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If you want to know more about which actors are coming and which actors are on their way out, and which have changed their contract status, we've got you covered for all soap operas including Days of our Lives.

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    * Peter Reckell returns May 20 as "Bo." Check out why Peter Reckell was off canvas a month.

    * ‘Dr. Carrillo’ will be played by Carlos Cacamara, May 18.

    * Update on Charles Shaughnessy's return. Though he started taping in March, his airdate is May 27 and is short term. Read more on Charles Shaughnessy's return.

    * Charlie will be played by Joel Stoffer, May 4.

    * Taylor Sprietler (Mia) was let go and will be gone from the show in a few weeks. Story about Taylor's firing, here. Last air date June 22.

    * Arleen Sorkin will resume her role May 5, as Calliope. She'll start taping scenes March 8. She'll be around for six episodes in May.

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    Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

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    * Rae will be played by Debora Can Valkenburgh, April 30.

    * Bernie will be played by Michael Bailey Smith April 28.

    * Dr. Spaceman will be played by Walter Cox April 28.

    * Eli is to be played by Gary Clayton, April 29.

    * Kip is going to be played by Jamison Jones, April 30.

    * Motel Clerk is played by Robert Costanzo, April 22.

    * Nurse Greg is played by Henri Franklin on April 21. He's the winner of the talent search conducted in Detroit last November. He'll be in scenes with Vivian, Chloe and Stephanie.

    * Dr. Yang will be played by Stan Abe, April 21.

    * (update) Extra's Lauren Sanchez will play Cece Chavez in two appearances starting April 15.

    * Mrs. Martin will be played by Janice Ann Johnson April 16.

    * Benny will be played by Carmen Mormino April 1.

    * Ricardo will be played by Vincent Rivara April 2.

    * Peter Reckell will be off canvas for a month. Follow the link to learn why!

    * John Callahan (Dr. Baker) is back to Salem. It's been confirmed. You'll see him starting April 22. First scene with Hope.

    * Folks can see Terrell Ransom Jr (Theo) on the show, March 19 and 23 as well as April 6 and 20.

    * Jessica Tuck, One Life to Live's
    Megan, has been cast as Chad's (Casey Jon Deidrick) mother who will first air April 7.

    * "Aaron" will be played by Erik David.

    Each Friday Matt posts his thoughts on DOOL, called Matty’s Musings! Feel free to check that out, and while you’re there, be sure to vote on a few DOOL Polls!

    Friday, April 30th, 2010

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    * Ari Zucker will return the week of March 8.

    * Darin Brooks (Max) is headed back to Salem this March for a few episodes. He'll share scenes with Melanie (Molly Burnett). Update - he turns up March 15 and March 16.

    * Shelley Dennis will play 'Sophiel, March 23.

    * Update - Judi Evans (Adrienne) is returning to Salem to work with Wally Kurth (Justin), March 23. She'll be working with Justin and Hope.

    * Paca, will be played by Sonalii Castillo, March 25.

    * Ricardo will be played by Vincent Rivera, March 26.

    * Stuart Damon (ex-Alan, General Hospital) will be playing Governor Ford, March 23.

    * Dr. Williams will be played by Donnell Turner March 30.

    * Officer Conway will be played by Cary Brayboy, March 31.

    Monday, March 1st, 2010

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    * Michael Sabatino is back playing Lawrence February 22 and 25.

    * Steven Bruns is going to play Marco February 24

    * Donnell Turner will be playing Dr. Aiden Williams February 25

    * Cop (Officer Lopez) will be played by Carlos Acuna February 16

    * ‘Harold’ is played by Julian Barnes February 26

    * Officer Dylan will be played by Marshall Hilliard, February 9.

    * 'Cop, Officer Jenkins' will be played by Tim Fields February 11.

    * Dr. White will be played by Kit Flanagan, February 12.

    * Rumor control. Rachel Melvin is not returning to DOOL with or without Darin Brooks (Max) in March. The actress says, "No, I will not be making an appearance or coming back to Days/Salem in the near future." Read more about what she has to say about this and more on Rachel Melvin's blog

    * Valerie Wildman taped with Ari Zucker on Monday Jan. 25. She airs in March.

    * Dylan Patton's last air date as Will was January 20. Nu-Will, Chandler Massey's first air date is February 1.

    * Arianne Zucker is back in Salem, taping scenes for her return from maternity leave January 25. She returns in the beginning of March.

