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"It has been fun to be an independent woman."

We may know her best as Kayla on "Days of Our Lives", but Mary Beth Evans is so much more than her beloved character. From managing her pie business to causing havoc on "The Bay", she fills us in on all the roles in her life, on screen and off. First off, how is your pie company coming along?
Mary Beth: Well, if I were a better businesswoman it might be all over the place. But I do Williams-Sonoma online October through January the last three years and it has done really well. I don’t make the big pies anymore because they were problematic and people would get them and not really follow the directions. So I came up with these little single servings and those have been doing really well. My friend has a little market in my town that I sell them at and they do really well there. I like the whole concept of it ─ making the labels, creating the products, the packaging. I love all that, but getting it into stores or doing anything about it, I struggle a little more with. But it is fun and I really like doing it and I always have a really good response. I keep on trucking.
We saw you on DOOL today. Is it possible that we may be seeing more of Kayla in the future?
Mary Beth: We shot that so long ago, like October, so I don’t even know where we are coming up. I have been back to run the pub, help my mom out and it has been more people coming to me to talk to me to get advice, to be a caring and listening ear. And that has been fun. It has been fun to be an independent woman there, to be in charge of this family business, Where it is going, I don’t know. I get little tidbits of things that might happen, but they don’t tell you much of anything.
So no word on whether Steve (Steve Nichols) is coming back with you?
Mary Beth: That I know is not going to happen because he is under contract with “Young and the Restless” so he is not coming back. Sad, but true. The Indie Soap awards are next week and “The Bay” is up for best series. How would that win feel?
Mary Beth: There are so many hard working people involved in that, and Gregori Martin, forget about it, the man does everything. He writes it, he casts it, he directs it, he produces it. That show has been so much fun. It started out a little sketchy at first, we were like what’s with the sound, what’s with this. But it got better and better and we are all so excited to be a part of it. It is so collaborative and everybody that he has involved is just a good, solid person with the same vision. No divas, no crazy people. It has been the most fun.

I could just suggest somebody to him and he would get them on board. And he brought on Paul Satterfield (Lee Nelson) who I had met but didn’t really know and he was just awesome. It has been just swell. He will put out an email and say, we need this apartment or that thing and everybody just helps find it ─ they have shot at my house several times. All of us have just shot all over the place. There was a scene where I was sleeping in a bed, and that was in my friend’s bedroom. In that way it is sort of guerrilla theater. And some sweet fans, Sheri and Mandy, have become good friends and gotten involved with the show have provided food a lot of the times for everybody. It is just really collaborative and fun.

For me, the character he wrote me is just so fun and I have all these kids, and the men like me but my kids don’t like me. It is a lot of complicated relationships and fun. It will be nice for it to get to the point where the episodes can be longer because I know it is so short. So what is next for The Bay?
Mary Beth: They are on hiatus right now and before they do a season, they have to raise the money and so when he raises the money he shoots the season again, so I imagine we will get back together in the spring. And then it is pretty intense for a few weeks getting them all shot.

But I did the Pretty and that was so fun. Same sort of situation where some creative guy put this whole thing together and writes it, directs it, the whole thing. Those people are really fun and so funny and kooky. I like that they are doing all these independent shows. I don’t think one person gets paid for any of it but it is for the fun of it. Do you see yourself doing more projects like this in the future?
Mary Beth: I suppose, and I see they are casting for different things and stuff like that, but how many of those can you do? I don’t know where the future of it will go or how it will change but these people are all very professional and go by union rules. It is on the up and up. Is there anything else we can look forward to from you?
Mary Beth: I did a play last year and it was great fun, so I am always looking for another play. I am just out there auditioning, trying to get other nighttime stuff going on. All of us as actors well, all of us in anything in our life, we can just stay home and disappear or we can be hustling all the time. I have a card on my board that says "Keep Hustling To Stay Happy" and that is how I really feel about life. I am always looking for my next project. Today it is raining in Pasadena and I was planning a whole garden day today. I am a huge gardener. But instead I am doing these interviews and watching the rain so it actually worked out really well.

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-Hollie Deese