Theo Carver (as played by Terrell Ransom Jr. on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Theo Carver

* Theo Carver is the son of Abe and Lexi Carver.
* Theo was found to have Autism and was sent to special classes and therapy.
* Chelsea and Theo have a special connection.
* Theo ran off to see Chelsea while in Lacey Hanson's (babysitter) care.
* Taylor and Theo have a connection.
* Is learning to read but cannot make sense of the words yet.

Who's played Theo Carver over the years?

Terrell Ransom Jr. (Since (April taping) May 20th 2008)
Amyrh Harris (One day, December 26th 2007)
Kavi faquir until December 2007

Past History

Theo was born to Abe and Lexi Carver. He was seen sporadically over the years playing with his parents or grandmother, Celeste. Recently, in fall of 2008, Theo was diagnosed with Autism, and has been seeing a therapist. He seems to have connected with Chelsea Brady, who also works with Theo and the therapist, at University Hospital.

Theo was in the park, in the care of Lacey Hanson, a babysitter, who was gossiping with friends on the phone while Theo was playing nearby. Theo wandered off to see Chelsea at the nearby Hospital, and Lexi and Abe fired Lacey, for not looking after him.

Theo continues to work with Chelsea and Mark (therapist) to help deal with his Autism. After Chelsea left, we saw a little growth. Currently, he has bonded with Taylor Raines.