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    Dallas Recap: Love & Family. - Dallas Daily Updates -

    Dallas Recap: Love & Family.

    Monday, April 08 2013
    Drew goes on the run, Emma has a wreck, and Pamela convinces Cliff to give her something big.

    Pamela accesses Barnes Global’s website from her apartment. She needs to find something on her father and John Ross assures her they will. They make love.

    Cliff meets Harris at home and gives him a check to get his company back from Judith. He is sure the Ewings won’t get the money they need in time to pay the fine, but Harris warns him how persistent they are. Cliff isn’t worried.

    At Ewing Energies Sue Ellen tells Bobby that Bum can’t find Ken. Pamela comes in with John Ross and tells them she can’t find anything in Cliff’s files. Chris tells everyone it appears his mother has been signing checks in Switzerland for years. Chris tells Pamela that the other Pamela owns a third of Barnes Global. Pamela had no idea. Bobby knows all Cliff cares about is his business and that is how they will bring him down.

    Emma struggles with her horse at Southfork and Ann intervenes. She asks Emma about her behavior, missing lessons and meals, staying out all night. Ann wants to be there for her. Emma stomps off.

    Chris looks over pictures of Harris’ trucks at home and worries to Elena about the fine. She looks over the pictures and realizes it was the truck Drew was driving.

    Elena goes to Drew’s place and demands the truth. He tells her he built the bomb for Harris. They told him they would kill Elena if he didn’t. She tells him he has to turn himself in but he will pay a price. She leaves and he pulls a bag of stolen shoes out from under his bed – and a gun.

    Ann prepares lunch in the kitchen but Emma isn’t hungry. Bobby asks what is going on and she tells him about the pills. They hug and Elena rushes in with news. Chris, Bobby and Elena run to Drew’s place but he is gone, along with his gun. Drew left a confession about what he did and for whom. But they have to find him.

    John Ross tells Pamela about the bomb at her place as Cliff arrives unannounced. John Ross hides as she gets Cliff out.

    At lunch, Cliff gives Pamela some diamond and emerald earrings that belonged to her aunt Katherine. Bum listens in on a wire. She wants to be a partner in Barnes Global and demands her due. He clinks glasses with her.

    Harris, Cliff and the governor watch the news and see that Harris’ man Roy is arrested and an alert is out on Drew. The governor is livid but Cliff thinks this will only accelerate their access to Ewing. There is no evidence against them.

    Emma visits Harris at home and accuses him of using Drew to make the bomb to get him away from her. She demands to know what he did with Judith and he tells her she is getting round the clock care. He has more pills for Emma, but she has to pack up her things at Southfork. She agrees.

    Roy is brought up on charges at court. He pleads not guilty and since there is no evidence the judge dismisses charges.

    Later, Bobby tells John Ross that Roy disappeared after court. He has had Bum following Cliff and tells him he gave Pamela one third of Barnes Global. John Ross is surprised. Bobby wants her shares but is not sure he should ask John Ross to do anything about it. John Ross knows this isn’t about love. It’s about family survival. A sheriff comes by and takes them to a wreck Emma had under the influence. Ann approaches her but Emma accuses Ann of escaping Harris and Judith without her. Ann blames herself for not doing anything when she learned about her drug problem. Emma is arrested and Ann refuses to bail her out until she agrees to rehab.

    Carmen and Elena worry at home. Drew calls Elena and tells her he has to find Roy before he comes back. But he needs money. Carmen begs Elena to help him. She agrees. Later, she lies to Chris. He looks at her phone and sees the unknown number.

    John Ross waits for Pamela at home. She comes in and tells him about Cliff’s gift. She is concerned when he isn’t happy and he tells her he thinks she is pulling one over on him. She promises she could never side with Cliff after he killed her babies. He isn’t worried about Cliff, but her once she has her power. She gives him her word but he wants action.

    Elena and Carmen meet Drew in a field. They give him $5,000 and an untraceable phone. He promises to find Roy and make things right. He asks Elena to find oil and make their father proud.

    Chris gets a call at home and runs to his computer. He gets Bobby and Ann and tells them someone saw Pam and they are emailing over a picture. Her face is partially hidden, and after the car accident, Bobby can’t tell if it is really her. Chris is on the next flight to Zurich. Elena wants to go with him and he agrees. Later, Sue Ellen meets Bobby and tells him Ken is still missing and no one will cover their loan. Bobby is not used to doing things the way JR did and tells Sue Ellen that JR had a plan. John Ross texts him and tells him the shares are his.

    Pamela and John Ross get married at a chapel.

    Cliff arrives at Ewing Energies the next morning for his money. Bobby hands over the keys to Ewing Energies instead and tells him not to get too comfortable. They both wish they could see the look on JR’s face right now.

    Hollie’s thoughts:
    Who else is on board for the little Bobby and John Ross pairing we have been seeing develop? These two play off each other as good as JR and Bobby in their heyday while Christopher continues to come off as the outsider that he kind of is. The lies between him and Elena are sure to cost them something, but only time will tell what. And what about Pam? Do you think that was really her in the surveillance footage? Let us know in the comments below.

