Kristen Renton Leaving Days of our Lives! image

Kristen Renton ( has learned that Kristen Renton has been let go from Days of Our Lives. According to some reports, her character, Morgan, will soon leave Salem and move to Chicago.

Morgan came to town roughly a year ago as a typical sorority sister. She quickly became friends with Chelsea and Stephanie, dated Max and got mixed up in the Ford Decker storyline. However, it wasn’t until she started a flirtation with Philip and began championing her father, Paul, that she started to show some complexity.

With so much possible storyline for Morgan, we are surprised to hear Renton is leaving the show. We were excited to watch her relationship with Philip develop and thought we would learn more about her relationship with her parents. We are now left wondering if we’ve seen the last of Paul and if Philip will pick up where he left off with Chloe.

While we are sad to see Renton leave, we have no doubt the talented actress will flourish elsewhere, as she has already has starred in the movies, “Ghouls” and “Into the Mix”, as well as had roles on “CSI: NY”, “The O.C.” and “Scratch and Burn.” will enjoy the time we have left with Kristen on Days of Our Lives and wish her luck with her post-Days career.