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Deconstructing "DOOL" for the week of June 25 - June 28:

I predicted that Chandler Massey would take the Daytime Emmy and threatened that if he didn’t I’d scream, but I wound up screaming anyway, in my excitement. It was well deserved. My congratulations go out to "Days" for taking the statue home for best writing though it shocked me to the core. Let’s face it. Last year wasn’t one of their best. Still, I figure it was long-overdue. I’m still blabbering this week about wanting Philly K to return to "DOOL." We need him back at Titan and his special brand of ‘Phillyness’. Don’t you agree?

Monday, during The Doctor Is In, Will tried unsuccessfully to get back into the closet. What a shock it must have been to be outed so publically before he was ready. It was great to see him able to lean on family and Sonny. I’d really like to see Sonny more than just a shoulder to lean on. He needs his own storyline.

I’ve been noticing a distinct lack of writing for Lumi as a couple. Even Safe had better writing than these two. Ejami had more sizzle. Lumi fans instead get to see Lucas cross dressing in Sami’s prissy dressing gowns. No jockey’s. What gives? Since they’ve already been to bed once, we know they’re not taking things slow so why no passionate scenes between these two? I guess the Tramp and The Man Whore stole them all. They were pretty hot in his office. That must have been a long-standing fantasy for someone like Dr. Hands. They’re certainly hot but I’m not sure what they’ve in common to sustain them beyond the ‘sheets’.

During Tuesday’s episode, Digging Her Claws Into Him, EJ and Sami went at it as only they can during an argument but Sami actually held back. When she left his place, EJ didn’t have a hole in his head. Afterward, Lucas yelled at Sami for confronting EJ – why I do not know. What’s it to him? She’s a grown woman with a need to protect her son.

We got to see Sonny again and learned what we’d already suspected, which is that he cares for Will for more than a friend. It was really sweet and something I’d love to see long-term but for now I am enjoying EJill and Will doesn’t need to be thrown into a monogamous relationship for a while. Where’s Neil anyway? Will asked EJ what he saw in Samanther, which I have speculated upon myself. "You’re a smart guy. How did you end up with her of all people?" EJ stumbled over his worlds. "I think em eh… your mother. Your mother and I… okay… In life. William, everybody makes mistakes. Including myself." Aha…that reaction tells us he still has feelings for her – and Nicole. With Sami, I think he gets off on the sparring and her feisty nature.

Wednesday had Nicole lying to EJ as usual in, Your Nose Has Grown. She snooped through his apartment which held no food but a box of bullets. Oh please. It’s got to be a set-up. EJ’s just not that stupid to leave anything to chance. Besides, I don’t think he is our shooter. Do you? Vote in's Days of our Lives Poll: The Set-up.

Thank goodness Kate had the good sense tell Ian he couldn’t attend the memorial with her. It’s way too soon. How random and baseless was Kate’s accusation to Ian about drugging Brady? Why would she go there, when it’s obvious Ian should be concerned for an employee exhibiting signs of addiction on the job? It didn’t make sense to me why she’d jump to that conclusion with no build-up and neither did Brady’s sudden supposition that Ian was framing him. Talk about wrapping up a storyline that’s going nowhere just to get rid of Madison and Ian. I feel for the actors and the fans deserve better.

The rest of the hour didn’t interest me with the exception of Melanie’s right kick to Andrew’s head. My eyes popped out of my head! Find it at 6:25 in this clip. Go Mel! Make Andrew your bitch.

Thursday Brady went off on Ian, yelling, You Set Me Up! I’m not sure how he’s going to prove it. Ian seems rather cunning but what’ll happen to Brady now that he knows? Will he try to score drugs?

Ejami fans, my apologies but I really enjoyed Nicole and EJ’s bonding over the baby. It reminded me that they are good together and have shared some sweet times. EJ was relaxed, which hasn’t been seen in weeks, but I hear (spoiler alert!) tomorrow EJ and Sami share a moment. In a way, I think I may like to see each ‘couple’ together and to find out how EJ feels about each lady. Who will he choose? Who should he choose? Give me your thoughts below.

Poor Abe. His scenes were so real and so heartbreaking. It was odd how John went to get Marlena a flower and when he returned and touched her arm, she jumped about a mile high. Bizarre behavior which makes me wonder what's going on with her. Alas, their scene was very sweet and tender.

Rafe really has it in for EJ. He shouldn’t be on this case. Thank goodness for Spencer who has no ties to anyone in Salem. Rafe is an odd bird. Why does he call EJ putting the box of bullets in his kitchen drawer ‘hiding them’? If they were hidden, they wouldn’t have been so easily found. Oy.

I’m going on holiday in five minutes until July 9th. Have a great week everyone and my apologies that I won’t be able to give you my thoughts on tomorrow’s show.

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- Christine Fix