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    All screen shots courtesy Zade Rosenthal/Dallas TNT.

    - Hollie Deese

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    Posted by grizzskin at Monday, April 08 2013 07:24 PM


    Now THAT'S the John Ross we thought he'd be!!!!!! By marrying Pamela/Rebecca he gets 16% of Barnes Global. When Christopher gets his mom's shares, and he will, then the Ewing Boys will control 49.33% of Cliff's company........

    Poor Cliff won't see it coming until it smacks him in the face, can you say C-H-U-M-P........

    Ah JR, we love your masterplan..........

    Dallas - the way prime time soap was meant to be.....

    Posted by Vitamin E at Monday, April 08 2013 08:56 PM

    Did not see the marriage coming.....John Ross is a smooth operator. Lies are mounting between Chris and Elana...not good. Emma is really in trouble...good for Ann to step up and make the tough love decision.

    Hate we are at the end of the season already. :-( Love Dallas!!

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Tuesday, April 09 2013 05:44 AM

    I loved John Ross & Pamela getting married and how he asked did you do this cause you love me or hate your daddy and she said I DO. PUUUUURRRRFFFFEEEECCCCTTTTT.

    I guess it could be Pamela, but I doubt that it will be Victoria Princinpal unless they can convince the actress to come for a few episodes if we will ever see her. The way that trust fund is set up and seeing that person at the bank leaves you to believe she is alive.

    I tweeted that the men in the Ewing family don't trust their women but who can blame them. I was a bit suprised that Christopher did look at Elena's phone.

    EMMA is just a freaking mess, rehab bit time.

    Posted by Chrissi at Tuesday, April 09 2013 06:44 AM

    Wow awesome recap. I too didn't see the marriage coming!!

    Posted by coleboyz at Tuesday, April 09 2013 08:19 AM

    WOW, when John Ross called Pamela "darlin" in one of the scenes -it just made you melt! AND it sounded just like his daddy talkin'!
    Dallas SOOO rocks!

    Posted by coleboyz at Tuesday, April 09 2013 09:30 AM

    I was proud of Ann also for not bailing her daughter out, and then my husband said she'll call her daddy - and Ann said -make sure she can't call her daddy! I hollered "Go Girl!" Its hard to be a 'mean' mama sometimes, but maybe she'll thank her some day!
    And this is bad, but the husband said early on that he didn't care for Elena -I was like Oh, no she'll be good- and then wow! Blood is thicker than water I guess! But my question is how the hay did she put in "dallas police" on her phone that fast -so when he looked at it he'd be going okay...I wish he'd have dialed it back! I'm hoping it all comes back and bites her in the butt!

    Posted by coleboyz at Tuesday, April 09 2013 10:15 AM

    I'm not sure if that was Pam or not in the photo and as for next week...I'm thinking it may be the first disappointment, if Victoria Principle doesn't come back in this role and they choose someone else -they referenced the fact she looked different after she was badly burned...I hope they get this right...
    If I were her I'd be like yea, write me into some scenes for this and gladly come back...but everyone is different. But I hope if they bring the character back it is actually Victoria Principle...just my thought.

    Posted by youareloved at Tuesday, April 09 2013 04:21 PM

    Good for you Ann Emma needs some tough love. Great show last night.

    Posted by tru2you2 at Wednesday, April 10 2013 08:30 AM

    Hello fellow posters,
    I also did not see this marriage coming...all I can say is WOW! This is the Dallas I loved back in the day and still love now.

    Ha! I guess Christopher was not 100% sure about Elena being honest with him...and obviously she wasn't, yeah, I guess blood is thicker than water. So she's not as truthfull as she pretends to be. I read somewhere that Christopher and Elena's relationship will have troubles. I'm guessing that he'll find out she lied to him, can't wait.

    OMGoodness, how ironic! A Barnes and a Ewing married, AGAIN!!! Jr. is probably spinning in his grave, his son and Cliff's daughter, amazing!!! They'll be a lot of scheming, manipulating, and backstabbing but they'll stay together. I think John Ross does love Pamela, and I think she also loves him and I can't wait for next MOnday's episode.

    Unfortunately, Victoria Principal will not be back
    Right after Larry Hagman's death, I read online that she stated she will not return to Dallas. It'll be another actress playing Pamela. They've already reminded those who forgot that she was in the car accident and badly burned over 20 years ago. So that's how they'll introduce the new actress playing Pamela. Oh, how I wish that VP did reconsider but I don't think she did.

    Next two episodes are gonna be great, I can't wait!!!!
    See ya!

    Posted by AngilLEE at Thursday, April 11 2013 08:34 PM

    Thanks to Grizzskin for calculating exactly what percentage of Barnes Global John Ross will soon own. When I went in to work at DISH Tuesday morning I was trying to figure this out with several friends who also follow the show, but we ended up talking about the drama. I'm so happy that I have Dallas archived on my DISH Hopper. It can hold up to 1,250 SD or 450 HD hours of whatever I record, so I still have plenty of room to record full seasons of all my other favorite shows without ever having to delete anything to make more space.

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