts of this week's show? What will you miss the most in the next two weeks while "DOOL" is on hiatus? is planning a few fun surprises for all of our readers with new fan fiction articles, a glance into a few character's history, and more! Stick around.

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- Christine Fix