New Friendships and Fresh Alliances on Days of our Lives (Updated Photos!) image

Chloe and Lucas (NBC)

Philip and Morgan (NBC)

When recently talked with Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe) and Jay Johnson (Philip), they both hinted that there would be a lot of intermingling between characters in the upcoming months. If the last couple of weeks have been any indication, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of the summer!

Gone are the days of characters sharing the screen with just one or two people and forgetting that they know other people in town. Under the new Days regime, fans are being treated to unexpected alliances and friendships, with characters becoming involved in more than just one storyline.

Here are some examples of all the path crossing we’ve witnessed so far:

* Nicole has been flirting with EJ, while trying to stick it to Sami who is trying to get back together with Lucas who is Nicole’s ex-husband. Nicole has already tried to seduce John to get information for Philip who is trying to help her get a fair divorce settlement from his father Victor. Nicole has even found a much-needed friendship in the form of former crazy lady Ava.

* Considering they all live in his house, John has his hands full with the Sami/Lucas/EJ triangle, while trying to figure out his relationship with Marlena. He recently began seeing Ava, continues to battle Philip, and deals with Roman, Abe, Bo and Hope from the Salem PD on a regular basis.

* Philip is sleeping with Chloe, flirting with Morgan, manipulating Paul, fighting with Victor for control of the Kiriakis empire, setting up John and trying to elude his cop brother Bo and sister-in-law Hope.

* Sami’s busy with both EJ and Lucas, keeping an eye on John for her mother Marlena, getting catty with Nicole and having it out with Chloe over her step-brother Brady.

* Even though he’s under house arrest, Lucas isn’t lacking for socialization, as he has formed an alliance with Chloe and deals with Kate, Marlena, John, Sami and EJ on a daily basis.

* Nick, Max and Stephanie are all tied up together in a storyline with Dean Robbins, but that doesn’t stop Chelsea from popping in and out of their lives, as well as Aunt Maggie and the entire Brady clan.

* As for Chelsea, she’s trying to develop a relationship with Daniel, is close with her grandparents Kate and Victor, shares many scenes with her father Bo and stepmother Hope, hangs out with her friends Stephanie and Morgan and will soon be working at the hospital where she’s bound to work with Kayla and Lexie.

Whew! It’s hard to keep up, but it’s certainly more fun than seeing the same people in scenes together day after day. Watching actors share screen time with people they don’t usually interact with definitely adds an interesting element and often shows us a side to a character or actor we’ve never seen before. will certainly be glued to the screen this summer with our scorecards in hand so we can keep track of all the goings on in Salem for you.