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    Dallas Recap: Ewings Unite. - Dallas Daily Updates -

    Dallas Recap: Ewings Unite.

    Monday, March 18 2013
    Val returns to Southfork, Sue Ellen has another drink, and Chris plays dirty.

    Bobby and Christopher work on JR’s plan in his old bedroom and figure it has something to do with Barnes Global. Their mother had divided the company among Cliff, Pam and Katherine. Katherine was dead, but if Pam was alive she could be a partner. Bobby and Chris leave for the will reading while John Ross is detained by Emma for a quickie.

    John Ross arrives late to the will reading at Ewing. JR leaves his heart to Sue Ellen - and half the rights to the oil under Southfork, the other half to John Ross. There is also letter from Miss Ellie to be opened after JR’s death. She hopes Bobby understands but gives half the title of SouthFork to John Ross.

    At home Cliff regales Ryland with tales of his hatred for the Ewings and wants to team up to take them down. He offers Ryland muscle, access to the governor and all the money he needs to take control of his company back from his mother. Ryland is in.

    Christopher meets Alison Jones for dinner and wine. He is ready to sign the contract, but she tells him Barnes Global made a bid that undercut his price. She has convinced them to see Chris's rig and suggests she wants something sexual in return. He doesn’t bite and she gives him one week to get the rig in order or the deal goes to Barnes.

    Bobby calls Christopher and John Ross in his office and tells them they are turning back on the oil at Southfork to get cash to battle Barnes. He doesn’t like that Ellie gave John Ross half of Southfork but there is nothing he can do about it. They have to stick together. John Ross has an idea to make Amanda see things their way.

    At home Ryland meets Cliff's man who is setting up a disaster on the Ewing rig. Ryland also wants him to keep an eye on Emma – he is wary about Drew. Ryland was behind his smuggling and he doesn’t want Drew to know.

    Drew meets with Bobby in his office and talks of his father’s dream to have a Ramos fleet. He asks Bobby to sell him the land. Elena promises to take full responsibility. Bobby shakes Drew’s hand and sells him the land. Drew is ecstatic.

    Pamela meets John Ross and Christopher at work with a tip on some cheap rigs, and they make a dig about her father taking them from under them. They tell her about Barnes' offer, but she had not heard of it. They don’t believe her but she seems sincere.

    John Ross meets Alison in her office. She is busy but when he turns on the charm she warms up. They trade steamy marathon-themed double entendres. He thinks she would be a great senator and has many oil friends who would finance a campaign. If she sides with Ewing they can make it all happen. She is almost convinced and they have sex.

    Judith joins Ryland in his office with a theory about why he was so ugly to her. He was upset about losing Emma and lashed out. He isn’t sorry and won’t apologize. She promises him, he will.

    Gary stops by Sue Ellen’s office concerned about her drinking. She brushes it off but when he pushes she admits she was just being nice to him to get the oil back on. He cares about her too much to let her throw her life away, but leaves. Sue Ellen leaves a message for Gary’s ex Val and tells her to come to Dallas and get him. She then pours a drink and looks at a picture of JR.

    Alison and John Ross make out on her balcony while Bum takes incriminating pictures. He calls Chris with am message from John Ross: Welcome to the dark side.

    John Ross meets Pamela under a bridge and she tells him Alison flipped because Cliff promised to finance her political career. He knew that, but now he knows she was not in on Cliff’s plan. He apologizes for how things have been between them and asks her to come by the rig from the demo so they can talk.

    At Southfork Emma asks Drew out for a date so they hop on his bike and go to have lunch in a park. They get to know each other and Ryland’s spy takes note. Later Ryland wants Drew on the rig bomb job.

    Bobby is pleasantly surprised to find Lucy and Val in his office, but Gary is not so pleased. Bobby and Lucy leave them alone.

    Val slams Sue Ellen’s office door and declares her the bitch she always was. Val isn’t buying her wounded bird act and refuses to leave Southfork until she shows Gary what a manipulative monster Sue Ellen is.

    Ryland’s man approaches Drew at the bar and tells him they need him on another job. Drew refuses but he tells him it the last one, payback for getting caught. They want him to plant a bomb on Christopher’s rig. Drew refuses and the man threatens to kill Elena if not.

    Chris meets Alison in her office with the pictures of her with John Ross. He threatens to expose them unless she kills the Barnes deal and stays out if his way.

    At home Drew makes the bomb. Later he plants it on the rig.

    At home Elena is appalled at what Chris has done. He isn’t going to apologize for winning. She will not be a part of this and is going into business with Drew.

    Sue Ellen meets Gary at Southfork and assures him she was only trying to get him and Val back together. She doesn’t want him to regret the loss of not spending all his time with her. He offers her anything, whenever she needs.

    At home Judith tells Ryland she is going to London, freezing all his bank accounts and removing him as head of Ryland Transport. They fight at the top of the stairs and she falls all the way down.

    Chris shows the crew around the rig with Bobby, Elena, John Ross and Pamela while Ryland’s guy watches on a screen. When he sees Pamela on the rig he calls Cliff. Cliff tells him to just do it. On the rig Chris gets the deal and the bomb goes off.

