Relive Marlena's Possession on Days of our Lives! image

Caroline and Kristen at Marlena's bedside

The possession in full swing!

You've got to love SOAPnet. Even I, who reside in Canada and can't get SOAPnet, have to admit that they've got the fan's interest at heart. In fact, this Halloween, specifically, Days fans get a treat of their own. October 28th starting at 9 PM EST/PST, you'll be able to view three episodes from May 12, 17th and July 18th 1995 of Dr. Marlena Evans Black being possessed by the devil!

So pop some popcorn, get seated in a comfy chair and prepare to be entertained, the 'old school' Days way! The network will highlight her evil behavior which includes setting a church on fire, in addition to other cool oddities!

For those of you who've never had the pleasure of seeing this, it's a must! We'll have a thread opened in the Days Message Board to discuss these older episodes.

Here is what you can expect. At 9 PM to start things off, Kristen figures out what's going on with Marlena, who turns into a panther and has Shawn attacked by a swarm of bees. (Episode #1995-7528, original air date 5/12/95) Hey, they did this a few months back in Passions! Oh the memories!

The next episode is at 10 PM, when you'll get to watch Marlena levitate from her bed. Her eyes and voice are pretty spooky and it's decided that she needs an exorcism! You'll have to watch and see to believe it! (Episode #1995-7531, original air date 5/17/95)

Lastly, at 11 PM, the Salemites are all wondering… is Marlena dead? Well, we, the viewers know this is impossible but friends and family aren't so sure. Watch as John fights the devil for his beloveds soul! (Episode #1995-7570, original air date 7/18/95) I'm so jealous that you all get to view this. I'll be on You Tube viewing it instead!