Ava Vitali (as played by Tamara Braun on Days of Our Lives)

Useful information about Ava Vitali

* Has some mental health issues.
* Family is involved in organized crime.
* Used to run the family business.
* Was with Steve during a time when he had amnesia.
* Kidnapped Hope, thinking she was Kayla.
* Wants 'Patch' back from Kayla.
* Father is Martino Vitali
* Has a short fling with John Black before she leaves Salem

Who's played Ava Vitali over the years?

Days of Our Lives Ava Vitali - (February 8 to Monday August 4 2008)

Current and Past Occupation

Current: Not working at the moment.
Past: CEO of Vitali Company

Past History

Ava and Steve met while hailing a cab. This was during a time when Stefano had him brainwashed so to speak and he didn't know who he was. They got together and though her father hated Steve, the two went to Vegas to elope,but Steve stood Ava up and she never saw him again.

Years later, Ava Vitali came find Steve (Patch) Johnson, February 8 2008, in Ireland, during the family meeting with Colleen Brady, as a mysterious woman. Ava had her cousins 'goons' sabotage the plane in order for her to have time to talk to Patch and hopefully get back together with him. She has been having migraines and wants to pick up where they left off. She's obsessed with Steve so much so that she kidnapped Hope - with whom she thinks is Kayla. She then kidnapped Steve, shortly thereafter and wants him back in her life. Ava is delusional and her cousins and father lock her up in her room and demand she not be let out.

After Bo and Kayla find Steve and Hope, Ava holds them prisoner too. She finally reveals the root of her resentment towards Steve, as she tells everyone what happened on the day of her and Steve's wedding. Abe and Roman finally find them all and arrest Ava, but she is immediately taken to University hospital because she suffers a seizure. There, Kayla discovers that Ava's father kept her on drugs that made her delusional. She is treated at University hospital and released on bail from police custody.

Not to her surprise, Earl Lawson and Ava’s psychiatrist end up dead. Finally free from the influence of those drugs, Ava remembers that her mother was going to leave Martino years before so Martino had her killed. Martino finally confesses to a distressed Ava that he had her put on the wrong medication so that she wouldn't remember the horrible truth. As Martino pulls his gun on Bo to resist arrest, Bo shoot and kills him.

After her father's death, Ava tried to leave her past behind her and make new friends. It wasn't easy at all but she befriended Nicole walker, who
helped her to get out there and date again. She sought psychiatric help from Marlena, but Marlena felt she wouldn't be objective as her Psychiatrist so gave her some advice and turned her away. Because she was going to be sent to jail for kidnapping Hope, who she thought was Kayla,
and for holding Steve and Kayla hostage as well, she hired lawyer, E.J. DiMera to defend her. She met and got to know John Black, much to Marlena's dismay, and the two forged a relationship. She encouraged John to move on from his past and embrace the new person he's become. Their
relationship was short lived when Ava decided to flee town, thinking it was likely that she'd lose her case and go to jail. She left John a letter
explaining that she loves him but she couldn't risk being locked up ever again.

Past Marriages


Flings and Relationships

John Black past
Steve "Patch" Johnson past


Martino Vitali- Father
Angelo - Cousin
Eddie - Cousin