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Deconstructing "DOOL" for the week of July 9 – 13:

While I was on holiday last week, it was confirmed that Eileen Davidson would return to "DOOL" as Kristen. It’s sweet news as long as she’s written properly and stays true to character. We also learned that "GH" star Greg Vaughn is coming. This week I’m more and more concerned with the storyline and coupling issues in Salem.

I’m caught up with the show and have a wee bit of dish from last week. Did you notice Daniel and Nicole drinking from candle holders at Mandalay, and that Chez Rouge uprooted their fireplace and set it in a completely different spot? Chad was sporting chin hair, EJ finally had a scene with nuCeleste, and there were two big WTF moments: Someone on the show royally screwed up at Lexi’s memorial by playing Carrie and Austin's song and when EJ gave Rafe an alcoholic drink while Rafe was on duty – Rafe drank it! I think that was my favourite part. Onward with this week… you are in for a rant.

I can’t relate anymore to what’s going on in Salem. When will we see better writing? We’re all growing weary of musical writers on the show and every scene has each character repeating dialogue from the day previous or the week, month or year. Some scenes are way too long which makes the repetition really get on our nerves. I love EJill but please…not for twenty minutes at a time and not every single day. There are other characters!

There’s the horny new non-couple Nicole and Daniel for example. I think Nicole has chemistry with both Daniel and Rafe but I don’t want to see another love triangle for maybe another five years. So far Daniel and Nicole are just friends with benefits. Nicole’s not even on Rafe’s radar but predictably, inevitably, it’ll happen.

I’m in a conundrum over Ian. He’s getting more and more intriguing though it feels like I’m wasting precious time thinking of him – not only because he’s leaving soon but because there are only questions and never any answers. Does he really care about Kate or did he simply not wish to out himself as Brady’s ‘supplier’ when he stopped Kate from drinking the drugged protein supplement? I don’t think he cares at all. And why is he so interested in the package Kate received? What does he think she’s hiding? There had better be something shocking coming out of this storyline but something tells me I should not hold my breath. Your thoughts?

Another storyline we can’t hold our breath over is Brady and Madison. It’s not getting any better. I haven’t been able to say much about these two for several weeks. The storyline is that boring. Knowing the character of Madison is leaving should not mean she gets less than stellar writing. It’s as if the writers have forgotten that she’s savvy and that Brady’s best friend is Melanie. I simply cannot and will not believe that the Madison I know would not even consider that Ian was drugging Brady or that Brady can’t figure out how Ian’s drugging him. And why wouldn’t Brady call his friend during a difficult time – if not only to tie into the kidnapping story?

Here’s another boring couple... Carrie and Austin. Same old same old. Austin walked in on Cafe once again and overheard something she shouldn’t have been saying. Blah blah blah. You know, last week I actually felt for Carrie, who seemed as though she really was serious about staying away from Rafe but then a day later she’s back in his life, having coffee with him. She’s testing my patience to the limit. I must say though, her acting was fantastic. Still, there should be a repeat alert scrolling across the bottom of the screen when these three appear. "Warning: Soap viewers may have already seen this scene two or three times this year."

Do tell... what the heck is wrong with Austin? Why is he treating Carrie as though she’s deathly ill instead of merely pregnant? What year is this?

I’m struggling with what I should rant about next. The stupid polygraph story or the stupid kidnapping. It’s a tossup. I actually flipped a coin. The kidnapping it is. At first, Andrew came off as just a weird dude with no life and a crush on Gabi. Now, even though the storyline has multiple issues, he’s actually pretty slimy and creepy. Cray-cray creepy. Let’s break it down. Melanie went missing weeks ago, she didn’t ask for time off at the spa, didn’t tell anyone anything except for the one text for Chad. Nobody asks any questions except for Chad. Hmm. And he’s only asking a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Gabi’s more worried about what Rafe will think of her if it gets out that she’s aiding and abetting a criminal kidnapping her "friend." That in itself is scary and shows me how little she’s dealing with reality, much like her friend Andrew. I’m actually worried at this point for Melanie’s safety, though I still wish this was written better. You know with less repetition and as of Friday, with less flashbacks. The flashbacks made me wonder if she’ll live through this. What are your thoughts? Will Melanie live? Vote!

The best part of this story this week was Chad booting the door down at Andrew's!

On to EJ. He never should listen to young clueless William about what tie to select for the day let alone allow himself to be bamboozled into taking a ridiculous polygraph. Even though EJ manipulated the whole session, I still agree with him. It wasn’t professional, too many people were in the room, it won’t hold up in court and anyone can beat that test! Roman’s got too smug for his own good but Rafe started to use his detective skills a bit instead of his gut and realized EJ would never put himself in the line of fire unless he knew for certain he was innocent. Will’s ‘mini-me’ act is getting old and he is smirking and grinning at the most inopportune times which throws me off. By the way, who thinks Ian’s the one who paid off the 1970s looking polygraph administrator and planted the gloves at EJ’s place?

Shocker of all shockers, Lumi actually had a romantic scene. They even came close to sex and Sami got a bauble thanks to Alice Horton that looks like one of my own. Lumi had five seconds of airtime and then the writers plowed on with Ejami which must peeve off Lumi fans. EJ seemed somehow surprised that Sami wouldn’t back him though he knows she’s self-absorbed. Why get all worked up when he knows how she’ll react? I realize he was there for her and helped her out when Kate almost had her thrown in jail, but that won’t change who Sami is. And I’m so over their screaming matches turning into panting almost-kisses. Give us some new writing for these two. So sick of them telling each other how lousy they are as parents, human beings and who-knows-what-else and then two minutes later singing each other’s praises as parents. It’s too ‘schizophrenic’ for me. Too repetitive… It’s also too abusive and makes it difficult for many fans to believe these two have real feelings for each other. I clearly see the fantastic chemistry they have and know they could easily build on this but not with this writing. I’m consulting my crystal ball and predict that Sami will continue to deny her obvious attraction for EJ (not that every attraction should be followed with a relationship) and more ‘almost kisses’ and parenting discussions will happen. Because that is all these two have. If we’re going to have Ejami, make it good. Give us something the other soaps don’t have. Otherwise, have her stick with Lucas or go back to Rafe.

Even at their worst, Ejami has a lot more than Abe and Kayla and Cameron and Abby. I am waiting for the religious people to go nuts on the show for this – meaning they’ll email us to complain about show dialogue. "A real man doesn't need to rely on a higher power," quips Cameron. Eep. Turns out it’s a fetish for Abby.

Best lines:

"It’s scary to be on top," EJ tells Will.

Nicole tells Daniel, "I want to make things very hard." Daniel tells her he thinks she already has.

Best line of the week says it all: Marlena tells John, "It stinks." John agrees, "Yeah. It stinks."

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- Christine Fix