    * Mr. Lee will be played by Arnold Chun, February 3.

    * Kevin Dobson is no longer be playing the role of Mickey Horton when Mickey is killed in a shocker this week. Kevin has only played this part for a year, and barely at that. Read more about when he was hired, here - Meet Mickey Horton

    * Lisa Trusel (Melissa Anderson) will return for a funeral January 14 and 19. She was last seen on the show in 2002.

    * Patricia Harris-Smith will appear as a doctor on January 19.

    * Effie Seymour plays Marion O'Brien on January 20.

    * Geoff Reeves plays a cop on January 22.

    * Bryan Dattilo has been let go from the show. More on that in our Days News Room, here - Bryan Dattilo Fired. He is last seen February 16.

    * Donald Marcus will be played by Christopher Duncan January 7.

    * Al will be played by Joel West January 5.

    * Judge Goldberg is played by George Wyner January 6.

    Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

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    * "Benny" will be played by Carmen Mormino December 30.

    * Many still do not realize the actress is pregnant, so we're bumping this note from several months ago. Ari Zucker will go maternity leave before Thanksgiving and will return 7 weeks later. Read more about this, her pregnancy and Nicole, her alter ego, in an interview with Arianne Zucker. Our news feature on Arianne's pregnancy, here.

    * We'll see Theo, Terrell Ransom Jr., back to the show Christmas Day, December 25.

    * Leann Hunley (Anna) has returned to the show. Patton Out on DOOL, here.

    * Dominic Pace plays the "Bus Station Attendant" Thursday December 4.

    * Bryan Dattilo (Lucas) returns Dec 3.

    * Shelby Young (Kinsey) makes a return to Salem mid December.

    * Tim will be played by Roy Jackson on October 19 - change from the show.

    * Gabriela Rodriguez will be playing Rafe and Ari's younger sister. She'll return home for Thanksgiving this November.

    * Many have asked if Bryan Dattilo is leaving the show. He's not. He's just offscreen while Lucas is in rehab. He'll be back, soon!

    * December 2, Jill will be played by Candice Patton.

    * Cleveland Cop will be played by Isaiaha Mustafah on December 2 and 4.

    * Police Commander Hogan is played by Deforest Mapp, December 6.

    * Ashley Moss plays the flight attendant on Carly's flight to Salem.

    * Michael Sabatino is out of Salem as Lawrence Alamain October after he is killed by Carly. He will be seen in flashbacks.

    * Michael Sabatino returns to Salem as Lawrence Alamain October 5. Read more about that here.

    * Show is casting a younger sister for Rafe and Arianna, "Gabby." The teenager will play into the story with Mia/Will/Chad.

    * "Marac" played by Antonio Jarmillo on November 19.

    * "Allie" is played by Carolyn & Campbell Rose starting November 21. (Allie will not be aged. This is from the studio publicist.)

    *"Fay" is played by Valerie Wilman, November 30. Nicole's mum returns to town after 6 years.

    * A 'cop' will be played by Booker Washington. His airdate will be November 11.

    * 'Nurse' will be played by Sascha Alexander, November 13.

    * Rachel Kimsey returns as Meredith Hudson, Friday September 18.

    * Nick Stabile, who plays officer Dean Hartman will be leaving the show, after one final attempt to seek his revenge on Hope. Last airdate is September 11.

    * "Nurse" played by Charito Mertz will be seen in Salem October 23.

    * "Gus" will be played by Kamall Shaikh and he'll air October 30

    * "Stu" played by Jim Meskimen will air October 5.

    * Erick Avari will appear as Omar on October 9. He'll have a connection to Carly Manning.

    * Louise Sorel makes a return to Salem for at least a year, as Vivian Alamain. Read more about her return in an exclusive interview. First airdate TBD. She'll show up before the end of October.

    * Rachel Kimsey (Meredith) leaves Salem August 6. There is room for her to return.

    * Crystal Chappell (Olivia, GL) will come to the show to reprise her character Carly Manning, this September. She starts taping in June. Read more here. Her first airdate is October 5.

    Thursday, October 1st, 2009

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    * Little Theo, Terrell Ransom Jr. will be seen these dates: August 7, 12, 13, 20, 24 and 26.

    * Sister Claire will be played by Rusty Schwimmer starting July 28.

