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    Dallas - DAILY UPDATES

    Dallas Recap: Legacies. - Dallas Daily Updates -

    Dallas Recap: Legacies.

    Monday, April 15 2013
    Cliff denies killing JR, Harris is arrested, and Elena gets shocking news.

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    Posted by Canastia at Wednesday, April 17 2013 12:00 PM

    I told you something was up with that Emma! The exchange b/w her and John Ross seemed very strange LOL!! Anyway, great episode and I like the twist w/Elena...already missing Dallas...=/

    Posted by LadyAries at Saturday, April 20 2013 01:43 PM

    Wow, what a fitting way to end Larry Hagman's/JR's tenure with the show! I was entranced throughout both episodes and I wasn't disappointed overall. I just hate they killed off Roy in prison. He could have been the smoking gun connecting the Governor, Cliff and Harris in the plot to blow up the rig.

    And who would have expected John Ross and Emma to join forces and bring her dad down? I certainly didn't; I didn't think she was much good for anything but bedwork and popping pills, LOL (shame on me, I know). But then, with Roy out of the picture, who else could have made the connection since Drew skipped town? Emma was the only one with access, specifically to his books/logs.

    I can't picture the goody-two-shoes Elena all of a sudden going rogue and turning against the Ewing clan. It will be interesting to see what she and Cliff accomplish next season once he gets out (and we all know he will). Pamela is going to be out for blood when she finds out her daddy was framed (even though her murdered her babies) AND her brand new hubby cheated on her! John Ross better watch out because she is no joke. That boy reminds me so much of his damn daddy, LOL!

    Since Elena has turned to the dark side (presumably), I'd love to see Emma and Pamela engage in a catfight in the pool (like Alexis and Crystal did in "Dynasty"). That'll bring back some memories for us old "soapers."

    Have a good weekend, Everyone!

    Posted by Classy123 at Friday, March 14 2014 07:20 PM

    I have been a fan of Dallas since the first episode with bobby and Pamela .
    One the beauties of watching Dallas was how strong Pamela (Victoria Principal) was. She would solve the mystery before jr could do any damage to her and Bobby. But after a few episodes the writing was changing, JR got more lines became one of the best villains on television and bobby was there to put him his place. Pamela's character fade it away and bobby was always the hero. Their was a scene of cliff Barnes accuse of killing Julie (Jr's secretary). The cartel were the real murderers. But during this scene Jr and the cartel we're involve in a shady dealing that included Jocks will and southfork. While Barnes was in jail for murder, bobby offer to help Cliff. Cliff had no choice and accepted Bobby's offer. Before Julie's death she had mailed a key address to cliff Barnes. Which opened a suitcase at a pawn shop and revealed important documents that implicated Jr and the cartel doing shady dealings.
    Well, guess what happened?
    Bobby intercepted cliff mail, removed the involvement of jr playing any part with the cartel. Cliff was free and the two gentlemen in the cartel went to jail for fraud and Julie's murder.
    How ironic! Elena mentions to her mom that Christopher is upset that she tried to help her brother drew and if the wheels were turned that the Ewings would do the same. Ewings stick together no matter what!!! but Elena can not help her brother. She has a point!
    Rebecca Barnes now John Ross 's wife, doesn't have enough lines. She was a powerful player first season. Bring back that strong and intelligent woman who was studying to be a lawyer. Let her be suspicious of John Ross and visit her dad cliff in jail and get back Barnes Global.

    Posted by Classy123 at Tuesday, April 01 2014 07:02 PM

    Love love love this show:)
    Emma and John Ross oral sex and she says, "now go home and kiss your wife". I was disgusted:(
    I can wait for Pamela to find out what they have been up to.
    Now, we will see fireworks!!!!
    John Ross sending his mom to a sanitarian,. How low can you go? Wait! That is a classic JR move, when he locked her up when she was pregnant for John Ross.
    Wow! What a show:)

    Posted by Classy123 at Tuesday, April 15 2014 04:44 PM

    Want to see more Pamela !!!!!
    Let her be the next JR

    Posted by notodo at Wednesday, April 16 2014 05:48 AM

    Posted by Classy123 at Friday, March 14 2014 07:20 PM



    You have a vivid memory......I read the above and it refreshed my mind...LOL

    Don't know why Dallas wasn't updated with recaps this season. There is a thread on the season finale on the message board (click to the left) that has some comments if you are interested.