    Hollie’s thoughts:
    A letter from beyond the grave from Miss Ellie? You can’t do better than that at a Ewing will reading – except maybe the gun he left Ann and his heart for Sue Ellen. What a shift of power has begun thanks to JR and Ellie! As for Judith’s little fall down the stairs, can’t say I blame Ryland but it sure does put him in a pickle. Loved that Val was back looking better than ever – and the perfect person to play off Sue Ellen’s rocky road ahead. As for Cliff’s cold-heartedness, it must be from all those years tangling horns with JR. His heart is no longer there.

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    All screen shots courtesy Zade Rosenthal/Dallas TNT.

    - Hollie Deese

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    Posted by grizzskin at Monday, March 18 2013 09:00 PM


    So much to say, so little space.....

    Ding, dong the witch (Judith) is dead. D@mn Harris yogot a little "Norman Bates" in you, killing your own mother; OK, it was an accident, but she got what was coming to her....

    Cliff, Cliff, Cliff you hate the Ewings so much you would hurt yourown daughter???? You know in the end you will still lose......

    (voice of Darth Vader) "Welcome Christopher to the Dark Side"

    more to come......

    Posted by grizzskin at Monday, March 18 2013 09:20 PM

    on to page 2........

    Pam Ewing is alive, who wants to bet against me..... When she finds out what Cliff tried to do to her grandchildren, she will turn on her brother. My guess is Pamela/Rebecca will side with the Ewings as well.....

    Speaking of Pamela/Rebecca, wait until she finds out John Ross and Emma. Boy that Emma has gotten a taste of JR III and she can't get enough......

    Dallas - the way prime time soap was meant to be.......

    Posted by Navarro1010 at Monday, March 18 2013 11:16 PM

    I loved seeing Val, but they shouldn't have had her standing next to Lucy who looked like the mom...

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Tuesday, March 19 2013 05:37 AM

    grizzskin if Emma has such a taste for him then why did she go after Elena's brother now?

    I can't believe Cliff. OH WAIT YES I CAN. I hope Pamela/Rebecca finds out. They didn't show her in the promo or sneak peeks for next week so we have no clue how bad off she is injured.

    JohnRoss damn he is a manwhore!! I was glad that he decided to choose not to hear the invite from Pamela about how quiet her place is now.

    Drew, I had hopes that you didn't rig the explosives right, that was shot to heck after it went off. I even thought maybe just maybe Cliff's henchmen won't be able to to do it, nope he just pressed the button.

    Posted by allmylovingdays at Tuesday, March 19 2013 05:38 AM

    What a surprise to hear Ms Ellie did leave half of the ranch to John Ross.

    Posted by Steelerbabe at Tuesday, March 19 2013 01:24 PM

    They said Katherine Wentworth was dead. Gosh I enjoyed her. She was MEAN and wore a hat better than anyone. . I hope she is just hiding.

    Posted by Rosevillmb at Tuesday, March 19 2013 02:06 PM

    WTH Cliff,do you really want to hurt your own daughter and grandkids.
    Great to hear that miss Ellie left part of the SF ranch to John Ross.
    Don't like Emma these days,she turns out to be a real ho.
    And John Ross looks like his daddy more every day.
    I agree that Lucy looks so much older than her mom Val.

    Posted by VeggieLuvr at Tuesday, March 19 2013 07:28 PM

    I did not see Emma coming, and the way that she’s jumping around makes me believe that she’s not all that she conveys herself to be. I couldn’t wait to go into my job at DISH today, just so that I could talk about last night’s episode of Dallas. It seems like a lot of old faces are going to be reintroduced into the show, and I have no idea who they are! I decided to look up Dallas on DISH’s Blockbuster @Home, and I was elated to find that they have over 15,000 titles, which includes all fourteen seasons of the original Dallas series! I can’t wait to get in the know of the Ewings’ history, so I’ll know what in the world is going on next week.

    Posted by bruceyboy at Wednesday, March 20 2013 08:56 AM

    I am loving DALLAS version 2.0. The pacing and writing of the show is incredible .. you can't even get up to use the litle boys/girls room for fear of missing something ...

    Having said that, I wish they would update the interior shots of Southfork .. it doesn't come close to looking like somethign folks with money would live in ....

    Posted by Canastia at Wednesday, March 20 2013 10:40 AM

    LOVED the episode...a perfect follow-up to the funeral. I actually like Christopher better now that he has gotten his hands a little dirty...! Let's hope this doesnt come back to bite him...
    I'm sorry guys...something is up w/Emma. Just seems so weird that in the opening of the epi she was all over John Ross and then the next thing we know she is riding on the back of the bike w/Drew!
    Can't believe Cliff Barnes is so cold...I mean even his henchman had to say a prayer and kiss the cross. How can you kill off your child and grandchildren??! When Pamela finds out, hell hath no fury! Especially if she lost her babies...
    Sorry Judith...can't blame Harris for pushing you down the stairs...that woman is sick, sick, sick!!!

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