    * Lindsay Hartley will be taking over the role of Arianna while Felisha Terrell has been let go. Read the story, here. Felisha's last airdate is August 25th. Though the show originally released that Lindsay's first air date would be September 28, she'll actually first appear on August 28.

    * Kate’s assistant Chris, played by Ross Matthews, has been seen again this month.

    * 'T,' Will's friend, is played by Brendan Coughlin. He'll be seen July 20 and August 6.

    * David Leisure will appear as the new District Attorney. Stay tuned for his air date as it's released! Read more here.

    * Past writer returns! Michelle Poteet Lisanti has made a return to writing for all those characters in Salem earlier in the month. She has worked as a staff writer with the show in 1987-1994.

    * "Judge" is played by Alan Fudge, August 10.

    * "Bartender" is played by Carlos Arellano, August 11.

    * Dr. Baker, (John Callahan) is returning August 12.

    * has just learned from his talent agent that Kevin Spirtas will be reprising his role as Dr. Craig Wesley for three days, starting August 28.

    * August 16, Brenda will be played by Nikki Deloach.

    * One of the thugs that works for the Kiriakis clan, we've been seeing, 'Carlo' is played by Taymour Gahazi. Carlo isn't long for Salem. August 4 he returns.

    * Wally Kurth is back as Justin Kiriakis! Read that story here.

    * Who was that? We received a few emails asking who Bev, the nurse was at the hospital. Bev was played by Mary Jo Catlett.

    * Owen, Wes Ramsey, returns in a fantasy sequence with Stephanie, (Shelley Hennig) June 15.

    * 'Joyce,' Carlo's widow, is played by Catherine Wadkins. We'll see her August 4.

    * Many want to know who the stalker is! Ex-Sunset Beach star, Nick Stabile has been seen lurking around Salem and he'll be playing a character named, Dean. Could he be hiding behind his badge as one of Salem's finest?

    * Former Days actress Judi Evans (ex-Adrienne/Bonnie) has been cast on As The World Turns! Read more here.

    * Catherine Wadkins will play a widow on August 3 and 4. Read more here.

    * Ciara goes for a play-date with her friend Tracy, played by Harley Graham, on July 9. (Remember her? Cute little blond girl from Bold and the Beautiful as Alexandria Forrester?)

    * ex-The Young and the Restless star, Rachel Kimsey (ex-Mac) will come to Salem as Meredith, a woman connected to Rafe, July 17.

    * Ex-Sunset Beach star, Nick Stabile will arrive in Salem June 25.

    * Ross Matthews returns as Kate’s assistant Chris on Tuesday June 23.

    * June 10, Rachel Melvin returns briefly as Chelsea.

    * Yvette Freeman (Nurse) will be coming to Salem again to take care of Grace when she falls ill.

    * Owen, played by Wes Ramsey, will be leaving the show the week of June 1, when he is arrested.

    * I've been sitting on this one for a while... Mark Hapka comes to Salem to play Nathan Horton, Melissa and Pete's son and Maggie's grandson. He's an intern at the hospital and is a pairing for Melanie. He will first be seen June 17. More on that here! Read an interview about him here.

    * Jacoby Ellsbury, from the Boston Red Sox in the background of Java Cafe, Thursday June 18! I don't believe you'll see much of him, so be prepared!

    * Casey Jon Deidrick comes to Salem as Chad, Mia's ex-beau, Friday June 19.

    * Nick Stabile "may" be joining the show as a Horton. Waiting for confirmation from the show. (Confirmation above.)

    * Who plays the pretty Java Cafe Waitress? Alany Curry, who has been with the show since 2006.

    * Update on Gordon Thomson: and a news piece on him. He'll be first seen May 18 and will be coming to the show with a recurring role as Walter, Owen the gardener's father.

    * New babies on the show! Ailisha and Julia O'Connor are now playing Grace, as per a studio rep!

    * The studio let me know that the good looking doc that Nicole spoke to May 8 was Donnell Turner!

    * Mia’s cousin Jamie, played by Brie Gabrielle, interrupts a tender moment between Will & Mia on Friday May 29.

    * Doc Baker (John Callahan) leaves town after a fall in the DiMera mansion. Updated: He leaves May 13, but he will return at some later date! Look out Nicole!

    Saturday, August 1st, 2009

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    * hears from SOD that Jon Prescott (ex-Mike, As the World Turns) has auditioned for a role as a Horton!

    * Days is casting for one bad-boy teen who may be the father of Mia's baby, Grace and a 25 year old medical student who will become Melanie's beau.

