Crystal Miller (as played by Ashlee Holland on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Crystal Miller

* Crystal Miller claims to be a psychic
* She has a sidekick named Rob
* Crystal is somehow related to Colleen Brady
* Kidnapped Claire but later returned her and admitted she did so only for Colleen in order to protect her from Stefano.

Who's played Crystal Miller over the years?

Ashlee Holland (December 26 2007- February 4, 2008.)

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Unknown
Past: Unknown

Past History

Crystal came to Salem after John died. She claimed to know John was alive and it was later found out that he was. Crystal tried to kidnap Belle and Claire but when Belle got away, she and Rob took Claire instead. She's a friend to the Brady's though they do not know it yet.

Crystal is somehow related to Colleen Brady. She is recently found in New Ross, Ireland with Colleen, but still will not give Claire back. She is protecting Claire from Stefano. She gives Claire back to her parents and we don't see her again after this.

Past Marriages


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