Maxine Landis (as played by Aloma Wright on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Maxine Landis

* Is the head nurse at University Hospital, Salem.
* Is friendly with Dr. Daniel Jonas and Jennifer Horton.
* Started dating Abe Carver in April 2014.

Who's played Maxine Landis over the years?

Aloma Wright - (February 28, 2008 - Present)

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Head Nurse at University Hospital
Past: Unknown

Past History

Maxine is the head nurse at Salem's University Hospital. She often gets into the lives of the Salemites to offer a piece of advice. She has mentioned having two children in the past, a son and a daughter, and her husband Carl has passed away. She has been friends with Dr. Daniel Jonas and Jennifer Horton, and is now starting to date Abe Carver.

Past Marriages

Carl Landis - husband (deceased)

Flings and Relationships

Abe Carver (Dating)




Son (unnamed)
Daughter (unnamed)