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Hope's "tree trimming dress" from French Connection!

Hope's black and white "Neiman" dress.

Last year's Days of Our Lives section started a wardrobe Q&A. Little did we know it would become so popular! Just one reminder to all: Wardrobe is solely clothing, handbags, footwear and jewelry items. We cannot get you the information on which character used which cell phone or laptop! A sound piece of unsolicited advice - you're better off purchasing a laptop or a cell phone on what is best suited for your needs - not because a soap character uses it. Have a computer savvy friend accompany you to a reputable store for these purchases!

Jamie C asks, On the Jan 7, 08 episode Stephanie was wearing a double stranded silver necklace that I would really like to have. I have been looking for a necklace like that forever it seems but have not found one. If at all possible could you please let me know where they got that necklace from?

No idea, unfortunately but chances are it's either from her own jewelry or Hope Faith Miracles, unless the show has had it forever and can't recall where it's from.

Diane C asks, The past couple of weeks, Sami and Hope have been wearing a beautiful long chain around their necks. Sami wears a ring on hers. Can you tell me where I might be able to purchase this chain and if it's available for purchase?

Hope Faith Miracles and yes, you can purchase them, Diane.

Natalie S asks, On December 24th, Hope was wearing a dress that was black on top and white and silver on the bottom. Where did she get that dress or who is the designer? She was celebrating her birthday and anniversary that was the episode.

Hi Natalie, Hope's black and white baby doll dress was from Neiman Marcus.

Betsy S asks, I love the shirt Sami wore under her cream hoodie sweater. It was kinda of a coral floral shirt/blouse. Where was it purchased?

Hey Betsy, Sami's cream knit hoodie comes from Macy's. The tee underneath is from M. Fredric.

Denise S asks, I was just wondering ...on Days Samantha Brady was wearing a sweater for the Christmas show. Can you tell me where I can get one?
Sorry Denise, we've no idea where that came from.

Jessica D has quite a few questions for us! She asks, I would love to know where Chelsea got the red dress and boots that she was wearing at the Theta house when speaking with Max and Stephanie on December 28th.

Hi Jessica, guess what? Chelsea's red dress and the boots are both from Nordstrom!

* Where does Chloe get the earrings that she was wearing on December 21st when she was talking with Shawn as Chez Rouge?!

As per Days, "Don't know- wardrobe had 'em forever!" Sorry!

* I would also love to know where Sami got the black dress she has been wearing the past couple of days. She was talking with EJ in his apartment.

Sami's black dress is a Catherine Malandrino, which can be found at Saks or Neimans.

* I would also love to know where Billie got her earrings and necklaces when she was talking with Lucas at his apartment on December 21st.

These items are all the actress's own items. We have no idea where she gets them from!

* I would love to know where Chloe got the red dress, shoes and earrings that she was wearing on December 24th and 25th when she was speaking with Phillip in his office and at the party at Chez Rouge.

Chloe's dress was from Banana Republic, her shoes from Nordstrom and her jewelry was from various places… they have a large wardrobe department with items that are recycled, so we can't always find everything out!

* I'd also like to know where Stephanie got her black and gold dress and purple scarf she was wearing at the party at Chez Rouge on December 25th. Also the purple dress that Cordy wore the same day/same time.

Stephanie's dress is from Nanette Lepore but they didn't know where Cordy's dress comes from. Sorry! No idea about the scarf, though it could be Nanette Lepore.

Where can I find the gray and brown/peach sweater Hope wore in the December 11 episode?

"Free People" at Nordstroms, Macy's or Bloomingdales.

* Jessica added this at the end of one of her emails. 'Thanks for all of the help that you may be able to give me. I would really appreciate this. If you don't have time to answer each and every email, although that would be nice, then could you tell me how you find out this information?'

We always wait until the article is posted before we email the link to all who asked questions! I rarely answer them personally - no time, I'm afraid! I have a good relationship with staff on the show. That's where the answers come from.

* I was just wondering if you could tell me where Sami got the purple shirt that she was wearing while she was at the police station on January 7th.

Yes. Sami's purple shirt came from Forever 21.

* I would also like to know where Stephanie got the green shirt that she was wearing on January 7th while speaking with Max.

Stephanie's shirt was also from Forever 21 and her jewelry was the actor's own jewelry

Hey, if you buy any of this, please feel free to let me know by emailing! I'm always curious!!!

Joyce H and Leah Z asked the same question. Hope had the most beautiful dress on while decorating the Xmas tree it was grey short sleeve. Can you tell who the designer is or where it can be purchased thank you!

Hey Joyce and Leah,that dress comes from French Connection. I don't know the designer, however.

Kathy Z asks, I am interested in the long crystal of whatever stone it is that Hope and Sami wear on the show. I can't seem to find it on Hope Faith and Miracles jewelry line.

It's all from Kristian's line. Nobody's sure where exactly it is found on the website. Sorry!

Christian S asks, and Erin Y asks a similar question, I have been trying to find via internet who designs Sami's gold necklaces on the 12/20/07 Days of Our Lives show. She was wearing a low cut v neck black dress, her hair was down and she was wearing 3 gold necklaces. Are they one piece or separate pieces?

Those were either Kristian's line or they're the actress's own.

Shannon R asks, I was hoping you could tell me where the fairisle sweater Belle (Martha Madison was wearing on December 21st came from. All of the Old Navy ones have been sold out for months and was hoping to get my hands on something similar. It was very attractive on Martha by the way.

Hi Shannon, unfortunately, we've no idea where it came from but we can tell you it's definitely not from Old Navy. Perhaps if you're out shopping you'll find something similar. Martha is lucky, she looks good in anything!

Heather L asks, I was watching today's episode and noticed the gray with lace nightgown and robe that one of the Theta girls was wearing.
I have been looking for a nightgown for my teenage daughter for Christmas and thought it was adorable. Can you please tell me where I could find this pajama set?

I think its Carmen you were thinking of. It was from Nordstrom and I'm sorry that this comes way after Christmas. The show was on sabbatical during the holidays and this is the first I was able to get this to you!

Terri C asks, Do you know anything about the earrings Sami wore on the show on December 6, 2007? Who makes them ... Where can I buy?

No. Well, I know they're a personal item. That's all though. Sorry Terri.

Dave M asks, I am really interested in the clothes worn by Lucas Roberts, in particular the week of December 3 - 7th 2007. Would you happen to know any of the labels he has been wearing?

Our first question from a male! I'm so proud. Yes! I do know. They're from Sy Devore and can be purchased at Nordstrom!

Niki R asks, I loved Chloe's purple dress on yesterday's show at the reunion! Where can I get it??

Sorry - Christmas has come and gone but the item is from Guess. Perhaps it's on sale now?! Check the racks!

Brandy M asks, I was curious about the brown dress that Belle was wearing when she went to see Marlena and Phillip the week of November 26th.

It was from delicious BCBG!

Shopping online? Check out these stores. We cannot guarantee that you will find these items on their websites and we cannot guarantee they are still available by the time you see them on the show and ask about them. Keep in mind that Days buys ahead of time and their shows are taped in advance, so if you cannot find the item you requested, our apologies, we cannot help.

The list:

Forever 21



French Connection



Neiman Marcus

Catherine Malandrino

Banana Republic

Nanette Lepore