    * Gordon Thomson will be coming to the show with a recurring role as Walter, Owen the gardener's father.

    * Roy Vongtama is starting a recurring role on April 20 and 21 as Dr Richman. Incidentally, Roy is not only an actor, but a Board Certified Radiation Oncologist!

    * Darin Brooks (Max) will be leaving the show in early May. His movie, Blue Mountain State, was picked up and that's why we'll see the last of him in May.

    * Kinsey, played by Shelby Young, fills Will in on Mia’s past on Thursday, May 7.

    * The Kiriakis gardener Owen, played by Wes Ramsey, helps Philip set up a romantic evening on Friday, May 8.

    * Mia and Will run into Mia’s friend Tad, played by Brendan Coughlin, on Wednesday, April 29th.

    * The DiMera hitman Masi, played by Frederico Dordei, returns to finish the job on Thursday, April 30th.

    * Nicole is surprised by the new DiMera thug "Marco", played by Steve Bruns, on Thursday, April 23.

    * Kate’s assistant Chris, played by Ross Matthews, alerts her of a crisis on Tuesday, April 14.

    * Felisha Terrell joins the cast as "Arianna" on Wednesday, April 15. She'll know Rafe.

    * DiMera enlists a new hitman, Masi, played by Frederico Dordei on Thursday, April 16.

    * John Callahan returns April 3 as Dr Baker, to stir up more trouble!

    * April 7, a new shady character turns up in Salem. Is this our boy Wes Ramsey?

    * Laura Stone is playing Irene, a girl Maggie tries to set Daniel up with. She'll be in Salem April 10.

    * Weeks ago, we informed you there would be a casting call for a new butler for an influential family. They've cast him and you'll see him on Thursday March 19. We'll share who Alfred is played by, as soon as we get word!

    * Some of you have asked about the babies playing Grace and Sydney. Ava and Grace Greeson play Grace. (Since Feb 24) Hailey and Lauren Sinnema took over for Sydney on Feb 25.

    * Funny nurse, Aloma Wright returns as ‘Nurse Maxine’ Thursday, March 26.

    * Sami questions ‘Sister Agnes’ about Rafe on Friday March 27. Sister is played by Pat Crawford Brown.

    * Leann Hunley, Anna DiMera is departing. More on that here.

    * We're told Wes Ramsey is already taping scenes at DOOL. The role he's playing is not yet known, but some of you may remember his days as Sam, from Guiding Light. Find out what else Wes is up to. Could he be Eric Brady or a new character or ...what are your thoughts? To the boards you go!

    * Mia's back! Taylor Spreitler read her interview here will be back in Salem, soon! No word on which date, yet, but we will keep you posted! We hear she'll have some scenes with Will!

    * In an interview,James Scott (EJ DiMera) says he's staying with the show. He signed for another two years!

    * Ralph Waite returns as ‘Father Matt’ on Monday, March 16.

    Sunday, March 1st, 2009

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    * Kate sits next to a nosy passenger, on a plane. The passenger is played by Edie McClurg on Tuesday, March 17.

    * Rafe gets advice from ‘Sister Agnes’, played by Pat Crawford Brown, on Thursday, March.

    * Dylan Michael Patton joins the cast as "Will" on Friday, February 27th! Read his bio here. Read our article about Dylan, here.

    * As we reported here, Rachel Melvin has opted out of her contract and will be leaving the show. Click the link for more details. More information added Feb 26!

    * Father Matt is played by Ralph Waite on Wednesday, Feb 18.

    * Sorry this took so long in coming...I asked the show and found out Kevin, the computer guy that helped Charlotte find out who broke into her computer, was played by Timothy Horner.

    * The show rep tells me that little Johhny is being played by Aaron & Griffin Kunitz. while darling Alli is played by Ella & Anna Gietzen.

    * Thaao is out. Thaao of course has been playing Tony DiMera. Last airdate to come.
    * We interviewed Taylor Spreitler (Mia) read that interview here and she let us know she is on contract.

    * Something new for us. We accepted an anonymous tip from a person claiming there's a casting call for 'Alfred', "a 50-60 year old character. Alfred is the longtime butler of a very rich and powerful man. He is smart loyal and formidable. He sees all and knows all." Who could this be?

