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"I can't say that our characters are going to get into a triangle." recently sat down to chat with "Days of Our Lives" star Patrick Muldoon, who recently returned to Salem as Austin Reed. Read as Patrick discusses his return to "DOOL," how Austin has changed, the possibility of a Rafe-Carrie hookup, and much more! You've been off the show since 1995. Tell us what it's been like getting back into the role of Austin Reed.

Patrick: When I was there in the beginning, they were forming the Austin character based on fictional story as well as by writing to Patrick, what they knew about me then. I've come back to play a character that I know better than any other character I've ever had. When you do a movie, you do it for four or eight weeks and it's over. But here is something that's incubated inside for three years and your nervous system doesn't forget it. So when I walked back in, and I looked at Christie Clark [Carrie Reed], and they said, "Action!," she's Carrie and everything inside me remembers what that means. There's no effort at all. I don't have to remember anything. This part really lives inside me. As the actor who portrays Austin, tell us a little about how you see the character. Has he changed any?

Patrick: I think that he has changed as far as adult responsibilities. He's a husband and he's a businessman. Internally, I don't think he's changed that much. Christie and I talked about it when we came back, about what our characters were like right before we jumped back into Salem. You know, they were Romeo and Juliet back then. Very passionate and very alive. Their marriage is a really strong one, and a really fun one, and it's a really passionate one. I still think, internally, it's a very young one. They're very raw, they are still Romeo and Juliet, very romantic and all those things. So the responsibilities of being an adult are different, but emotionally, I think they're the same. The return was supposed to be temporary for Carrie and Austin, but in reality, how long will your contract keep you with the show?

Patrick: [Note: Patrick respectfully responded that he could not discuss his contract, but his rep commented that Christie and Patrick would "be with us for quite some time."] We know Austin's going to be spending time on Sami's [Hernandez, Alison Sweeney] sofa soon, and there's also a buzz that Carrie and Rafe [Hernandez, Galen Gering] may have something going on. What can the viewers expect when this story unfolds?

Patrick: Right out of the gate, Austin's put in a position where he may contribute to Carrie's father figure going to jail for the rest of his life. There's definitely a crack in their armor. It's what we've got to do in soap operas, right? [chuckles] Now Austin will get put in a situation where he has to stay with Rafe and Sami. The history with Sami is there. Galen and I are kind of best buddies on the show, and we have a lot of fun together, but our characters are still sniffing each other out. They're okay with each other but I don't think they trust each other too much. I can't say that our characters are going to get into a triangle, or quad-angle, or whatever you want to call it. It won't be that simple, it's pretty complex. I will say that Austin going to stay with Sami and Rafe opens up a lot of opportunity for humor. Do you foresee any children for Austin and Carrie in the near future?

Patrick: We had a scene that aired last week, where it was in the dialogue that both characters said, you know, if we're going to have a baby, we'd have it on a trip back to Salem. Or at least work on it. That's what the dialogue said, but that's as much as I know about it. What type of conflict can we expect there to be with Carrie, Austin and the family as opposed to what we've seen in the past?

Patrick: This whole John Black [Drake Hogestyn] situation, it is a problem. [laughs] This is no little deal in their relationship. I will say that they really, really, really fight, and that they really still love each other. So they don't give into it, and you get to watch the creative ways that they go to, trying to stay together. C'mon, we're in Salem. There's a lot of stuff going on. [laughs] Finally, you're the lead singer for a band called "The Sleeping Masses." How have you been juggling your work on "Days" with your work in the band?

Patrick: I stopped. I've kind of taken a sabbatical from music. But I just started going into the studio to record a solo record. I'll tell you what, looking at the first couple of weeks of us airing, we were just all so tired. We kind of got thrown right back into the machine, so I pulled the plug on the music thing. For these first couple of months, "Days" is it for me.

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- Mario Rocchetta