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Originally posted June 18, 2008 Update at end of story.

We thought we’d seen the last of Steve Blackwood when his character Bart was killed by Andre last year, but this is Days of our Lives after all! With Stefano returning in August, could the actor possibly coming back as Stefano’s bumbling henchman, as well? Since Andre stabbed him to death with a sword, that's not likely, but that doesn’t mean he can’t come back as someone else.

The actor recently contacted to let tell us, “I've been in touch with Days and there is a possibility that Bart will come back in another incarnation.” Evil twin brother anyone?

If you’d like to see Blackwood back in Salem, let us know and spread the word, because according to the actor, “Fan support would make this happen and the idea sounds fun to me!”

Sounds like fun to us too! With Rolf and John constantly throwing out one liners and barbs at each other, the addition of the always entertaining Blackwood could make it a comedic trifecta! would love to see Steve return in any form and hope the-powers-that-be follow up on this exciting prospect.

For more about the actor read an exclusive interview Steve Blackwood here.

Update September 11: Unfortunately, Steve got in touch with me today with bad news for all you Bart fans. He won't be making a return to Days at this moment. Special thanks to all who voted that you'd like to see his return. Maybe at another point!