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These are the "Days" of my week from May 2-6:

It was a great week in Salem and we were even treated to a cliffhanger Friday because of Sweeps. We even saw a theme - smacking Salem men around. I must say I was surprised - considering all the Spanish speaking Hernandai in town, that nobody celebrated Cinco De Mayo.

Last week Bo and Hope promised to help Leah the homeless prostitute if she’d help them find their daughter. I hope they make good on their promise. I like Leah's story and want to see more of her. Could she know Quinn the pimp (spoiler!) that bumped into Chloe at that dive Cheatin’ Heart?

Natalia vs Tamara:
First viewers complained about Taylor and Natalia’s version of Taylor, but now that she’s gone, she’s suddenly revered. People are telling us they’re "enraged" that the show did the recast. We can be a fickle bunch. I too was feeling a little disoriented until Friday’s showdown with Tay and EJ. I know Corday told us the reason for the recast was to ‘take Taylor in a new direction’, and I also know that EJaylor isn’t going to become a couple, so it doesn't matter if they’ve chemistry.

I was glad Nicole blackmailed EJ, though Matt of SOF's Matt's DOOL Musings and I were confused about what Nicole was on about when she told EJ he'd be 'forced to take your alternative pleasures with a smile'. Eh?

Good to see Jennifer feeling guilty. I needed to see that. I would have also preferred to see some flashbacks of her and Jack during this whole storyline. I’m still in mourning over the divorce. Dannifer is still boring, awkward and the scenes are forced. I wasn’t impressed that Daniel will once again have to save Jenn’s life next week after that choking incident. Can't they give the dude a hobby that doesn’t include saving lives?

Great knock down drag out!
Sami and doppelganger Rafe's fight was the best scene of the week. They’ve incredible chemistry when fighting. More chemistry than I've seen with RetroRafe and Sami in ages. I loved how he 'went there,' calling her on having kids with more than one man and how she retaliated with a news update: at least she didn’t have to fake her orgasms with any of them! "Take that back," he insisted... Ouch! So believable. Sami feeling dead inside and numb was also a great effect on the scene and alas there wasn’t a blubber to be heard. I even enjoyed the classic Friday cliffhanger and dug the way the reunion was played out, even though we had to suspend disbelief and yes, even though it's been done before. It was good up until I saw that stupefied look on Rafe's face which reminded me of how little personality Rafe has. It's pretty sad when you like the villain who is an absolute disgusting creep, more than the hero. Still, it was a good payoff for Safe fans to see so far.

"melissajd", a poster from our forums, asks, "Why doesn't Carly just get a prescription? Lexi was perfectly willing to give her a script for pain killers, but she needs to steal anti-anxiety pills?"

I hear ya. She could have gotten a prescription, but then we wouldn’t have a story. The only problem I’ve had with it is that most has been off screen, which makes it hard to feel Mel, Daniel and Jenn’s complaints that Carly’s ignoring them. Otherwise I think they’re doing a really good job with the story. Carly no longer has Bo’s immediate support, so has to deal with being haunted by her murdering past, and losing her son to Vivi. She doesn’t want anyone to see her as anything but a vessel of strength, so it actually does make sense that she wouldn’t show her vulnerability to Lexi.

Younger set.
I thought Kinsey’s parents’ going bankrupt was reminiscent of Mimi Lockhart’s homeless story. I’m not complaining. At least it’s not another baby switcheroo or a love triangle. I’m still not feeling nu-Abby, who is very one-dimensional. I like the actress but we need to see more than her self-righteousness. I’m not even sure why we need her. I felt the same about Gabi but Friday’s episode when RoboRafe got in her face, I felt her fear. It’s a shame Will smirked his way through consoling her and kept gazing over her shoulder as he babbled.

All Mel and Dario did this week was have coffee. If Mel’s going to rebound, she should jump into bed and have a proper rebound story with Brady or somebody new waiting in the wings when she’s done with Dario.

The Return of Scaroline:
Caroline scares me. She wished to Sami she had a butcher knife in order to Bobbitt Rafe’s penis. Yikes, psycho! But this is likely the first reaction that comes to many people’s minds when they see their loved ones hurt by way of infidelity. Did you notice Sami called Caroline ‘ma’ at one point. That threw me.

Slice of life.
My heart was warmed by Stefano’s reaction to Kate telling him she’s cancer-free for two years. I also felt for Chad who seems to be all alone in life. I hope Stefano’s not all talk and no action and does stop being so inattentive. I would also like to see more of Chad.

A sorry sight.
Chloe doesn’t have the class or dignity gene. Though I understood her pain, I cringed when she confronted Jennifer about dating her ex-husband. If I were her friend I’d have dragged her ass away from the pier before she said a word! Since I’m not I get to enjoy the hot mess guzzling guzzling booze afterward and being hit on by some pimp.

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Happy Mother's Day.

- Christine Fix