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They made their tearful goodbyes yesterday on Days of Our Lives to set sail around the world, giving Belle and Shawn their happily ever after...at least for now. So now that they've left Salem, we're taking a look back at this young couple's long road to happiness.

Their families have always been close (her sister Sami is his cousin afterall) and the two began dating in high school. After falling in love, Shawn helped out classmate, Jan Spears cover up her pregnancy as a result of a rape, by claiming the baby was his. His relationship with Jan would prove to have far reaching consequences, but at the moment, it ruined his relationship with Belle.

The truth about Jan's baby eventually came out and the high school sweethearts reunited. They quickly grew apart once again though when Belle lied for her mother, Marlena during the Salem Stalker mystery. Shawn took off on his motorcycle one night and seemingly disappeared. Belle was a mess after Shawn left and turned to his uncle and their mutual friend Philip Kiriakis for comfort, not knowing Shawn was actually being held captive by the above-mentioned Jan.

By the time he escaped crazy Jan, Belle and Philip had become a couple and even had sex, even though Belle and Shawn once vowed to wait until marriage. One cold evening, Belle and Shawn found themselves trapped in a barn together and took off their clothes to create some body heat. However, hypothermia set in and they didn't remember having sex together.

Belle later married Philip, and Shawn and Mimi (Belle's best friend) followed suit. Belle discovered she was pregnant and since she didn't remember having sex with Shawn assumed the baby, Claire, was Philip's. However, the truth about Shawn being the father eventually came out and Philip took off with Claire, fearing he would lose his "daughter" to Shawn. Once she got her daughter back, Belle left Philip and Shawn left Mimi after he learned she knew Claire was his all along.

Both now single, Belle and Shawn still faced a bumpy road, as Shawn began dating ex-hooker, Willow. That didn't last long however and Shawn tried to rebuild his relationship with Belle. During this time, Philip set out to gain custody of Claire by making Shawn and Belle look like unfit parents. Philip was awarded temporary custody of Claire and Belle and Shawn took their daughter on the run.

While on the lam, Shawn and Belle officially reunited, eventually came to an understanding with Philip and returned to Salem. Belle and Shawn planned to marry, but Belle soon found herself drawn to her ex-husband. After the "death" of her father, John Black, Belle acted on her feelings and slept with Philip. She eventually decided Shawn was the man for her, but he found out about her affair and ended things with Belle. Claire was then kidnapped by Crystal Miller, acting on Colleen Brady's orders and Belle and Shawn patched up their relationship while in Ireland looking for their daughter.

They are now hitting the open waters with Claire, just like Shawn did when he was young with his own parents, Bo and Hope.

Over the years, Belle has been portrayed as a teenager and adult by three actresses including Kirsten Storms (Maxie, General Hospital), Charity Rahmer and most recently Martha Madison. Shawn was played by Jason Cook and until Monday, Brandon Beemer.

Even though Belle and Shawn have left Salem for now, you never know when they could return - this is a soap afterall! In the meantime, you can read more about their departure from Days of Our Lives next week in Soaps.com's exclusive interview with Martha Madison.