Dean Trent Robbins (Layton) (as played by Roscoe Born on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Dean Trent Robbins (Layton)

* Dean of Physics.
* Wrote book, "Cold Fusion".
* Max dislikes him.
* Working closely with Nick, regarding his prototype.
* Father to Melanie and Max.

Who's played Dean Trent Robbins (Layton) over the years?

Roscoe Born (May 29 - September 26 2008) (On contract until October 30)

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Dean of Physics, Salem University
Past: Unknown

Past History

Dean Robbins comes to Salem as a Physics University Professor. He meets with Nick Fallon, another professor at Salem U, about his prototype. He penned a book called "Cold Fusion" and had a book signing, where Max let him have it. Max didn't think the Dean's theories were true in his book. This piques the Dean's interest and he tries to talk with Max about it but Max looks to the Dean with disdain. Trent is an abuser. He was married to Nicole Walker and still is. This means Nicole's marriage to Victor is a sham! Trent also has a daughter, Melanie, who he has used in the past to get what he wants. Not well liked, no sooner does he come to town, but is murdered! Knifed in the back.... will update with the murderer once we know who it is!

Past Marriages

Nicole Walker (still married until Trent's death and the show called Nicole's last name Layton, not Robbins as Layton was his real name.)

Flings and Relationships