Nancy Wesley (as played by Patrika Darbo on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Nancy Wesley

* Father is Albert Miller.
* Chloe Lane Black Horton Jonas' mother.
* Married to Dr. Craig Wesley.
* Volunteered at University Hospital.
* Raped by her father's business associate.

Who's played Nancy Wesley over the years?

Patrika Darbo - (1998 - 2003; 2005; March 2013 - Present)

Current and Past Occupation

Past: Volunteer at University Hospital

Past History

Nancy is a master manipulator, spoiled brat, who has family money. She is married to Dr. Craig Wesley. She attempted to shove Dr. Mike Horton out as Chief-of-Staff at University Hospital so Craig could replace him. This was something she held over Craig's head. She threatened to leave Craig if this didn't come to fruition. Nancy had a breast cancer scare and after a lawsuit aimed at the hospital and Mike Horton, Craig did become COS. It was at this time that the young foster girl he and Nancy took in was actually Nancy's biological daughter that she gave up for adoption as a teenager. Nancy revealed that Chloe was the result of a rape from her father's business associate, Dr. Frederik Sykes. Chloe became sick and needed a bone marrow transplant and when the doctors tested Nancy and Craig for a transplant, they learned Craig was actually Chloe's father, not Fred. Craig and Nancy decided to have another child, Joy, who would be the best donor for Chloe. Craig was able to accept Chloe as his daughter. Later, Nancy was written out, along with Chloe's entire family but Nancy's set to return in 2013.

Past Marriages

Dr. Craig Wesley

Flings and Relationships

Dr. Craig Wesley
Frederick Sykes (rape)


Albert Miller (father)


Chloe Lane Wesley Black Horton Jonas (daughter with Craig)
Joy Wesley (daughter with Craig)
Parker Kiriakis (grandson)