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Deconstructing "DOOL" for the week of February 20-24:

There was a lot of eyebrow furrowing, squinting and general malaise this week. We once again got our cliffhanger Friday, which is very old school and appreciated. It doesn’t even bother me that we no longer see the teasers for the next day. I’ve a few thoughts about the week and am hoping you’ll take a moment to share your own.

The carpet?
Madison’s behaviour with Ian as opposed to Brady or anyone else in Salem just doesn’t fit. If she’s so beaten down by Ian, how could she run a company and try to run Kate into the ground? Surely she can’t be working on revenge alone? I just don’t get Madison and am still – after all this time, not warming to her. As for Ian, if he wants Kate so badly, won’t he at some point have to divorce Madison in order to be with her or is he going to be happy with controlling his wife and bedding his mistress?

There’s no whining in business.
It’s awfully funny that Victor and Brady are whining their crybaby woman hearts out that Victor accidentally hired Ian. Who cares who the CEO of Titan is married to? How will that affect his job at Titan again?

Recovering alchie.
Maggie was sure taken with Ian and his Scottish shortbread. Why is she always around when they’re talking business? And why again hasn’t Brady even looked at alcohol longingly while he is trying to figure out his sticky relationship with married Madison?

Don’t go changing, to try and please me...
Jack metaphorically ‘took out the garbage’ and Jenn was on him like white on rice. That’s how we women roll. The problem is she now sees him for the man she always wanted to change him into. Oy. I’m seeing these two in a new light. Jack needs to dump her and move on.

Give him some lovin’ already.
If Carrie doesn’t give Austin a piece of arse soon, he’s bound to find it elsewhere, non? Sex in a relationship is as important as keeping the lines of communication open. Sex would draw them closer together and at this point, they’re dangerously close to losing it all.

Rafe learns the truth.
Sami knows Rafe wouldn’t have kissed Carrie unless he had feelings for her; therefore, it’s not just a kiss. She told Will and Marlena this, yet the two BFFs still urged her to forgive him and move him back in. In the end, Sami needs to do what she feels is best, which is usually the wrong thing. I believe she might have told Rafe before Will opened his gigantic yap in the middle of the pub to Sonny. One of my tweeps said, "Regarding Rafe hearing Will, [my] mom said "People on soaps have no peripheral vision."

Many were shocked that Rafe didn’t get down on the floor and pound it with his fists after hearing of Sami’s indiscretion but Rafe’s a level-headed guy and is very controlling of his emotions. Still, after hearing William dish to Sonny, I wouldn’t have minded if Rafe’s jaw dropped to the ground while his eyes widened more in shock, but not everyone screams at the top of their lungs when they’re angry. I disagreed with Rafe’s angry assessment of Sami being incapable of loving. She’s capable of loving, just not capable of going through life without making massive mistakes. I think he’s done with her. I understand his anger at the whole situation, but felt bad about the way he told Nicole the truth. How painful was that, just after receiving a proposal from EJ. Sami's constant eye rolling and EJ banging his head on the piano and telling Nicole that sex with Sami was like an "out of body experience" made me laugh, even though I felt bad for Nicole.

Alamania, Alamainia, Alemania?
Where? I started watching "Days" in ’94 and had never heard of Alamainia until we learned Jope was married there. I appreciate Thomas and McPherson using the show’s rich history but was a little offended that there was no reintroduction to the story leading up to Bo saying, "After all, Alice nearly died in Alamainia." It's enough that the storyline isn’t providing a lot of interest for most viewers that I’ve chatted with but this can alienate them further. The only interesting part of the whole storyline this week was Hope eating bon bons at the airport. Do you agree? Disagree? Vote about the Alamainia storyline.

The highly anticipated kiss:
Some of the fans found the kiss between Neil and Will to be "very weird" or "awkward." It was filled with hunger and passion. I think the scene was great along with Marlena's advice to William afterward. Shame Sami had to interrupt while poor Will was struggling to come to terms with being gay.

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- Christine Fix