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Deconstructing "DOOL" for the week of July 16 – 20:

This week was focused on the kidnapping, getting things out into the open and we’re quickly heading toward the cliffhanger which will air Friday July 27, before DOOL is off on hiatus for two weeks due to the Olympic coverage. Here’s my take on the week. I hope to read yours!

SPD puzzles. I thought it was odd that Spencer told Sami and Lucas their findings at EJ’s apartment since it’s an ongoing investigation and the police usually keep mum about those things. I was also surprised that the police asked Sami and Lucas to ‘go down to SPD to calm down’. They seemed calm enough after they left EJ’s swingin’ bachelor pad.

More mysteries abound… Though SPD is trying hard to go by the book, they’re not quite there! Bo and Hope, who are both suspects in a murder case, allowed Nicole, Daniel and crazed Chad to tamper with a crime scene at Andrew’s rented house. It’s a good thing for Andrew that he wasn’t there because I’m not sure even Daniel could have surgically removed Chad’s fist from Andrew’s noggin. Instead of coming clean, which is probably what Gabi should have done, she faked everyone out and nobody once suspected her of any wrong-doing which goes to show you that the SPD can’t possibly think outside the proverbial box.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was Carrie watching Rafe hold Nicole’s baby belly. In a split second, Carrie grew up and decided to leave the country. I can respect that and since TPTB already broke up Carrie and Austin over Mike, Carrie’s self-professed ‘fantasy’, it was good to see them leaving together. She has to learn to make Austin her fantasy again.

Grass isn’t greener, Nicole.
And then there’s Nicole. When Rafe said he thought Nic and Daniel were tight, she played oblivious even though she really does like Daniel. Enough with the grass is always greener crap. It’s not greener! She needs to tend to her own grass in order to keep it green, as ridiculous as that sounds. I do love Nic and Rafe’s scene at the square and I love their friendship and if she’s going to be with Daniel, for goodness sake just be with him. Rafe’s in love with Carrie and it doesn’t matter if she’s leaving town, his love isn’t going to die overnight. If you love yourself, why would you want to be with someone who is in love with someone else? I’m so tired of women being written this way in Salem. It’s exhausting.

Disrespecting privacy.
Fans were affronted that Lucas went through Will’s private backpack. I was too but mostly because he came out a few weeks ago and is still using a back-pack when he could have an absolutely lovely messenger bag or an array of them to coordinate with his outfits. *grin* Lucas is always preaching to Sami about how she shouldn’t push her son away and now he’s walking down the same road.

I can’t help but wonder why nobody has suspected this letter of being a forgery. I suppose they didn’t see the footage we saw of Ian setting EJ up. Could Ian have forged this letter too? I can’t back my theory at this point but it’s a nagging thought.

As if Sami or any girl would open the door to her apartment in her negligee! EJ sure got an eyeful and seemed to enjoy it immensely. Things heated up for these two after the 'show' but Sami would never admit she's attracted to him. It could be seen from space. Could you imagine if they actually made out? I think she’d spontaneously combust. Again, the problem I have with their scenes is that they’re pretty much repeats from four years ago. Matt agreed in SOF's Matt's DOOL Musings "Luckily for him, all of the scripts from that time were still lying around. He and Samanther began re-enacting earlier moments from their relationship in an endless series of bedroom eye glances occasionally interrupted by the plot." Sami told EJ they’re not any good together and that she’s working on her relationship with Lucas. Is that what she calls it? EJ won’t respect that. And why should he with how she reacts so blatantly to his interest? Nobody seems to know how to respect anyone’s relationship in Salem. If Sami loves Lucas the way she claims, why keep sitting so close to EJ while she searched through the surveillance tapes, allowing him to make all sorts of innuendos that made her hot? It’s basically cheating is it not? This isn’t even as bad as what Rafe did to her with Carrie and she went mental on him. How does she think Lucas would respond if he saw this? It's also bothering me that Sami has never been a cheater. I mean I can forgive the grief sex but this carrying on makes her another Carrie. I don’t want the lines to be blurred as to who Sami is. What are your thoughts on this? Is Sami cheating? Vote!

John, the DiMera.
I’m not sure how to feel about John suddenly wanting to reclaim his birthright in order to take over the DiMera empire. I also wonder if he doesn’t already have his hands full with Basic Black. If he does take over, what will it mean to Salem? Less crime? I’m having trouble wondering what it could mean or if I care. Marlena thinks it’ll make Salem a sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet place. I thought she was going to melt into a puddle of liquid sugar during that scene. Marlena pointed out that Ian reminds her of Stefano. Oddly, Ian doesn’t remind me at all of Stefano, though his machinations are the same as Stefano’s. We’re just not clear on his motivation yet.

Ian's almost pathetic to me, trying to manipulate Kate of all people. He obviously doesn't have a clue as to who she is and I hope she winds up duping him.

I decided to open this week's mailbag to the public. This week, Jeanne says, "I have watched 'Days' since it first aired. With Bo leaving, a main reason for watching will be gone. Also, with Eileen Davidson returning there is another reason for not watching. I didn't like her before and I'm sure I won't like her again. Getting rid of Ian will be a great thing but why bother to bring back the old characters such as Jack, Carrie, Austin just to get rid of them again? If you are having such cast cuts, why bring back old characters such as Nick? Also Melanie - don't get rid of the good people, give them good storylines!"

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- Christine Fix