    * Rumor control. Word around the net has it that Emily Harper is coming to Days, but I spoke with her publicist who says that's not true. A little tip: her website is updated consistently. If it's not up there, it's not factual.

    * Mia is being played by Taylor Spreitler. Remember her from Malcolm in the Middle?! Yes? No? Maybe? *wink*

    Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

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    * She just got here, but Sandra Robinson will be leaving the show from her role as Dr. Charlotte Taylor on January 22. Storyline related.

    * You asked and we found out! Who plays "Sasha", the girl from Titan? Crystal Lightning is her name. She's seen briefly in a few scenes with Melanie and Stephanie.

    * We once again welcome back Hilda, Diane Delano, but this time, her character is put to rest as Hilda is murdered by the killer who wants to claim Sami's life.

    * Say goodbye to Blake Berris, who plays Nick. He'll be leaving in January 2009, when he goes off to jail or to a psychiatric ward for his crimes. Read more here. Read about what he has to say about his exit, in an interview with

    * Tuesday, January 27th, Maggie and Bebe Vose make their debut in Salem as Nicole’s desired baby!

    * Sami’s baby, played by Avery and Cade Seger, is revealed on Thursday, January 29th!

    * Wednesday, January 14, Marsha Clark (Judge Fitzpatrick) returns for Nick's hearing.

    * Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I've gotten word that Deidre Hall (Marlena) and Drake Hogestyn's (John Black) last airdate is January 23rd. Let the countdown begin. On her website, in a video post, Ms. Hall confirms her character has been "retired". She says her firing is not a publicity stunt.

    * In our recent interview right here on with Sandra Robinson (Ferguson), we found out that she's not on contract. Find out why by reading the whole interview!

    * Though scenes were written for Frances Reid for Christmas, Alice Horton will not be seen this Christmas episode. I am told by a contact at the show that this is "Due to her fragile state." There will also be no pre-empt this year, so don't forget to watch, at Christmas!

    * Jay Kenneth Johnson was said to have quit the show, but he is actually staying! Read full story here. We'll have more for you in a few days....

    * Philip Boyd will be seen playing Arthur at the Cheatin' Heart. (Bartender, I think.) Coming up next few weeks.

    * Staying...Days of our Lives. They've signed for an 18 month deal, which means we'll be watching through September 2010! Read the story here.

    * The role of "Sister Theresa" will be played by Marsha Waterbury. Marsha
    will first air on Wednesday, November 26. She'll interact with Sami at a convent.

    Saturday, January 31st, 2009

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    * Bryan Friday is playing the part of the masked man, stalking Marlena, starting August 5. This comes directly from my pal at DAYS. Interestingly enough, Bryan is well known for his work as a stunt man, stunt driver or stunt double. Perhaps this is evil Bart?

    * Susan Seaforth Hayes, Julie, returns for Hope and Bo's wedding, August 6.

    * Brandon DeShazer will play Harry, the detective we've seen work the computer at the Salem PD.

    * The role of “Young Stefano” is going to be played by Davide Schivone. He will air Wednesday, August 20th

    * There have been rumors flying around that Eric Martsolf is coming to the show as 'Brady Black. I spoke with a pal at the show today who tells me there is no truth to this. I contacted Eric's publicist. Direct quote from Eric himself, "First I've heard about it." (Few months down the road, the show actually did contact him! Your letters must help!!)

    * Several have asked who Eddie is. Jeff Chase played Ava's goon, Eddie Friday July 25. He shot Phil!

    * Linden Ashby is on his way back as "Paul"! Tune in July 30, or read our article on Linden's return to find out what really happened to him.

    * Hope's dad makes another appearance when Bill Hayes returns as "Doug" on August 1.

    * Brea Cola turns up as "Daphne," a tabloid reporter who has a past with Max on July 29.

    * Yuval David plays "George" a friend of Melanie's on July 29.

    * McKinley Freeman has been hired to play "Evan," Abe's campaign manager.

    * Max and Stephanie get closer to Max's sister when Alex Schemmer pops up as "Les," a not so friendly acquaintance of Melanie's on August 31.

    * The role of "Brad Baker," the reporter, will be played by Leith Burke. Brad airs on Friday, August 8th.

    * Is Bart returning?! I just heard from Steve Blackwood (Bart Beiderbecke, who tells me he has been in touch with the show and there is a possibility that Bart will come back in another incarnation - evil brother perhaps?!! Thoughts?!

    Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

    2009-01-13 Days of Our Lives details image

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