    I can't believe Pamela end result. No man is worth that.

    John Ross thought he was dead. His expression spoke volumes because he thought his wife had a gun in the pocket..LOL

    Posted by Icee at Wednesday, April 23 2014 09:33 PM

    I've been a fan since back in the day and am loving this!

    The John Ross and Emma video comment is so catty! Not surprising coming from her-she has the nerve to buy and wear the same green lingerie for JR jr. And then wear it again!

    Loved their expressions as they thought she had a gun in her pocket. And hers before they realized she was there.

    So now what? Those two are freaking as Pam is seizing. All while Southfork is burning. Bobby and Chris think the family is in there, but the only one home is the one who was supposed to be monitored. So of course she isn't being watched-Sue Ellen is drunk and passed out on the floor because Pammy told her straight. Anne is kissing her ex (yuck!) while his mom sneaks a peek. And skeletor (Elena) is about to get knocked up by her adopted brother (euww) whose current wife with kids really isn't going to divorce him. Bobby and Chris appear to be ready to enter the burning house to search for everyone...when in fact there appears to be only one person in there-Sue Ellen.

    Posted by Icee at Wednesday, April 23 2014 10:03 PM

    My prediction possibilities.
    I can't wait. I have to start speculating now.

    Pam lives, of course, is pissed, comes out fighting and now JR has a new enemy. She considers aligning with her dad, until proof of the rig explosion comes to her. She becomes like a third party, neither Ewing or Barnes.

    All are temporarily scattered as Southfork is torched. Tempers flare as some want separate homes built and even property split. JJ think drilling is OK now that there is technically no homestead on the land.

    Sue Ellen is saved but burned. Must endure bandages, surgeries, and painful debrement. JR begs her forgiveness as he realizes he nearly lost his last parent. In real life this will allow the actress to have a face lift or what ever and any bandage or change can be blamed on the burns. They can also have her get addicted to pain meds as burn treatment is painful.

    After much bickering. Southfork is rebuilt with just a single wing that looks and memorializes the former look and feel of the old home. The rest is different and modernized.

    Anne doesn't do anything more with her ex. But Rylan's mom now has Anne back her crosshairs. So of course she does something that causes the Fed connection to blow up when Anne, Rylan, and Emma are in potential danger.

    Emma is now the family pariah. No guy will touch her with ten foot pole. She resorts to horses, drugs, and business power plays to numb her feelings of rejection. Drew returns when his mess gets settled, as a fellow outcast, he sees how needy she is, teams up with her so he can use her.

    Skeletor aka Elena will not be skinny for long. Pregnant by her brother, who said his marriage was over, now finds herself used and alone-how ironic. Right at birth, during an attach by the gang, in weird switch of fate and craziness, the baby ends up in the arms of Pam. Feeling justified, she walks off with the child as (unknown to her) Elena lies unconscious and bleeding to death.

    Posted by Classy123 at Saturday, May 03 2014 09:30 PM

    Hi Notodo!

    Sorry, for replying so late:(
    Yes, I do wish that they would keep this site current. I guess we will have to do it for them. Lol

    I did not like watching le ménage a trios. I was hoping for some fireworks.
    That Pamela would pretend to be on her husband side and when it came to a bord meeting she would blind side him and vote in favor of bobby and Christopher or get her heritage back. Get back her daddy's company and free him of jail.
    That would be a great pay back:). Don't you think?

    Posted by notodo at Tuesday, May 13 2014 05:40 AM


    We are playing borad tag on

    I did not see the ménage a trios coming....apparently, so did John Ross and Emma...haha

    But yes I wanted Pamela to show John Ross what she was made of and use her mind instead of her other physical goodies and attempting to take her life.....that's not the ruthless Pam I love .....Who knows...she may be explosive in the next season...

    I'm hoping Elena isn't pregnant (though she's not one of my favs)...

    Can't wait until August....

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