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Are you ready for another wardrobe session? I admit this week surprised me with a great hair question that was answered by Days stylist, Matthew Holman! Even I was impressed! I do like my job!

Rosalyn M
asks, "Can you tell me where I can get a copy of Sami's silver necklace. Remember I said copy, it looks very expensive! She wears this necklace all the time. It is beautiful I found two dates from the photos - 11/08/2007 Sami's marriage to EJ, with the black dress, 11/23/2007 Sami dancing with Lucas.

Hey Rosalyn, this gorgeous piece is the "Shimmering Elegance" necklace from the Hope Faith Miracles line. Michelle G emailed us about this and says she purchased this item and it's the same one that Sami wore in her wedding to EJ! (Thanks Michelle!!) It's not a copy, and if you still find it out of the price range you're budgeting for it, print off a photo and take it to your local accessory store. They may be able to match it to something similar!

Ann A asks, "Where can I find the wedding dress that Belle wore for her wedding to Shawn in the fall?"

My pal from Days tells me it was created by Marchesa and was purchased at Neiman Marcus. Now, keep in mind that the wedding was in November and you'd be hard pressed to find the same dress but hey… go in search of it anyway. You never know, right!? You can always take a photo of the dress to a seamstress and have your dress designed, based on Belle's dress. It can be less expensive, depending on where you find your fabric at the fabric store (sale rack!) and how much your seamstress will charge to sew. I've done this in the past, twice. It works out to be cheaper or the same price as off the rack!

Kimberly B asks" Can you tell me where I can find the earrings that Kayla wore on Days on Friday, April 11 and Monday, April 14."

I wish I could be exact. Those earrings were either a personal item or they were from Kristian Alfonso's Jewelry line, I'm told! My pal at the show wasn't positive on that. If you don't find it on her website, it's likely her own.

Lindsey N asks, "I want to know where they purchase these (Ava's tops). One in particular, from the 3/04/08 show. I loved it!!! AND I WANT IT!!!!"

Hrm, if you really feel that you like it, you will have to work for it! Because I'm not 100% on that particular top, I'm sad to say, I can tell you that Ava's tops were all purchased at Neman's, Saks, Nordstrom and Metropark. At least now you've got an excuse to wander through all these lovely store collections to find the right one! Think of it like an Easter Egg Hunt. Once you find it, email me and let me know! Your prize will be a photo of you wearing it in our next wardrobe piece!

Barbara P asks, "I was wondering if someone could tell me about the color and cut of Mary Beth Evans' hair. I have blonde hair but I really like the color and cut of hers."

Yes! You're in luck. Hairstylist Matthew Holman (of Matthew Ray Saloon, opening in September in Burbank, CA) is responsible for Mary Beth's hair on the show. He explains that Mary Beth likes to use the sauce as she calls it which is Keratase's Lumiere Nutri Sculpt to get that "piecy" look. She likes a lot of texture for styling. As for the color, Hollman uses a mixture of soft blonds by Wella. Please remember that this hairstyle does not suit all. Mary Beth's hair may be thicker. As well, when selecting a new hair style, you should keep in mind that this hairstyle will not suit certain face types. What am I on about? Consult with our sister site She Knows, about Face Flattering Follicles and talk to your stylist about your hair type. Questions to ask: Is my hair thick or thin? Will my hair and face look good with this style? Some stylists offer a computer hairstyle imaging service, where they pop your photo into a computer and show you several hairstyles - before you decide to start chopping away! It's worth the $35.00 charge to look good.

Darlene S asks, "I love the clothes that Kayla wears! Usually they include longer tops or dusters - they look like they might all be from the same designer. Please tell me who!"

These flowing pretty little numbers come from various designers and stores, Darlene, such as Neimans, Saks, Nordstrom and Metropark! Good places to start looking to add to your wardrobe. Make sure you bring an honest friend with you when you go shopping. These artsy looking garments aren't for all shapes and sizes!

Kristen P
asks, "Where did you get the shirt that Chloe is wearing on today's show (4.09.08) I absolutely love it. Actually, I love all of the fashion on Days!"

Thank you for adding the date in there! That shirt comes from Nordstrom. You may still be able to find it!

Sheila B and Andrea M ask, "I love the green and white top with a gold v-neck that Chloe had on April 4th at Victor's dinner party. Can you find out where it was purchased? Thank you!"

That was a great dinner party! The show is really rocking right now, and as always, the wardrobe department knows just what to put the actors and actresses in! They should have won an Emmy Nom for the wardrobe department. Oh and by the way, the shirt comes from Nordstrom!

Lena (no last initial) asks, "I am wondering where to get the light lavender satin top (or jacket, can't remember,) that Marlena wore in a recent episode?"

This was a very "jump into spring" look and Marlena owned it! That piece comes from Macy*s!
Jenni B asks, "I was hoping that you could tell me where I can buy the dress that Marlena wore the week of April 9th? It's a flowery dress with a purple buttoned sweater over it. She wore it to work. I LOVE it!!!"

Are you sure you liked it? I wasn't convinced! Ok... it was from Neiman's! Let me know if you find it!

Kelly N asks, "Belle wore a classy short black dress a couple months ago that had short sleeves, a V-neck that also had a collar than went up a little in the back, and a black belt in middle- it looked like a heavier cloth material- I hope you know which dress I'm talking about because she wore it for a few episodes... I think Robin wears it occasionally on Dr. Phil if any of you are his fans as well... I can't find it in stores and was wondering where it was from- thank you!

If you can tell me the airdate she wore it or the episode number, I will try to find it! I don't watch Dr. Phil, sorry!

Chastity M asks, "I am loving the necklace and earring set Hope is wearing while she is being held at Ava's. Is that from her line or do you have any idea where I can find one? Also, I love the long chain/double necklaces the actresses wear but I can't find much similar when I check out websites. Are there certain places they get their jewelry from?"

Hey, I remember you, Chastity! Welcome back! This set was from Kristen's own collection at Hope Faith Miracles. I can't guarantee it'll be on the website, but I definitely know that's where it comes from. This comes from my pal at the show! The long necklaces are from Kristen's line as well. They're from the "Shimmering Elegance" collection that I mentioned above. I think that I'll be stopping by to do a little shopping myself!

For those of you who asked questions a few weeks ago and are just returning to read this editorial, please also check out my Days 1 Year Anniversary Wardrobe Column! to find your question, answered!

No question goes unanswered. It can take a bit for me to get the answers, not because the show is slow in returning the answers - quite the contrary. I receive word within a day, if not same day! I like to wait until I have a few questions to ask, before I write. If you have a question about the wardrobe, hairstyles, makeup or jewelry, please drop me a line at THIS LINK - please don't post the questions in the comments! I don't want to miss anyone's questions!

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Christine Fix
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